The Difference Between Running and Racing a Marathon

My coach is fond of saying that I have only raced a few marathons. What, you may ask, was I doing the other 20-some times I toed the marathon line? According to Coach I was just running. Is there really a difference between running and racing a marathon? I think so. I know countless great runners who do not race their marathons; they run a few marathons year after year more » Read more

Respect the 5K

I will admit that I did not always respect the 5K. I think I did when I first started running, but recently I discovered that I had turned into a running snob. You know, one of those people who only run certain distances because anything else is beneath them. I run a 10 miler every weekend. I run marathons, half marathons, 10Ks, and blah blah blah. Any less than 3 more » Read more

Why YOU Should Care: Competitor Group Leads the Race to the Bottom

Competitor Group’s decision to cut it’s elite athlete programs and redirect the funds to increasing back-of-the-pack participation has been met with the reactions you would expect. Either Competitor is an evil anti-elite runner corporation or made a sensible business decision because no one but elites and a handful of LetsRun readers care about elites, anyway. There is also the alternative view posited most notably by Josh Cox that elites deserve more » Read more

Moving On From a Personal Worst

I ran 1:40:54 at the New Orleans Half Marathon last month.  My chip time was 1:40:54, and I recorded that time in my log.  That time is recorded in the race results for the entire world to see.  It was not my best half, and it was far from my goal of 1:30.  In fact, it was the worst half marathon I ever finished.  It was my Personal Worst, or more » Read more

Overnight Relays, Leg 1: Getting Started

It’s that time of year when runners everywhere think about how to fill their race calendars for the upcoming year. Are you intrigued by this whole overnight relay thing, but not sure where or how to start? Between the two of us, Licorice and I have run a total of five overnight relays… that’s almost 1,000 miles for our collective teams. So follow along as we help you get your feet wet more » Read more

Why YOU Need a Running Resume

Here at Salty Running, we are a Spice Rack of multi-taskers. And just like our readers, we each play many roles in our daily lives. Chances are, all of us have written and revised our professional resumes at one time or another. But do you have a resume for any other areas of your life? Specifically, do you have a running resume? Related PostsFawn Dorr: Always Find Another Way How more » Read more

Why Race If You’re Not in Peak Shape?

This past weekend, I got up early on Sunday morning and went through my normal pre-race routine: small breakfast, attach chip and bib, drag husband out of bed, head to the starting line. I stood around with my husband until just before the start, when I gave him my jacket and then headed into the start corral to huddle against the chill with the other runners. I gave this 3 more » Read more

Another Salty Challenge: Find Your Inner Speed Demon

How come there aren’t any 800 meter white oval stickers on cars? How come when 20- and 30-somethings make their quarter-life bucket lists they never say, “I really want to race a 400!” How come it always has to be a marathon, or at least a half marathon? You really want to run 26.2 miles? Yes, it’s true that speed is the first to go as we age. And if more » Read more

The Gift Race Directors Don’t Want Us to Give: Race Bib Transfers

My fastest race ever was the one I didn’t run. A few years ago, I registered for a trail race in New Hampshire:   the Jack London 10K, named for the author of “The Call of the Wild.” It was in another state.  On Nov. 1.  Can anyone see the problem here? Captain Oblivious here didn’t, and so yes, I paid money to run a race in another state early on the more » Read more

What’s Your Favorite Turkey Trot Memory?

Thanksgiving is a holiday rife with traditions. For some it’s waking up early to get the turkey in the oven, or playing football in the back yard. For others it’s thumbing through ads to see the Black Friday deals, spending time with friends or volunteering to share food with people in need. For my family and many others, it’s become the Turkey Trot. I’m really lucky that I share a more » Read more