Hi, I’m Cinnamon! Welcome to My Busy Life!

Hello, ladies! I’m pleased and proud to be the first blogger other than my big sis to join the Salty Girls. I know her vision of Salty Running is so much more than a blog – it’s a community where we can encourage each other to rise to our challenges and become better athletes, and I hope my posts will do just that for you! With that goal in mind more » Read more

Cinnamon Rushes: Introduction

I know you’re all busy people.  As a mother of two toddlers believe me I can relate! I also know that not all of us have the luxury of routine or even time at home. That’s why I’ve enlisted my sister Cinnamon to share her experiences as a competitive runner with an active social life, interest in several hobbies and–here’s the big one–a career freelancing in New York’s film and TV more » Read more