Running with a Diva Cup

Monday marked the Lunar New Year. A celebration of a new beginning, a new cycle. Know what else comes in cycles and is sometimes celebrated? Periods! We’ve all had our own personal “inquiry projects,” you could say, with running and periods. My most memorable menstruating moment came while I ran the final 10k of my last marathon after removing an annoyingly uncomfortable tampon that was already on its way out in a roadside port-a-potty. Of more » Read more

Reader’s Roundtable: Does Running REALLY Help with PMS?

Ohhhhh LAAAAAAAA-DEEEEEEZ!  It’s that time again, time for another edition of Salty Running’s famous Reader’s Roundtable! Now why does it sound like I’ve taken the train to Crazy Town?  Well, like me, sometime within the next month you too may be able to bask in the glory of your womanhood by forcing tightly packed rolls of cotton into unspeakable places. So pack your bags and let’s all go a little nuts together, more » Read more

Sports Tampons and Me

After years of keeping it consistent and going all minimalist with my menstrual management, (read: setting myself free with OBs), I discovered there is this thing called a sports tampon. A sports tampon. A. Sports. Tampon. No really, a tampon for sports which is different than other tampons because … sports! Are the regular tampons for regular lady things like quilting? Do they have special construction worker tampons or CEO tampons? more » Read more

Salty Confidential Revisited: Another Contribution to the Period Posts

Last year, Clove wrote a couple of informative posts (see here and here) about the nuts and bolts of the menstrual cycle and how it can affect your running.  Today I’m adding to this conversation by asking the question: can your menstrual cycle cause or worsen injuries? A few days ago, cooling down after an innocuous 4-mile run, I felt the niggly nagging of my left posterior tibial tendon (my more » Read more

Salty Confidential: How Your Menstrual Cycle Affects Your Running Performance

Last week, in our Period Post, we told you all about the hormonal craziness that happens during your menstrual cycle. Today I’m going to tell you how all this hormonal craziness affects your running. A quick disclaimer before I get out my hormones and test tubes again, though:  I am not a doctor.  I am not a scientist.  I do not have all of the answers, and none of mine more » Read more

Salty Confidential: The Period Post

The women at Salty Running are real. Real women living in the real world and dealing with real things. We’ve written about balancing career and running. We’ve written about balancing family and running. We’ve written about sex, depression, pregnancy, disordered eating and infertility. Yet there’s one thing we still haven’t touched. Something very real that happens to every single woman – or should happen to every single woman at some more » Read more

Completing the Female Athlete Triad: Spotlight on Amenorrhea

Amenorrhea. It sounds like a stomach virus, doesn’t it? It’s not. In case you’ve missed the first few posts on the female athlete triad (read them here and here), amenorrhea is the absence of a period for greater than 3-6 months. In other words, when Aunt Flo stops visiting. Sometimes amenorrhea is normal and without many side effects, such as during pregnancy, breast-feeding or menopause. Other times amenorrhea is a sign more » Read more