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    Hey friends! I haven’t raced since June for unrelated reasons, but I started taking anxiety medication in the last year to control some terrible physical symptoms. After 4 races that ended in vomiting, and NOT because I was running too hard, I realized my anxiety was affecting my races. In fact, I vomited in a bathroom *before* a half marathon last year that I was running “for fun.” I’ve found that taking my medication an hour or two before the start helps massively. My boyfriend, who knows nothing about running, jokingly said that I am “doping,” not knowing the severity of the word he chose LOL. I’m curious as to what other runners think. The medicine I take is actually a sedative. Counter-intuitive before a race, right? Anyway, caffeine is a stimulant, and in my opinion, if taking a sedative so I don’t vomit is “doping,” then caffeine gels are doping. Because my meds are super low dose. I mean, who the hell can race on a sedative anyway lol?? Does anyone else have this problem? How have you coped with it?

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    Sounds like it’s actually the opposite of doping since it’s a sedative! Is it on a banned substance list?

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    Wait – Bergz, you’re not seriously concerned that your anxiety meds could be considered doping, are you?

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