Tarragon’s Training (and DIY!) Log — 7.12.15






29 miles with track, tempo, and trails. Also hung shelves in my kitchen, which has been a yearlong process. Pics below the running details.

Monday — Stayed home from work to stain shelves and paint brackets for the kitchen. 0 miles

Tuesday — Morning 3, followed by 2x2K at the track. Nailed the first one in 8:02, but succumbed to heat and jogged in the second one in 9:27. The positive takeaway is that I didn’t just drop out of the second repeat when I realized I couldn’t stay on pace. 7.5 miles

Wednesday — Did some bodyweight work and Pilates at home before work, unsure if I’d have time to run with meetings and other obligations. My schedule freed up, so I had a great tempo run on the indoor football field at Vanderbilt’s recreation center. I ran easy/hard, so hard, but not to the point I felt like it was hard. 10:00, 5:00, and 1:00×5 segments with jogging segments in between. 6 miles

Thursday — NRC West fun. 4.3 miles

Friday — Road, trail, and the steepest climb/hike I’ve ever done on the Appalachian Trail in Hot Springs, NC. 5 miles

Saturday — Trails and hills in Hot Springs. 5 miles

Sunday — Drive home from NC. 0 miles

Before: A dark brown, plasticized papier-mâché technique (mostly removed here, resulting in divots and patches of putty) made for a cave-like feel. It was my nemesis for a year.
For a small galley kitchen with no windows, open shelves is the only way to go.
After: The small galley kitchen with no windows feels functional and airy with open shelves.


I'm a 31-year-old cat mom to Cordelia and health care fundraiser in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm working toward a 20:00 5K, though I do race other distances throughout the year. I write about track workouts and tempo runs, recovery methods, and general life lessons.

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