An Open Letter to Brooks

Dear Brooks Running, You tell me to “run happy“, and I want to comply. But my running happiness is largely dependent on the mood my feet happen to be in at any particular moment. And lately? They’re cranky, sore, and decidedly UN-happy. You see, they had a perfectly cozy little place to hang out for miles at a time, a tried and true shoe named the Adrenaline. Perhaps you’ve heard more » Read more

Shoe Love Triangle No More

I finally committed to one pair. Yes, after going back and forth, forth and back I picked out my new shoes. It was not an easy decision. I even toyed with the idea of making my triangular shoe relationship something of a permanent thing, buying two pairs and switching between them just like I was doing before. I thought and thought and thought. Maybe even a bit too much. I more » Read more

Got Ice? Try Yaktrax

When superstorm “Nemo“ was brewing a little while back, Cinnamon went for a 7 mile run but found it to be more of a 7 mile slide. Remembering a mention of traction devices, she asked the rest of us for some recommendations on how she could safely get in her runs while Brooklyn was covered in ice. Living in Boulder, I have my fair share of experience here, so I offered more » Read more

The Next Salty Challenge: Embracing Our Runner Feet

Corns. Blisters.  Calluses. Toenails … black or blue ones, that is. Sound familiar? I don’t know about you, but if there’s anything about my body that is a dead give-a-way that I enjoy pounding the pavement and getting early morning miles under my belt, it’s my feet. The thought of getting a pedicure or wearing flip flops makes me cringe. Regardless of the best training shoes and the blister-blocking socks, after more » Read more

Transitioning to More Minimalist Running Shoes

Barefoot running and so-called minimalistic running has been all the rage the last few years.  Less is more, right? NO!  It simply isn’t that simple. If you are going to run barefoot or in minimalist shoes, you must have the right biomechanics and must have strong feet.  If you do not, you are likely to find yourself injured if you jump into minimalist shoes without proper preparation. The fact is more » Read more

Salty’s Post-Partum Running Update – Week 6

My little one is 6 weeks old as of yesterday. I’m starting to see glimpses of a schedule. She’s been going down to sleep each night a little earlier. It started at 11:30 and now she’s down to 9:30 and she sleeps for 3-4 solid hours in her bassinet and I can count on it. Even better, she takes a nap at the same time my big kids do every more » Read more

Stink, Stank, Stunk: Weird Products for Runners

My divorce made me a tightwad, which means I have no allegiance to brands.   I buy what’s on sale.  Some of you will brand me a lunatic, but yep, that applies even to running shoes. But I broke down and paid full price recently, for not just one product, but two. Like Odysseus, I was lured by a siren call –  by brilliant marketing, smart graphics and, most importantly, the more » Read more

Shopping for the Right Running Store

Here in Colorado, we’re lucky to have a lot of choices when it comes to shopping for athletic or outdoor gear, and where I live is no exception. Even though I was a little uneasy about my experience visiting a running store the first time, I knew it was important to shop around and find the product and the sales environment that was right for me… After all, if I’m more » Read more

Surviving the First Time at a Running Store! High Five!!!

When you combine genetics, working retail, and running the feet can be quite tortured. My poor feet are pretty beat up, and recently even just standing has been a pain in the foot-literally! I’ve been having some serious heel pain. My mentor Salty said it was probably time for something I’ve feared for a while: my first visit to a running store. As a retail manager you might think this more » Read more

The Big Duh: Speed Laces!

I used to be one of those jerks at the 5k with my shoelaces flopping around my foot, cotton tentacles that flailed and waggled around my feet as if they had a mind of their own and having a seizure. I was a kicker-off of shoes who consistently destroyed the stitching between sole and upper.  I was always the last one out of the yoga studio, taking my time lacing more » Read more