Sassafras’s Training Log – 2.23.14 & 3.2.14

Why hello out there, Salty readers! I am sitting here watching the snow absolutely pour down on a rare snow day from work for me. Time to catch you up on what’s been going on with my training over the past two weeks. Week of 2.17.14 – 2.23.14 When last I left you, I had a sprained ligament in my foot that I was babying. It was definitely on the more » Read more

Sassafras’s Training Log – 2.16.14

This week started out great with two runs that were milestones, each in their own way, but then it, shall we say, took a dive. I’ll let the log do the rest of the talking. Monday – An easy 9 on the treadmill (8:49 pace). This was my longest pre-work treadmill run so far, which meant an extra-early (i.e. pre-5 a.m.) wake up time. Tuesday – Six tempo miles on the more » Read more

Sassafras’s Training Log – 2.9.14

This week certainly didn’t go as planned, but I’m okay with that. I have a post-it note on my computer that says “If Plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters.” This was a Plan C or D kinda week, but I got (most) of my running in. Just 10 weeks to go until the Derby Festival Marathon! Monday – An unplanned rest day with really no good more » Read more

Sassafras’s Training Log – 2.2.14

I know I’ve been slacking in the training log department. But to be honest, Old Man Winter is really fouling up my plans. I’m still getting my workouts in (mostly), but I can’t just roll out the door and hit the street. I have to get up earlier to allow for drive time to and from the gym. And I’m getting more than my fair share of Justin Bieber news more » Read more

Sassafras’s Training Log – 1.05.14

Hellllo, Salties! Happy 2014! It has been a very long time since I’ve posted a training log here on Salty Running. About eight months, actually! I just got busy with marathon training and work and life, and my spot on the rack fell by the wayside. But it’s a new year and near the start of a new training cycle for this spice girl, so here I am! I have more » Read more

Sassafras’s Training Log – 5.19.13

Hello lovelies! This was another week of gradually increasing mileage for me. It feels weird to not be on a training plan! I have started researching different plans for my fall marathon, but that won’t start until June. In the meantime, I registered for a 5K, got some new kicks and am trying to just enjoy this relative down time as much as I can! Monday – A chilly 39 degree more » Read more

Sassafras’s Training Log – 5.12.13

Another week, another bump up in mileage. My foot issue from right after the race is now about 95% better. Of all things, I found that changing how I lace my shoes seemed to help in speeding up that process. I’m getting a little antsy keeping up the miles so low, but trying as hard as I can to slowly increase, thus keeping the chance of injury low. But it’s so hard! more » Read more

Sassafras’s Training Log – 4.28.13 & 5.5.13

Hello Salties! I have been so very behind in posting training logs, but I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to since my marathon on April 20. It’s not the most enthralling training log of all time, but it will give you a good idea of how the post-race transition is going for me. Week ending April 28 (Post-Race Week #1) Sunday – Unless you count stretching my legs more » Read more

Sassafras’s Training Log – 3.24.13

I’m late sharing my log with you guys this week, so let’s just get down to business. It was a little bit of an up and down week with having to shift runs around and just being so, so sick of the cold, but I also had  a really good speed session and ran my peak long run of 21 miles on Saturday. I am excited to have it behind more » Read more

Sassafras’s Training Log – 3.17.13

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Salties! I have been running lots and lots, just not posting about it. Balancing marathon training with life has me a little bogged down lately, but I am back and ready to catch you all up on my running adventures! Week of 2/17/13 Monday – Easy 5 miles Tuesday – 4 miles, negative split. Wednesday – Off Thursday – Morning: 6 easy miles, Evening: 1.5 hours more » Read more

Sassafras’s Training Log – 2.17.13

Another week bites the dust! Last week was a rough training this week, while this week was a rough “life” week. I was happy to have my runs to get me through it all, as we lost a family friend unexpectedly and dealt with the stress of waiting for test results for my puppy. (Thankfully, her lump is benign.) I did indulge a little mid-week and pamper those runner feet more » Read more

Sassafras’s Training Log – 2.10.13

This was a rough training week for me. I just felt off and extra tired and sore. I had some slower runs, but I feel like I finally rebounded by week’s end. I can chalk this up to being on my period, which equals not sleeping well, which leads to being a tired little slug. I definitely do have room for improvement in hitting the hay earlier, though. Overall this week more » Read more

Sassafras’s Training Log – 2.3.13

This week was practically four seasons wrapped up in seven days! Still, I would rate it as a good training week. I had my first 20 miler of this cycle. As it got closer, it became more and more apparent that the weather would be, um, less than ideal. But I did it, wind and snow and all! (We’ll get to that in a little bit.) Getting this first 20 more » Read more

Sassafras’s Training Log – 1.27.13

What a week! My normal routine was all out of whack thanks to the frigid weather and my lack of backup plan (I don’t have a gym membership  or access to a treadmill at the moment), but I managed to make it through and top 40 miles for the first time this training cycle. I am glad to see that the forecast is looking more promising for the week ahead! more » Read more

Sassafras’s Training Log – 1.20.13

I haven’t talked much about my secondary goal that I spelled out in my resolution post. So I’ll tell you what I want, what I really want: it’s to run a 3:45 marathon this spring. In exactly three months, I’ll be toeing the line at the Carmel Marathon. I’m following the TLAM Own It! plan again this training cycle, which I love. One cool thing about using the same plan more » Read more