Vanilla’s Training Log 10-19-14 to 11-1-14

I’ve been swamped lately, so here goes the game of catch-up!

10/19:  RNR Denver Half.  I was fortunate enough to receive a free entry, and I had a long run scheduled, so I figured I would use the race as my long run for the day.  The start line was packed, and the race started 10 minutes late!  I managed to run fairly even:  7:22/7:25/7:30/7:34–uphill/7:15/7:17/7:39–uphill/7:24/7:12/7:28/7:23/7:29/7:38–slight uphill into headwind.  It was definitely a different feeling to be in a race to run even and not get hung up with place or time.  Ended up 1:37:31 and 3rd AG.  Not bad for a long run!

10/20:  Easy 4 miles at lunch.  Left hamstring tight from the hills yesterday.  Weights after work.

10/21:  12.75 miles on the Computrainer followed by 3.25 miles @ 7:46 pace.  15.25 on the Computrainer in the evening.

10/22:  Attempted a workout of 4 x 2:30, 5 min, 4 x 1:15, 5 mins.  My stomach was upset throughout the night, and I didn’t sleep well, so I had a feeling this may not go over very well.  I managed to make it through the first set then called it right when I finished.  4.1 miles in 30:10.  Decided to try and see how a swim at lunch time would be knowing that I would be gone longer and would stay later at work.  Headed to the pool around 2:00 and swam 1,810m.  The gym was hardly crowded, and the sun was out making the water feel even warmer!  It was a nice break during the day!

10/23:  Weights in the morning before my swim lesson.  Happy hour that night!

10/24:  6.50 miles @ 46:26 with 6 quarters a little faster than goal 5K pace and 4 quarters at goal half marathon pace.  Workout hurt, but in a good way making me realize that it was a good decision to bag the workout from the other day.  Headed to the gym after work to lift then swim 1,500m.

10/25:  Chilly outside, so instead of waiting until it warmed up, I opted to ride on the Computrainer.  My legs had no power, and instead of riding for 2 1/2 hours, I cut it at 90 minutes.  I then planned to run after my ride and planned my route to be mostly downhill and flat.  My husband took our pup to the park and beach since it was warming up. I ran to the park to meet them.   Not sure how I ran so fast, but I averaged 7:23 for 7.5 miles??

10/26:  Met 3 friends for an easy run up Wall Street–about 7.000ft.  4.5 miles straight uphill, then turnaround.  1:17 (8:33 average).  Still lots of signs of flood damage, a year later.  33.20 miles of flats on the Computrainer,  Ugh!

10/27:  Super easy 6 miles at 0500 with my friends, Cathy and Cindy.  Weights/core in the evening.

10/28:  5 miles:  3 @ 20:10–really wanted to break 20:00, but not too disappointed at how controlled the pace felt.  Maybe next time!

10/29:  2,050m swim before work.  Easy 4.5 miles up to Sanitas and back to work.

10/30:  Weights, then 17.25 miles on the Computrainer.  Easy 4 back to work after dropping off Lucy at home.

10/31:  Weights then 1,600m continuous.  Halloween fun in the evening!

11/1:  Last long workout before the Rev 3 race:  2-4-2-4 x 2.  7.05 miles in 50:10, which is the fastest I’ve done this workout all year, so I was pleased.  New shoes made me happy too!  Went to the Colorado football game in the afternoon then to the gym with my husband to lift and swim 1,250m.

Native Ohioan now living in Boulder, Colorado. I love to run, tri, train, eat good chocolate, drink good rum, and laugh (a lot). I am a CPA by trade and work for Newton Running.

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