Cilantro’s Black Hills 50M Race Report

To be clear, the Black Hills 50-mile ultramarathon is only 50 miles. And yet, I ran 55. But I think I am getting ahead of myself here, so I will start at the beginning. I registered for Black Hills shortly after choosing Burning River as my first 100-mile attempt because it fit into the time that my training plan called for a 50-mile race, and it was within the 500 more » Read more

Coriander’s Oil Creek 100K Race Report

Two years ago, I was a pretty inexperienced ultra runner. I had done a handful of 50K’s, one 50-miler and was supposed to run my first 100K (62 miles) at Oil Creek in Pennsylvania the second weekend of October. My training leading up to it was kind of a joke. I had done a few 20+ long runs and PR’ed the Akron Marathon. The week before Oil Creek, I decided more » Read more

Coriander’s Mohican 100 Race Report

It was nearing 4 a.m. on June 21st and I was ready to go: shoes on, bug spray and body glide applied, watches set, pack filled. All I had to do was get out of the chair, hop in the car, drive the 10 minutes to the start line and run for the next 24-25 hours or so. That was it. “Are you OK?” my friend, Erin, asked me. “I more » Read more

Coriander’s Green Jewel 50K Race Report

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to accomplish in 2014. I had such an amazing year last year, how could I possibly top it? I set a few competitive (and maybe a little aggressive) goals for the 50K, 100 mile and 100K distances and got very selective in which races I picked. I wanted to start the season with the Green Jewel 50K, in which more » Read more

Coriander’s JFK 50 Mile Race Report

My 2013 racing season has lasted a long time. I raced from March until the end of November, with just a short two-month break between my first 100 miler and last marathon. It’s been a long and exhausting season and I’ll have to admit, leading up to my last race, I was feeling a little tired and burnt out. In April, I registered for the JFK 50 Mile in Maryland. more » Read more

My First Ultra and the Last Thing on My “30 Before 30″ List!

I don’t know about you, but when 30 started creeping up on me, I made a “30 before 30″ list of things I wanted to accomplish. Wednesday, I realized that I was going to accomplish every single thing on my “30 before 30″ list with the exception on one thing: an ultra-marathon. I quickly got on the ol’ internet and discovered one more ultra in North Dakota scheduled in 2013, Bonus, more » Read more

Coriander’s Mohican 100 Race Report Part 3

On to Part 3 of my first 100 miler race report! For background, here are Part 1 and Part 2. Sorry to leave you all in suspense! When I left off, I was surprisingly fourth place female and had just finished off my third of four loops just before 2 a.m. and had 23 miles left to go! Things were going pretty darn well, but could I keep it up more » Read more

Coriander’s Mohican 100 Race Report Part 2

This is the second of two posts recapping my first 100 mile race. Catch up on part 1 here.  Last I left you, I was at mile 54 and a little over thirteen hours into the race. A lot can happen in 46 miles, especially when those miles come after 13 straight hours of running! Read more

Coriander’s Mohican 100 Race Report Part 1

In January, I signed up for the longest race of my life. A very intimidating, 100 miles at Mohican State Forest, the same race where I did my first 50 mile race. Before I knew it, six months of training was over and race day came and went. I had my struggles, sure, even considered dropping down to the 50 mile distance. But after an amazing 344 mile month in more » Read more

Badwater 101

Badwater. In short, it’s 135 miles across Death Valley in 120 degree temperatures.  The pavement alone reaches up to 128 degrees. It’s nothing short of epic.  It’s Coriander’s long-term stretch goal, and her post awhile back was enough to get me reminiscent of my four trips there; twice crewing the official race and twice “playing with fire.”  And let’s not lie, I’ve got my eye on that sucker too.  But I’ve more » Read more

Coriander’s “Forget the PR 50K” Race Report

At the beginning of this year, I planned out all of my races for 2013. At the top of my list, was running my first 100 miler. When I was considering what other races to do besides the 100, I knew I needed to avoid burning myself out running a ton of small races during 100-mile training. The Forget the PR Mohican 50K fit perfectly into my training schedule. And more » Read more

Burning River 100 Race Report – Part 8 – Through the Night to the Finish

Party Rock is in the House Tonight:  To the Finish. I’m running again before the loop is halfway through, chugging my coffee and communing with bats. I get to the “unmanned” aid station, a plot point that had greatly concerned me earlier in the week.  One of the volunteers jokes “nothing for you, Star!” before filling my bottle with half ginger ale, half water.  I know what works. Trying to more » Read more

Burning River 100 Race Report – Part 6 – Happy Days to Pine Hollow

It’s the Simple Things (That Make You Smile):  Crashing Back Down on the Way to Pine Hollow I wasn’t as far under as I had been earlier in the day, but I wasn’t recovering.  My stomach was getting queasy for the first time and we had a 5.7 mile section to Pine Hollow which seemed endlessly long.  I was smiling and reminding myself it would get better.  I had just more » Read more

Burning River – A Salty Interlude

Saturdays are a little crazy. My husband grows organic veggies and we sell them at market on Saturday mornings. It’s super fun, but a lot of work. I have to wake up early and be ON for 3-4 hours as I hustle baby eggplants, sweet corn and heirloom tomatoes. After the market I had to run home and relieve the sitter and then wait for my husband to get home so I more » Read more