Vanilla’s Training Log 11-2-14 to 11-8-14

Continuing with my theme of ‘catching up’, here is my training log during the week leading up to my race….

11/2:  Watched the NYC marathon! Waited for it to warm up then headed out on my bike for the last long ride before my half ironman.  48.65 miles.

11/3: 4 miles @ 7:52 average before work.  Weights/core after work.

11/4:  REST DAY!  Loved it!

11/5:  5 miles with friends at 0500!  My goal was to run really early before my flight so that I would be tired and want to go to bed at a normal time in the Eastern time zone.  The conversation and easy pace was very pleasant!

11/6: Hello Oxygen!  Hello Humidity!  I forgot that the humidity is 90% in the morning, so I was drenched on my run even though it was only 60 degrees.  I definitely noticed the oxygen.  My first mile felt like a trot in 7:42, then 7:07/7:04/6:55.  Picking up the pace didn’t feel too hard.  4.1 miles @ 29:30.  I also got in an easy 1,250m swim later in the day at my parents’ club.

11/7:  Got my bike put back together, so I took it for a spin–about 11 miles. Then headed out for 3 miles @ 7:39 average.  The oxygen and flat roads played into my favor.

11/8:  4.05 miles @ 7:57 average.  I had to drop off my bike at the race, so I headed over there around 11:00.  A practice swim in the Gulf was also scheduled, and it was a nice way to make peace with the water before race day.  I hadn’t been in open water since September, so I wanted to get in a short swim before race day.  Two race buoys were set-up for an out-and-back of .4 miles.  The water was 72 degrees and felt great. The current wasn’t too strong, and since I swim in a saline pool, the salt water didn’t bother me too much.  Open water swimming can be intimidating, but it feels so free when you can just swim.  Thankfully, my body didn’t forget what it was like to swim in open water, and it was very refreshing!

Weekly Totals:

Running: 20.20 miles

Biking:  60.25  miles

Swimming: 1.18 miles

Weight Training:  30 minutes


Native Ohioan now living in Boulder, Colorado. I love to run, tri, train, eat good chocolate, drink good rum, and laugh (a lot). I am a CPA by trade and work for Newton Running.

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