Tarragon’s Training Log — August 24-30

The Cross Country Course is marked in orange toward the bottom right of the park map.

Five weeks of decreased mileage. How easy it is to do less. This is what I was talking about in the Fear and Rest Days post…fear that I’ll never get my edge and drive back. No need to judge myself too harshly, though, as I’m still on track for my 2015 mileage goal. I wanted to average 25 miles a week, so my “down weeks” are actually on target! Also, I’m in CASA training (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children), and it’s taking up most of my extracurricular bandwidth. Because of CASA, I’m going to take at least September off from posting. I’ll still run, but I’ve got to prune the to-do list. Before I sign off for a break, here’s last week’s running log:

Monday — An “easy” run that was really hard! As my heart rate soared, I thought back to this run a couple months ago. Turns out both today and on the day of that post, I was in the same place in my monthly cycle. A quick google of “heart rate and menstruation” didn’t yield any helpful information, but at least I know this could be a pattern for me. 4.2 miles

Tuesday — Returned to the track for 8×200 with rolling starts. After over a month of speed-vacation, I haven’t lost fitness. Phew! I ran sub-40s on every repeat. Followed up with regular gym business. 4.25 miles

Wednesday — Ran on the cross country course (see above) and along some trails with Anna. After we had a picnic with her hubby and her precious daughter! Lots of un. 5-ish miles

Thursday — Coach Johnny was out of town, so the Vandy Nooners ran easy off-track. Pull-ups, pistol squats, and my usual gym action after. 5 miles

Friday — Rest day. 0 miles

Saturday — Desperately needing a no-alarm-clock day, I skipped PR Bandits. Finally in the late afternoon, I peeled myself off the couch and hit some trails. 5 miles

Sunday — Thought about running. Did not do it. 0 miles

I'm a 31-year-old cat mom to Cordelia and health care fundraiser in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm working toward a 20:00 5K, though I do race other distances throughout the year. I write about track workouts and tempo runs, recovery methods, and general life lessons.

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