Vanilla’s Training Log 4-19-15 to 4-25-15

Sunday, April 19th was the New Orleans 70.3.  I had been focused on this race for a few months, and I was excited to race at sea level (below sea level).  I was a little nervous since I hadn’t swam in open water since November + the first race of the year (regardless of the sport) is always doubtful for me. The forecast called for downpours of rain, so we more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 4-12-15 to 4-18-15

Here is my training log leading up to the New Orleans 70.3. 4/12:  Easy 34 mile ride, followed by easy 4 mile run.  Windy on the bike at the end. 4/13:  Rest 4/14:  4.1 miles with my running group–helped coach the workout. 4/15:  TRACK!!!  Met my friend/co-worker, Erin, for a short track session before her Boston and my New Orleans.  She had 8 x 400, and I had 6 x more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 4-5-15 to 4-11-15

Last hard week before the New Orleans 70.3!  Doubts and uncertainty are starting to set in, but I’m also ready for it to be over with. 4/5:  48 miles on the bike.  It was awful.  I had no cadence, and I just felt off.  I couldn’t wait for the ride to be over with!  6 easy miles in the evening before a big Easter dinner. 4/6:  Rest day.  Went to more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 3-29-15 to 4-4-15

Birthday week training log!!! 3/29:  55+ on the bike with my friend, Eddie.  A little chilly and windy at times. 3/30:  Super easy 3.7 miles at lunch. Weights in the evening. 3/31:  About 7 miles in the evening with my run group.  Coached a 25 minute tempo workout. 4/1:  My Birthday!!!  I took the day off from work to relax and have my own schedule.  First, I ran 8 miles more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 3-22-15 to 3-28-15

Hello Salties!  What happened?  I have fallen off the training log wagon again, and it happened without warning.  Here’s my attempt to catch up! 3/22: Double brick of 20 mile ride/3 mile run.  It was pretty chilly, so I opted to do the workout inside.  First ride of 20 miles was just over 18 mph and felt fairly easy.  Run after was 3 miles in 22:56 with just about 3 minutes more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 3-15-14 to 3-21-14

Well…it’s happened again… I’ve fallen behind with my training logs!  Ugh!  Better later than never, right?  This week was a real confidence booster since I hit 3 milestones in my training:  50+ mile ride, sub 20:00 for 3 miles and 3,000m swim.  My race is coming up quickly! 3/15:  52+ on the bike with my friend, Eddie.  It was 75 and sunny with NO wind!  This ride made me remember more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 3-8-15 to 3-14-15

Spring is my favorite season.  I love watching the flowers bloom, and I love that the days get longer.  I do not, however, enjoy the time change.  It has always messed with me, and it takes me about a week to acclimate.  But, I always tell myself that it’s worth it. 3/8:  4 miles pretty easy, then I met my friend, Eddie, for an easy ride of just over 32 more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 3-1-15 to 3-7-15

It’s March already!  Time for spring!  Time for March Madness–both in basketball and in training.  This is the month to really start focusing on the New Orleans 70.3 in April! 3/1:  Still pretty cold outside, so indoors was the only option.  25 miles on the trainer + 15 miles at race pace.  It was challenging, but I got through it.  I tried not to freak out at the stats as more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 2-22-15 to 2-28-15

Winter hit us hard this week in Colorado! 2/22:  33.7 miles on the trainer followed by 3 miles.  Tried out my new snowshoes for 30 minutes on the trails.  What a great workout! 2/23:  Weights then easy 3 miles.  1,850m swim in the evening. 2/24:  Super tired in the morning, so I slept in.  4.5 miles with my run group in the evening.  It was a hill workout called dice more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 2-15-15 to 2-21-15

Winter finally made it to Colorado this week!  I guess we were jealous of the entire  country, so we needed our share of snow! 2/15:  Easy 8.3 miles.  Left the house with bright sunshine and blue skies, and after about 45 minutes later, I could just see the clouds rolling over the mountains.  By the time I reached the last mile, snow flurries started.  Colorado weather changes so quickly! 2/16:  President’s more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 2-8-15 to 2-14-15

2/8:  60 + degrees, but the winds were over 30 mph, and there was no way I could ride outside.  So, I stayed put on the trainer with the intentions of riding 30.  After 20 miles, I had no tension on my back wheel, and I realized my tire was flat.  I stopped to put air in it and was able to ride another 10 miles with 5 x 90 more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 2-1-15 to 2-7-15

Happy February! 2/1:  27+ miles on the trainer around 18 mph, followed by 4 mile run! 2/2:  Lift in the morning.  4.7 miles early afternoon.  Sunny and 55, but lots of puddles from the melting snow over the weekend. 2/3:  Workout fail!  Planned 2mins, 4mins x 4, but it was clear during the warm-up that my body wanted nothing of it.  Got through 1 set, then called it at 3 more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 1-25-15 to 1-31-15

I had high hopes for training this week, but my immune system had different plans.  I caught some of the nasty stuff going around.  Ugh! 1/25: 7 miles in 55 minutes.  It was nice enough to ride outside, so I headed out, but I underestimated the wind.  There were times I felt like I was riding right into a wall.  I barely managed 15 mph.  I felt tired, and I’m more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 1-11-15 to 1-17-15

Here goes another week in Boulder! 1/11:  In anticipation of my upcoming half, I headed out for my longest run since November.  Goal was at least 10, and I made it 10.3 miles.  My Garmin died about halfway through the run, so I estimated the distance based on my route.  I’m not gonna lie–I was tired for the rest of the day and had to go to bed early that more » Read more

Vanilla’s Training Log 1-4-15 to 1-10-15

First full week of 2015! 1/4:  I did not feel like doing anything today!  I planned to run, but it was 5 degrees until noon, and then it didn’t warm up at all like forecasted.  When I finally found some motivation to exercise, I decided to hop on my bike for 90 minutes.  But, after 2 miles, it was obvious that my body wasn’t happy, and the thought of riding more » Read more