Pepper’s Training Log – 1/31/2016

Not a bad running week but a light fitness week overall. We got on a bowling kick because my husband decided we needed lessons to step up our game for our weekly fun “league”. Hopefully this week will have more strength, equal or better running, and maybe a little less bowling ;) Monday – 3 easy miles Tuesday – Bowling lessons Wednesday – Bowling Thursday – 30 minute run & more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log 1.24.16

Another light week on my part. Tried to save it with weekend efforts, but overall a lackluster week of training. You know your steps have been light when you fitbit friend (aka your father) calls to make sure you are still alive, oi. Monday – Rest Tuesday – 30 minute shoulder workout Wednesday- Rest Thursday – 30 minute run Friday – 20 minute run, upper body circuit workout, 10 minutes on more » Read more

Pepper’s Bi-Weekly Training Log 1/17/15

There wasn’t much to say about last weeks training so I’m lumping it in with this week. Between my husband being sick, a busy work week and a weekend of funeral services for a family friend, training didn’t really rise to the top of the priority list. Working on getting back to a regular schedule this week despite the late arrival of winter and ice. 1/4/15-1/10/15 Monday-Rest Tuesday-37 minutes run more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log – 1.3.2016

Happy New Year Salty Readers! I rung in the New Year with a bike ride and an evening of dancing and plenty of walking to get to our various haunts for the night and then got up early the next morning to join the Salty Running Crew for two loops of the Cleveland Bridges. Here’s hoping for a great year of fitness in 2016. Keeping up the no caffeine and more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log – 12.27.2015

Another good week! Not quite as hero as last week, but it’s the holidays so you get to cut yourself some slack. Monday – Rest. Just couldn’t bring myself to run or ride after a long day at work. Tuesday – 10 minute run to the gym, 30 minutes lower body workout (hamstrings, quads, calves, hips, core), 10 minute run home Wednesday – AM – 40 minute Adductor/Abductor flow PM more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log – 12.20.2015

Back on the wagon this week. In addition to getting some sort of training in every day, this week marked the introduction of 3 meals each day (I tend to skip breakfast and work through lunch), no coffee, and no alcohol. And I even managed to get all the Christmas presents wrapped and cards out. From zero last week to hero this week. That’s how I roll! Monday – 40 more » Read more

Pepper’s I didn’t really train this week log – 12/13/2015

Well Salty readers some weeks just don’t go as planned. Started the week off with a sinus infection and played catch up on work, life, and the holiday shopping season instead of running. Did manage to get two rounds of 9 holes of golf in with my husband on the weekend (walking), a few rounds of bowling with friends, and a massage. So I did more than nothing, but not more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log – 12/6/2015

Social outings and work took priority this week and working out went to the bottom of the priority totem. So much for internet accountability! Monday – 55 minute run/walk with hills Tuesday- 30 minute walk Wednesday – Salty night out – No workouts Thursday – Night out with friends – No workouts Friday – Ditto Thursday Saturday – 10k Run pacing 10:00 group at the Christmas Story Run. 1 mile more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log 11.29.15

Yep that’s right, someone has decided to do some actual training again, logs and all. Expect posts soon, but suffice it to say I’ve signed up for a spring race, I’m working on muscle imbalances, and I intend to run with a bit more consistency than I have been, warranting some actual blog posts and a training log to keep me honest. Don’t expect any speed training or high mileage, more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log – 8/10/2014

Back to marathon training as planned! Three weeks to the NCTM. I accidentally assigned myself and my husband next weeks tempo instead of this weeks, which made it easier for me to do the workouts for sure coming off the 50 mile night last weekend because it was a 3 mile tempo as opposed to 5.Whoops. The track workout went surprisingly well and I was actually excited to run this more » Read more

Pepper’s “Training” Log – 8/3/2014

Absolutely no training occurred last week. Between working two part time gigs and preparing to pace at Burning River over the weekend this chick just didn’t get it in. I was hoping for a bike ride and a couple easy runs but instead I went into the weekend as rested as possible for pacing my friend to his first 100 mile finish. No small feat! So while I had no more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log -7/27/2014

Well this week was another busy one. Week 2 of two part time gigs was somewhat of a bust in the workout department. It’s looking like I may be relegated to a weekend warrior who sometimes squeezes in a bike commute until I nail down this nutty schedule! There’s four weeks to go until the North Country Trail Run and this week was supposed to be a sort of back more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log – 7/6/14

Week 8 (counting down from 18) of the FIRST training plan is in the books and while there were moments of hope that I have broken out of my training rut they were countered with some worrisome niggles and some seriously rutty days. I have been stubbornly trying to stick to the plan to see what kind of result I could get out of it, even though I haven’t been more » Read more

Pepper’s Training Log – 6-29-14

Week 9 of training for the North Country Trail Marathon is done, only 8 to go! After a much needed massage last week and two forced rest days on Monday and Tuesday (I don’t know about you but this girl can’t find time for workouts when she’s working 12+ hour days) I was back at it and the legs were feeling much better than last week. I think it’s safe more » Read more