Vanilla’s Training Log 10-6-13: The Countdown is On!

number 4

Well, I just reached 4 weeks until my Ironman! It’s hard to believe that I signed up for this race about a year ago, and now it’s a month away. I’m starting to reach the point where I’m ready for it to be over with, but I also feel like I need more time to train! I have just about 2 more weeks before I start my taper.  I’m excited to race, and I’m excited for everyone who is racing. I’m inspired reading race recaps and training logs!

This week was somewhat of a down week, but when I look at my weekly totals, it doesn’t seem like a normal down week:

Sunday:  13.1 miles averaging 8:36 pace. Beautiful morning and a great progression run starting at 8:59 and working to 8:18 for the last mile (uphill). Way under goal marathon pace, and I felt like I could keep going!

Monday:  I needed to give my legs a rest from the past few days, so I opted for a swim in the evening. It wasn’t light though, I did 3,350 yards. My legs needed a break from pounding and circular motion.

Tuesday:  Met my friend Cathy early in the morning for a track workout. We did 4*3 mins; 4*2 mins; 4*1 min. I was pleased with my effort and saw some split times on my watch that I haven’t seen in a LONG time! Weights/core in the evening.

Wednesday:  Coached 6.35 miles and helped pace the Twin Cities racers for some of their light intervals. Wished them well. Weights/core and 75 minutes on the trainer in the evening. 

Thursday:  Tummy problems during the night and through the morning caused me to skip my morning workout. I managed 30 minutes on the trainer at night and some weights.

Friday:  I was still a little tired and not feeling well, so I slept in and swam in the evening. 3,100 yards eased my muscles.

Saturday:  Boulder had a light dusting of snow on Friday and a freeze overnight. With temps in the mid 30s, I opted for 2.5 hours on my trainer rather than ride outside. Afterwards, I went out for a wonderful progression run of 16.5 miles. By that time, the weather was perfect for a long run!

Weekly Totals: 

Running:  45.6 miles

Biking:  Trainer:  4:15

Swimming:  3.6 miles

Weight Training:  2 hours

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Native Ohioan now living in Boulder, Colorado. I love to run, tri, train, eat good chocolate, drink good rum, and laugh (a lot). I am a CPA by trade and work for Newton Running.

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  1. Wow! With highs still in the upper 70s here in OK it is impossible for me to imagine snow 🙂 Also, totally didn’t realize/remember you were doing an Ironman!! I’m so impressed with triathletes!!!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate your comment! Can’t believe race day is almost here! Colorado weather is funny…it snowed on Friday, and then it was absolutely gorgeous over the weekend and perfect running weather. The skiers and snowboarders are excited for winter. Happy miles!