Ask-A-Salty: Returning to Running After a C-Section

Ask-A-Salty is the feature where YOU ask the questions and WE give you the answers! (If you have a question, you can ask us here.) Today’s question comes to us via Basil: So my friend and running coach had a c-section (her first baby) 11 weeks ago and has been returning to running/training over the past 6 weeks. She’s been good about building back slowly, but is still having some more » Read more

It’s Okay to Stop Running During Pregnancy

The great thing about being a woman in distance running today is that the stigma is gone. Not only are we allowed to participated in events of all distances, it’s becoming more and more acceptable to do so during that magical time called pregnancy. Thanks in part to a number of elite runners who ran while gestating, experts espousing the benefits of continuing to run during pregnancy and sites like more » Read more

Ginkgo’s Baby Story

“I know there is a lot of stigma and really, the word is ignorance, behind pregnant women and exercising […] and the truth is, it’s good for the mom and the baby.” -Alysia Montano, after running an 800-meter at the USATF championships in Sacramento at 34 weeks pregnant. Alysia Montano, an American middle-distance runner and five-time USA Outdoor Champion who has conquered the 800 meter distance in a sizzling 1:57.34 more » Read more

How to Stay Motivated to Run While Pregnant

You’re pregnant – congratulations! As a Salty reader you’re probably aiming to maintain an exercise regimen during your pregnancy, but for anyone (pregnant or not), motivation can be hard to find — especially when hormones cause you to need multiple naps or puke unexpectedly. Ugh. Here are a few tips to keep you on the fitness wagon during your pregnancy. Related Posts5 Kinda-Dorky Things Every Cynical Runner Should Try I more » Read more

Pregnant Running Inspiration: Kara Goucher

“So my advice to you when your pregnancy comes is to calmly let your running take a backseat for a while. For however long it takes. Meanwhile, embrace your pregnancy for all it’s worth.” As my feet pounded heavily on my attempted run today and I felt out-of-breath and hopeless just two miles in, I got to wondering how the Kara Gouchers of the elite running world handled their pregnancies? more » Read more

5 Ways The End of Pregnancy is Like the End of a Marathon

At about 4 weeks before my due date, I’m gearing up for the final push and getting ready for the biggest finish line of my life –  you know, the one with the stirrups and IVs, the hospital gown and that itty bitty newborn that’s all mine (oh, and my husband’s!) who might look like an alien for the first few days, but he’ll be the cutest gosh darn thing more » Read more

Can You Keep Running While Pregnant? The Quick and Dirty Answer

Running and pregnancy. There is so much confusing information out there. Is it ok for you to keep running when you have a bun in the oven? Let’s consult the experts. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, in their 2002 report on exercise during and after pregnancy (which was reaffirmed in 2009), states that most women with uncomplicated pregnancies can adopt ASCM recommendation of 30 minutes of moderate exercise more » Read more

To Run or Not to Run: First Trimester Butterflies

The past 13 weeks have been markedly out-of-character for me. I’ve been sleeping a lot and skimping on the running.  I’ve been taking long, drawn-out, three-hour naps (whenever I can and wishing I could be whenever I can’t). I’ve eaten more Kentucky Fried Chicken mashed potatoes with extra salt and drank more V-8 juice than I ever thought possible. I haven’t made it through a single night’s sleep without having to get up and pee more » Read more

5 Ways Pregnant Ladies are Like Marathon Runners

It seems that every time a marathoner gives birth (or a mom runs a marathon), the immediate question is, “Which was harder: running a marathon or labor and delivery?” While they’re both certainly strenuous physical undertakings, the question ignores the months of physical and mental preparation that goes into both. Even though the end result may be very different, the lead-up is certainly similar. Read more

A Salty Baby Story

So, yeah, I finally had a baby! After 8 long days of periodic false labor (regular contractions that peter out and don’t turn into real labor) I went into real labor two days after my due date, on November 30. This made it fun, because not only were we super excited to discover if we were having a boy or a girl, it was also super exciting to see if more » Read more

3rd Trimester: What to Expect from Running When You’re Expecting

In my 1st trimester post I discussed the finer points of morning sickness, extreme exhaustion and adapting to running during pregnancy. In the second trimester post I talked about how relatively great you’ll feel. As I finish writing this last installment about the third trimester I’m 39.5 weeks pregnant … and feel like it! And what does that feel like? Read on! Read more

2nd Trimester: What to Expect from Running When You’re Expecting

As promised, your favorite pregnant runner is back with our second installment of What to Expect from Running when You’re Expecting. This time I’m here to tell you of all the wonderful, and perhaps not so wonderful, things you might experience while running during your second trimester. While the first trimester was all about surviving fatigue, nausea, constipation and other fabulous hormonal effects, the second trimester is often a blissful three more » Read more

1st Trimester: What to Expect from Running When You’re Expecting

As I write this I’m just weeks away from delivering my third child. I’ve run through all of my pregnancies to varying degrees and because I know how hard it can be to find reliable information on running while pregnant I want to share with you what I’ve learned over the 26 months of my pregnancies. So today I bring you the first of three installments of my guide to more » Read more

Ask-a-Salty: Increasing Speed, Pregnant Marathons, Ball of Foot Pain

Woohoo! A new Salty feature! Ask-a-Salty is where you ask the questions and we give you the answers! Just look at the top of this page and you’ll see the “Ask-a-Salty” link. Just click and ask away and maybe you’ll be featured in our next installment! Of course with our Ask-a-Salty feature, as with any post on the site, readers are encouraged to weigh in with their input in the more » Read more

My Crazy Heart: Supraventricular Tachycardia

I wanted to write a state of my pregnancy address for Labor Day. (Get it? Labor. Har.) But, something rather interesting has come up that I wanted to share with you instead. Since high school, I’ve experienced an occasional freaky thing with my heart. Every once in a while, out of the blue and usually related to a run, but not always, my heart will start beating like crazy. It more » Read more