What’s With Those Cheap Awesome Leggings?

The setting: Early January. The mood: That post-holidays funk settled on the Salty crew like a cold, heavy fog. Energy and creativity-levels were low; we needed something, anything, to liven things up in the dead of a dark, dreary winter. The idea that sparked our curiosity and got us a little excited to check the mail obsessively for a couple of weeks? Leggings. Obnoxious, personalized to our specific tastes, bright and more » Read more

5 Times It’s Ok to Wear the Shirt From a Race You Did Not Run

In my newbie running days, I ran with two great training groups who taught me many things about the world of post-collegiate running.  One of the lessons that stands out the most was the cardinal rule of race shirt etiquette: wearing a shirt from a race you hadn’t run was a huge no-no. I mean, it was the equivalent of lying! For years I didn’t dare wear a shirt for more » Read more

Readers’ Roundtable: Are You Willing to Pay for Primo Fashion?

This morning Salty forwarded a promotional email from Anthropologie, retailer of overpriced (in my opinion) luxury women’s apparel and other stuff.  Guess what they have now?  Activewear! I couldn’t help but laugh – everyone is getting into the game!  As much as people have blasted Lululemon, ever since it burst onto the scene and showed people that being active can be sexy, more and more luxury activewear brands have cropped more » Read more

My Eyes are Up Here: 5 Style Tips for Running Shirtless

This post originally published on Aug 31, 2012. We thought it was a timely follow-up to the The Essential Guide to Salty Summer Running! I’m in love with Clove’s Salty Running Challenge!  Leaving my shirt behind when I go for a run is a real struggle, but the more I practice the more I just stop caring what others think of my tummy and start feeling great about showing off more » Read more

Running Fashion Police: Layers and Tights

Winter. (Say it with me like Jerry Seinfeld says “Newman” and insert grumpy, hurumphing sounds.) Yeah. This is the part of the show where the audience revolts and decides that the show needs to be over. Right now, if you please. But alas….the fat lady hasn’t sung, the snow hasn’t melted, and the temperatures seem quite content to live forever as teenagers (at best!). The longer winter lingers, the harder more » Read more

Running Fashion Police: Winter Jackets

As if the Polar Vortex wasn’t enough of an omen for us, Punxsutawney Phil chimed in last week with a shadow-sighting, predicting six more weeks of winter. But there’s no need to trudge back to the treadmill in despair! Never fear, the Salty Winter Fashion Guide is here! A few weeks and a half dozen blizzards ago, we had you (and your heads) covered with our first winter wear post, more » Read more

Say Something or Just Keep Smiling?

I like half marathons, where there is a lot of diversity amongst the runners. It allows me to people watch.  Or maybe it’s more accurate to say it allows me to shop.  You know, just like at the mall…except I’m running. Generally I am able to do this without passing judgments. I am looking at the cool running skirts, shoes, hats, tops, and so on and wonder where I can more » Read more

Running Fashion Police: Bun Huggers! Spankies! Racing Briefs!

Anyone who knows me knows how I like to race: in a sports bra and briefs. Briefs are those things that some women runners wear that look like bikini bottoms. I like to call them spankies! But you might also know them as “buns” or “bun huggers.” Whatever you call them, they’re what I like to race in. Of course, this choice of apparel is not without controversy both in and more » Read more

Incorporate a Little Running into Your Wedding Day

I’m getting married in 2 months. Wait … I’m getting married in 2 months?!?!?! This whole wedding thing is starting to get very real (and exciting, of course). My fiance Sam and I have tried to make our wedding day uniquely us. Our family and friends know all about our hobbies, our quirks and our unique personalities, so we feel incorporating such tidbits into the special day seems appropriate. The other more » Read more

Running Fashion Police: How to Dress for Winter Running

Last week, many of us had our first taste of winter weather: cold, wind, gray, gloomy skies. Winters here in Cleveland always feel extra long and when March finally comes around, we have no clue what that bright thing in the sky is. Also last week, I started a new job. I left one retail establishment for another: the new one is selling a popular brand of women’s athletic apparel. Because more » Read more

Victoria’s Secret Makes Running Clothes, for Realz! VSX Sport Review

What do you get when you combine 2 spicy runners, $2.50 glasses of wine, and a trip to VSX Sport, the new athletic apparel store from Victoria’s Secret?  The answer? A movie montage a la Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz in The Sweetest Thing. The Salties had been tossing around the idea of a review of the new line of sport apparel at America’s most popular lingerie outfitter, Victoria’s Secret. more » Read more

Does Minimalist Running Demand Minimal Hair?

They say women don’t run as fast as men because of our bodies. More likely, it’s because of our hair. Don’t take this personally, guys, but most of you don’t have a lot to work with above the forehead. Even those of you with enviably full heads of hair – think beautiful Dean Karnazes, ultra-marathon man – don’t sport hair that can slow you down. Many women, on the other more » Read more

5 Tips to Make Your Halloween Costume Runnable!

When I talk to my 2 year old niece on the phone, my favorite thing she says is…”Hey Auntie….Boo!”  Maybe it’s because Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. Unlike previous years though, I’m down to the wire trying to figure out a great costume I can wear to the Halloween event my “running” club is having.  I’m not worried though; I’m pretty sure I can put something epic more » Read more

Running Fashion Police, Weather Edition: Pants, Tights or Shorts?

You may have read that I ran my first race of 2012 last weekend. The Universe must have known I was busy, because it just kept plopping writing material in my lap. I was standing in the bathroom line after warming up in shorts and a long sleeve tech-shirt on a sunny 45 degree morning. I was comfortable. Sweaty, even. One of my fellow runners looked at my apparel and said, “Aren’t more » Read more

Running Fashion Police: Running Tops for Every Temperature

Dressing for summer running is easy: less is more! But if you live in the northern US like me, you’ve probably realized that it’s officially fall, and that means A+ running weather!  But it also means the temperature is fluctuating like crazy. I often marvel at the differences in how runners dress for weather. A few weeks ago I was enjoying a run on a dry 50 degree morning wearing more » Read more