Salty’s Training Log – 11.15.15 & 11.22.15

Here comes my busy time! Having one kid at the end of November and one at the beginning of December was not the best planning on our part. (Joking, of course!) The end of the year always is the mad crush of stuff that needs to get done and that usually means running gets pushed further down the to-do list or I end up injured if it doesn’t. Knowing this, I’m more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 11.8.15

While there’s no way I could run 90 mile weeks right now, Jasmine’s post on Tuesday hit home for me: I can choose to make time to get more running in. For goodness sake, I have a single and a double stroller, a treadmill in my basement, and access to a gym with childcare. I have no excuse, even if I am very busy and my kids seem to constantly be sick. more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 11.1.15

Well, I’ve been running. Not a whole heck of a lot, but I’m getting out there and enjoying it. I’ve run with my husband, Jasmine a few times, and did a fun workout with Dill one evening, which were notable highlights. Otherwise, I’m just running for fun when I feel like it. I need that right now. I did get a little sad on my way home from Jasmine’s NYC more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 10.11.15 & 10.18.15

I’ve cut back a bit the last two weeks on my running. When I ran the 16.5 with 12ish at 7:30 pace, my old sciatica injury flared up and I felt more fatigued than usual the next day. While I have no designs on training hard now or in the very near future, it’s still disheartening that I am feeling the lingering effects of overtraining syndrome more than four months after more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 10.4.15

I was just talking with a friend of mine today about letting go. I was so scared to let go of running and back off of training even when my body, mind and life demanded it of me. Oh, the ugliness of trying to cling to something screaming to be let go! I’m grateful I finally did and today, with that conversation and that little nugget from it, I realize that by more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 9.27.15

I’ve been incredibly busy with my non-running life, taking care of my children and immediate family as well as helping out with my elderly in-laws. I’m definitely feeling that whole sandwich generation thing! But in these busy and stressful times, I feel extra grateful that I don’t have self-imposed performance stress when it comes to running. Just running for stress relief and joy is so nice right now. I’ve been more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 9.6, 9.13 & 9.20.15

I’ve been back running about 3 months now, since my break to kickstart my recovery from overtraining. I’ve been taking it one day at a time and just keeping an open mind about things. My main goal is to continue to fit running into my life rather than revolving my life around it and I have to pat myself on the back here, because I’ve succeeded so far. I think more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 8.30.15

Operation just run continues. This was the first week of our new schedule with 2 kids in school and my 2 year-old and me with the whole day ahead of us! On Monday I took the day off of running to host a play date, which means I spent the time I would have run frantically cleaning, socializing and then laying around pooped! It was fun! But I managed to more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 8.16.15 & 8.23.15

I really meant to write my training log last week, but it ended up turning into this post instead. I really needed to let that out. On one hand, I love running to compete, pursuing excellence, pushing myself mentally and physically, but on the other and as that post implies, running competitive is just not the best allocation of my resources (time, energy and money). And that’s beyond the fact more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 8.9.15

I feel like me and running still have some issues to work out. It hasn’t always been a pretty process, but even though I refused to admit it at first, I’ve been slowly accepting that my relationship with running hasn’t always been the healthiest. If you would have asked me, even at the height of my competitiveness, whether I defined myself by running success and I would have scoffed, “of more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 8.2.15

My brain is most definitely better! On Tuesday, for the first time in a really long time, I thought I could totally run an extra mile for seven today instead of six, and I did it and felt great! And I ran almost 2 hours for my long run that flew by and I never got that oh when is this going to be over feeling, That is the real runner-me. I am not more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 7.26.15

Well that was quite a week! I think I’m almost recovered from the weekend. As you read in Cilantro’s race report, I was captain of her crew, which I didn’t completely realize until a few days before the race. One thing I learned about Cilantro this weekend is that she doesn’t like to ask for help. I knew she was coming to race, but I was waiting for her to tell more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 7.19.15

I think I’m really getting a handle on this moderation thing. I’m really digging the concept of not planning my life around training. It’s very liberating. Having things like my health and sanity, family experiences and my well-roundedness as a human being now take precedence over running, I managed to enjoy the sh*t out of myself this past week, when in my former life I might have felt pretty darn more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 7.12.15

I’m feeling very contradictory about my comeback. On one hand, I feel very excited and optimistic about starting over. On the other, I feel very daunted by the prospect of starting over. On one hand, I am being kind to myself and not judging my current fitness or using the word “should” to describe my running right now. On the other, why the hell am I so slow?! On one more » Read more

Salty’s Training Log – 6.28.15 & 7.5.15

Whew! It’s been a busy couple of weeks! My second child turned 5 last Sunday and Cinnamon was in town visiting this past week. So between birthday party planning and squeezing in sisterly bonding time, I’m pooped! And it’s all well and good because I didn’t have time or energy to sweat how much I was (or wasn’t) working out and my month of resting and recovery just kinda merged more » Read more