Paprika’s Training Log 9/4/12

Ello, Salties! The weeks have been flying by lately. I can’t believe I’ve already been back from Austin for a week and starting school in TWO DAYS. I’m pretty anxious about it– working full time as a waitress, training for an ultra, and working on my Master’s thesis. I don’t know where time seems to be these days, it’s sure alluding me! Waitressing has definitely made training challenging– I spend more » Read more

Paprika’s Vacation “Training” Log 8/28/12

Happy Monday, Salties! As I write this I feel a little out of my element– I just got home from a week of visiting a friend in Austin, Texas. It was an amazing trip, I absolutely love that city! I brought my running stuff, but put no pressure on myself to force a run if it didn’t work with our schedule. We had a lot of physical activities planned so more » Read more

Paprika’s Training Log 8/20/12

Another mostly *off* week for me. I hit the trails four times this week and only went out for about forty-five minutes each time. This tuesday morning I leave for Austin, Texas, so this past week has been spent running errands/paying bills/working/yeah. It was my nephew’s first birthday this past weekend, so I crocheted him an owl beanie (pictured above). I’ve always wanted to make one, and since crocheted owls more » Read more

Paprika’s Training Log 8/13/12

In light of my shin issues, I’ve decided to take a week off to give my shins a break and focused on hitting the trails. I took it easy, spent a lot of time hiking uphills and slowly running downhills. Went the entire week without any pains in my shins! Woohoo! Also, cool thing about my new job waitressing is I’m constantly moving. I’m going to wear my Garmin next time I more » Read more

Paprika’s Training Log 8/7/12

So let me just start with admitting this has been an overall “off” week for me. My shins were hurting so bad that I wanted to take some time resting. I started a new job waitressing this week (California Pizza Kitchen..woohoo!) so I knew I was at least running around for a few hours a day. Moral of the story: I hardly ran this week. But I hustled around a more » Read more

Paprika’s Training Log 7/30/12

This has been a week of transition for me. In fact, it has also been a very painful week. My shins have been hurting during the first few miles of every run. It’s  frustrating. I haven’t had shin splints for so long, I almost forgot it was possible. I also started a marathon training program, so that’s particularly been challenging. I’m hoping my transition from a vegan diet to a Paleo diet more » Read more

Paprika’s Training Log 7/23

  This month my running schedule has been, quite frankly, all over the place. My body has been fighting me almost every inch of the way. Looking back, I recognize that the majority of the runs I skipped were because I felt awful. Not because I was lazy, but because I knew it would be miserable if I tried. So what was I doing differently? I was trying a new diet. Being more » Read more

Paprika’s Weekly Training Log- 7/17/12

  This week started off with a bang– and then a couple of blisters forced me off the trails for three days in a row. I decided to be proactive about my lack of running during the middle of the week by adding two long runs in on the weekend. I’ve read quite a bit about doing back-to-back long runs to help your body get used to running on tired legs. It more » Read more

Paprika’s Training Log 7/8/12

I was aiming high this week. I planned on starting my marathon training program and being diligent. Then, life happened (as it usually does). My cousins were visiting me from out of town and invited me to go to Disneyland with them on Wednesday (4th of July)…who could say no to that? I figured, no big deal, I’ll take that day off and then run on thursday when I get more » Read more

Paprika’s Training Log 6/30/12

This week I was really starting to get back into the hang of my running routine. With my two half-marathons last month, my mileage ended up being all over the place. This week I geared up for a new training plan (for the marathon!), so my main goal was consistency. Sunday: Off Monday: 3 Miles around the neighborhood. Tuesday: 3 Miles around the neighborhood in my new Luna Sandals (race more » Read more

Paprika’s Training Log – 6.24.12

This week was a little slow for me. I ran the San Francisco Half-Marathon last weekend (6/16) and took a couple of days off to give my body a rest. On Wednesday, I got my new pair of Luna Sandals (picture below) so I decided to use them on my first post-half run. It was pretty exciting and a little nerve-racking wearing them. On Sunday, I went for a long more » Read more