Tarragon’s Training Log — 7.4.2015

Boy did vacation pay off. After slogging through a hot and humid run Monday, rain brought unseasonably cool weather to Middle Tennessee. Legs and lungs could pump, and my brain never hit the panic button. Thursday’s run in particular was a joy. At 70 degrees with a cool breeze and a soft, misty rain, I felt like I could fly. No, really. Descending a fast downhill, I had the sensation of a plane on the runway, when you pick up speed and begin to lift off. I thought surely instead of continuing down the hill, my feet would begin to lift of the pavement and over the park. Runs like that make all the tough days worth it. What if I weren’t strong enough to get to that point on that particular day? What a joy.

Monday — Easy day. 5.25 miles

1400 feet elevation gain over 10 miles! Happy 4th, indeed!
1400 feet elevation gain over 10 miles! Happy 4th, indeed!

Tuesday — Track day: 3×1200, 400m jogging R (ascending! on accident) in 4:34, 4:41, 4:58. I swear it was even effort, even though not evenly paced. Legs were not accustomed to turnover after vacation. Followed up with squats, pull-ups, and TRX row and skull crushers. 5 miles

Wednesday — Rest day. Walked to and from work. 0 running miles

Thursday — NRC West run solo, since friends were either injured, traveling, or resting for July 4 races. 4.25 miles of bliss

Friday — Fartlek, 8x (90s on/off). 5 miles

Saturday — The 11.2, but somehow was short. 10.5 miles

I'm a 31-year-old cat mom to Cordelia and health care fundraiser in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm working toward a 20:00 5K, though I do race other distances throughout the year. I write about track workouts and tempo runs, recovery methods, and general life lessons.

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