Vanilla’s Training Log 2-9-14

Greeting Salties!  I missed a week, so I thought I move forward and give the highlights of my most recent training week.  Boston is about 2 months away, and my mileage is increasing.  Last week, I hit 56, and this week, I was just a bit over 58.   I am getting more excited about Boston, and we just booked our flights!  Here is my latest week:

SuperBowl Sunday:  Total of 17.45 on the treadmill.  The cold temps and snow made it an easy decision to do the run inside.  Got in a total of 14 before my hubby came home with a dog bite after running at the park and being attacked by a dog.  He needed 5 stitches and a tetanus shot! Luckily, we were able to get in contact with the dog’s owner and learned he was current with all of his shots.  I finished up my remaining 3+ miles just in time to watch the pathetic SuperBowl game.  Very disappointing!

Monday:  40 minutes weights.  Enjoyed sleeping in!

Tuesday: An upset tummy kept me from any type of workout until the evening when I was able to manage an easy 35 minute run.

Wednesday:  Still in the negative temps, so my workout was on the mill.  Warm-up of 15 minutes then 7 x 4 minutes running the first 2:30 at or just under marathon pace, then the last 90 seconds at 5K pace.  Two minutes rest in between.  This workout is harder than it looks on paper, but definitely a confidence booster!  I got in a nice shakeout in the evening with some weights.

Thursday:  Morning temps of around -12 forced me on the mill for 75 minutes.  45 minutes on the trainer in the evening.

Friday:  30 minute marathon pace workout. Weights/core and 1,000 yd swim in the evening. Finally hit the water after two weeks!

Saturday:  A total of 9 with my running group helping to pace.  Weights/core in the afternoon before watching the New Balance meet.

Weekly Totals:

Running:  58.1 miles!!

Biking:  45 minutes

Swimming:  1,000 yards

Weight Training:  2hrs 30 min

Native Ohioan now living in Boulder, Colorado. I love to run, tri, train, eat good chocolate, drink good rum, and laugh (a lot). I am a CPA by trade and work for Newton Running.

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