On the 9th day of Christmas Running Gave To Me: Opportunities for Giving

My adult running “career” came about after realizing running was my strongest of the three triathlon sports. It all started when I trained for a triathlon with Team in Training and raised money for cancer research along the way. Maybe it’s because of this philanthropic start that I almost never say no to an opportunity to give back to the running community. I’ve been fortunate to be able to support my more » Read more

5 Charities that Give the Gift of Running

Good news, Salty readers! While you may be finished shopping for all the good little girls and boys on your Christmas list, you can keep the giving going in a meaningful way.  No, you don’t have to revisit Amazon or, worse, hit the mall. And the recipients of this giving won’t get bored with your gifts within a few weeks. And better yet? This way you can give the gift more » Read more

Adventures in Pacing!

They’re at every big half and full marathon, carrying their signs for many, many miles and helping innumerable runners achieve their big goals. But have you ever stopped to wonder what the pacers you follow in races are thinking or doing?  Have you ever thought about being a pacer yourself? I recently had my first opportunity to pace the 2:00 group at the Madison Half Marathon and it was a great more » Read more

5 Free Ways to Show Your Support for Boston

Let’s face it, this week has been rough.  Really rough.  We’ve all felt the sting of the Boston bombings. Whether we were there or not, we were shocked to our core, and united by our determination to run on. Usually our Friday 5 is on the sillier side, but we’re still at a loss for words, and just not ready to make light yet. So instead, let’s talk about how more » Read more

Giving Back: Blood Donation Alternatives for Runners

This post originally ran on August 6, 2012. In light of the Boston bombings, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit this topic. We all know that giving blood is important.  I was raised believing it was my civic duty to give blood whenever I could.  So I donated blood regularly since I was 18 years old and even gave plasma when I was in college (that more » Read more

2013 Is Your Year to Volunteer!

As the end of the year approaches, we’re all beginning to turn our attention to 2013. Whether your race season is ending or, in the case of those living in the super-warm south, just beginning, you’re most likely putting the final touches on your race calendar. While I know you’ve pretty much picked out the races that you’ll be training for this winter and spring and maybe even zeroed in more » Read more

Captaining an Ultrarunning Aid Station

Does the ultrarunning scene interest you? The trails, the crazy people, the friendly, less-cutthroat competitive atmosphere? Does any of that do it for you? If you’re like me, it does. But also, like me, running 30 or more miles on trails isn’t in the cards for you right now. So what’s an ultra-curious girl like you supposed to do? You can still be involved in the always-way-more-fun than road race scene more » Read more

Burning River – A Salty Interlude

Saturdays are a little crazy. My husband grows organic veggies and we sell them at market on Saturday mornings. It’s super fun, but a lot of work. I have to wake up early and be ON for 3-4 hours as I hustle baby eggplants, sweet corn and heirloom tomatoes. After the market I had to run home and relieve the sitter and then wait for my husband to get home so I more » Read more

Inspire and Be Inspired: Girls on the Run

This post is all about girls!  Remember when you were in 3rd grade though 5th grade?  You were running 5ks, feeling inspired by awesome, energetic women who stepped up to mentor you, right?  You received timely tips on how to navigate the complexities of peer pressure, gossiping, bullying, and the stress of growing up?  You were celebrated for being all around aWeSoMe!?!   No? Me neither. But I wish I had because, more » Read more

5 Ways to Pay the Running Love Forward

This post originally ran on May 25, 2012. Since Boston, we’ve all felt the comfort of our community of runners coming together like it never has before. In honor of all our running sisters and brothers we rerun this post and as always, please share any other ideas you have for giving back to the running community, in general and in light of the bombings. One of my favorite things more » Read more

Volunteering at North Face Endurance Challenge Bear Mountain

Last weekend I volunteered for an aid station at the Bear Mountain 50m/50k, part of the North Face Endurance Challenge series, and I’ve gotta tell you it was such a great time!  This is the 6th year of the North Face Endurance Challenge series and the 5th year of the Bear Mountain events, which include a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon relay, full marathon, 50k and 50 mile races. Especially more » Read more