Salty’s Postpartum Running Update – 14 Weeks

I hate the daylight savings weekend. The hour I lost was for sleep, so I am really pooped. Forgive me if it shows in my writing! Baby is 14 weeks old. She is getting big and  extra adorable. I took her grocery shopping with me today and put her in the baby bjorn facing out. She loved watching all the activity! She still hasn’t rolled over yet, even with her more » Read more

Salty’s Postpartum Running Update – Week 13

My littlest babe is 3 months! 3 MONTHS! It sounds so mature. She’s working really hard to roll over. She hasn’t made it all the way yet, but she’s getting close. She’s now consistently sleeping for 7 – 8 hours at a time. Wow, is that nice! This week, particularly the end was a bit trying with all three kids sick. They all have some nasty cold. Luckily, the baby more » Read more

Salty’s Postpartum Running Update – Week 11

Note: 11 weeks of interrupted sleep and the opportunity to nap may lead to inadvertent 3 hour naps. This inadvertent 3 hour nap may lead to a time crunch and posting your training log way later than you planned. Oopsy! Baby continues to grow by leaps and bounds. I cannot believe how big she is and how fast this newborn stage is going. If you just had a baby and more » Read more

Salty’s Postpartum Running Update – Week 10

I can’t believe it’s already been 10 weeks since I had my little cutie. She is just a dream baby and I feel so lucky to be her mother. I look at her and my other two and realize how fortunate I am to have such a healthy happy family! Perhaps this is the 8.5 hours of sleep I got on Friday night talking. I have to say, that was more » Read more

Post-Layoff Anxiety: And This Too Shall Pass … Right?

Phew! I’m back from a quick 45:00 on the treadmill. I intended to do a 50 minute walk/run (I call it a wog) where I alternate walking and running, but after a 5 minute walk I started running and didn’t stop until 40 minutes into the workout. I felt good. I would have kept going except for the anxiety that I will “overdo it.” I don’t even know what that more » Read more

My Not-So-Crazy Supraventricular Tachycardia Update

The last time I dedicated an entire post to my crazy heart, I explained how I came to be diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia, or SVT. SVT is a heart condition in which the sufferer experiences sudden onset of rapid heart rate which can reach 200 beats per minute or more. While it is not life threatening, it sure can be scary. I am happy to report that after an often more » Read more

Salty’s Postpartum Running Update – 8 Weeks

At 8 weeks, the baby is starting to get into a sleeping schedule. She’s been taking longer naps and has longer wakeful periods. She also has been consistently going to bed at the same time each for a couple of weeks now.  With a consistent, predictable sleep pattern I’ll be able to get more running in! I don’t expect it to be set for another few weeks, but we’re getting more » Read more

Salty’s Postpartum Running Update – Week 7

It took me just 7 weeks to realize I’ve been unnecessarily adding a dash in the word ‘postpartum.’ Mommy brain at it’s finest, folks! That’s definitely something any woman, runner or nonrunner, can look forward to after a baby – a sudden decrease in brain cells accompanied by bizarre spelling errors, forgetfulness and other incredibly embarrassing duh-moments. But now I know and even better Week 7 was a good one more » Read more

Salty’s Post-Partum Running Update – 4 Weeks

Four weeks post-partum and things are going great! Baby is doing wonderfully. She’s still eating and sleeping like a champ. She wakes me up briefly to nurse at 3:30 and then again around 6:30. Cinnamon was in town and my husband was off from work so I’ve been able to sleep in and nap most days, so I don’t feel sleep deprived at all.  That will change soon, but that’s ok more » Read more

Salty’s Post-Partum Running Update – 3 Weeks

Baby #3 is 3 weeks old today! She just started giggling and smiling yesterday and seems to be a little bigger every time I look at her. She’s nursing like a champ and sleeping really well. I regularly have several 3-4 hour stretches of continuous sleep, which is great. She is way easier than my first and a little easier than my second. As easy as she is, getting in more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 9.1.12 and 9.9.12

With all the heart stuff going on last week I got behind on my Salty Running stuff, so I apologize that the boss of the site can’t even get her training logs up in time! 27 and 28 weeks! Welcome to the third trimester! I have cut back on my mileage, mostly by cutting down to 4 runs a week. With appointments and farmers markets and baby prep stuff I more » Read more

My Crazy Heart: Supraventricular Tachycardia

I wanted to write a state of my pregnancy address for Labor Day. (Get it? Labor. Har.) But, something rather interesting has come up that I wanted to share with you instead. Since high school, I’ve experienced an occasional freaky thing with my heart. Every once in a while, out of the blue and usually related to a run, but not always, my heart will start beating like crazy. It more » Read more