The Cancer Runner

IMG_3137Happy birthday, Cancer runners and to our own Coriander! Summer is upon us and the temperature is rising. This is a good thing for Shalane Flanagan, a notable Cancer runner, who is gearing up for a hot marathon in Rio in August and needs to do some serious heat adaptation.

The heat in February at the Trials was too much for another Cancer, Kara Goucher, whose disappointing fourth place finish put her Olympic dream just out of reach. She responded in true emotional Cancer style, of course, as did Shalane, who clung to her teammate Amy Cragg and thanked “Sweet Baby Jesus” for their friendship afterward.

But that is all history now, so let’s focus on the positives of summer-running that Cancers in particular look forward to: beach runs, trails, and post-run lemonades to bring down internal temperatures and to celebrate a solid, hard effort!

What other traits do crabby Cancers share? Read on!

The Cancer Runner

Cancer runners operate under the saying “I feel” and as a result react intuitively to the world around them. They often credit their gut for leading them to seemingly rash decisions. Although they can be persistent in their determination to improve, if they’re not feeling it, they’ll toss the workout out the window and go for ice cream instead. Additionally, they are easily offended and may take your advice about their running or beating them in a race as an insult, or take a second place finish or a bad workout really personally.

Birthday: June 21-July 22

Salty Cancer: Coriander

Famous Cancer Runners: Shalane Flanagan, Kara Goucher

Element: Water

Symbol: Crab

Favorite Place to Run: Being partial to water, you will often find a Cancer runner scuttling along the beach or alongside rivers or lake paths. Cancers are also very tied to home and family, so might have a treadmill at home or route around the neighborhood they do every day.

Role in the Running Group: Preferring small groups, the Cancer runner tends to have a few close-knit running partners to which she is fiercely loyal. She tends to be moody, suspicious of those she does not know, and can be insecure. As a result, it is hard to get through her tough exoskeleton and really get to know her. However once you’ve broken through, she is a highly empathetic and a wonderful friend. She is highly persuasive and if you are good friends with a Cancer, she might talk you into crazy ultras and adventurous routes.

Or here!
Coriander definitely has that Cancer inner strength and has talked a friend or two into an ultra, too!

Training: Determined Cancers have the strength and drive to take on serious training with high mileage. Although a Cancer runner is self-sufficient and can run a tough workout solo, she leans heavily on her teammates and coach for emotional support. She craves attention and validation, so is a heavy user of Strava and other social media; each “like” giving her a boost to her sometimes fragile self-esteem. With an extremely active imagination, Cancers benefit from pre-workout and race visualizations.

Racing: The Cancer runner does best when she has a close friend or teammate to race with. When a race goes well, life is peachy. When it doesn’t? She might yell at her family, fire her coach, and binge-eat donuts at the finish line.

Fueling: Cancer runners tend to have a major appetite for sweets and often fuel with gels or candy while sucking down Gatorade. They tend to have very touchy stomachs, however, so they need to practice with whatever they fuel with to avoid gastro-intestinal distress issues while running or racing. Because Cancer rules the entire G-I tract and the liver, the Cancer runner should avoid alcohol and be careful with acidic foods.

Fashion: Enjoying home-based craft projects and being the center of attention, you’ll often find a Cancer runner in a home-made sparkly tutu, headband, or puff-painted t-shirt at a race. Other ways she likes to stand out? Expensive, name-brand running clothes, copious amounts of gear, and quirky pieces like trucker hats.

Injuries and Health: Mentally, the Cancer runner is prone to depression and being a hypochondriac. Cancer runners, stay away from WebMD! As far as running injuries go, her gut is her weak spot. She needs to be particularly mindful of her eating to avoid gastro-intestinal issues in life and running.

Best Running Buddies: Cancer runners jive best with the other water signs, Scorpio and Pisces. Her perfect training partner, though, is Capricorn, whose more grounded and steady personality balances Cancer’s emotional reactivity.

So what’s your #runsign? Are you, or one of your running buddies, a Cancer? Did we snail it?

I'm an elementary P.E. teacher with a long-term, ongoing marathon addiction.The next big goal? Keeping up my BQ streak while aiming for a 3:10! I write about the not-so-glamorous side of running and fitting in serious training with a family while staying sane(ish).

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