Mint’s Training Log – 02.24.13

After a recovery week and a bad head cold last week, I was really ready for a solid training week this week.  Thankfully, I was able to deliver and had a very strong week overall.   One highlight came on Saturday when I put on my heart rate monitor for the first time in many weeks.  I can’t lie: I had been avoiding it because I knew I was out of more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 2.17.13

This week was a recovery week for me.  Thank goodness for that too as I got slammed HARD with a head and chest cold.  The cold started last week, but this week it pummeled me pretty hard.  The good news is I am feeling slightly better today and am hoping I am on an upswing. Monday is my rest day. Tuesday is not my rest day, but I rested anyway.  I had more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 2.10.13

This was an odd training week for me as I logged every single mile on the treadmill.  Miraculously, I not only stuck with my schedule, I actually added a few minutes so I could get to 50 miles (49.4 would have made me a bit crazy, I will admit it). The combination of the softer surface, new shoes, and extra stretching has really eliminated much of the foot pain and more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 2.03.13

Mother nature was very bi-polar here this week, which made for some very interesting running.  I am fortunate enough to have a treadmill in my home, so the only real difficulty I had was deciding whether to brave the elements or hit the hamster wheel.  Overall, I had a decent training week.  This week was my first week of incorporating 2 speed workouts plus my long run, which is challenging more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 1.27.13

Brrrr!  Old Man Winter hit Wisconsin hard this week.  Monday, with the wind chill, it was “feels like” -25.  Every morning this week, it was either in the low single digits or well below zero, so I spent a fair bit of quality time with the treadmill.  Running on the treadmill is hard for me.  It is just so painfully boring.  But I have to admit, it is weeks like more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 1.20.12

This week was a cut-back week for me.  It was good timing for it too, as I was travelling Sunday through late Wednesday night.  I was in New Orleans for the Girls on the Run International Annual Summit.  The days and evenings were packed full of activities and I had a ton of fun.  There wasn’t much time for running though and I was not about to hit the streets more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 1.13.2013

Greetings from the Big Easy Salty Runners! I flew to New Orleans today with two friends (the program director and events coordinator of our local GOTR council) to take part in the Girls on the Run annual summit. We had easy travels and are excited to spend the next several days exploring the the town and talking GOTR.  I haven’t been here in 11+ years, so it is fun to more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 1.6.13

I am pleased to report that I turned a big corner this week.  My motivation is reemerging and I am starting to feel much more fit.  It has taken longer than usual this season with illness and a few set backs, so I am embracing this corner whole-heartedly! Ironically enough, I say this after I completely fell off my training schedule at the beginning of the week.  My husband, who more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 12.30.12

As anticipated, I continued increasing my mileage a bit this week.  However, all week I found myself stuck in something of a rut motivation-wise.   I know it is caused by the cold, the snow, the ice, my disdain for the treadmill and my general lack of fitness.  It doesn’t help that I don’t really have any races on the calendar and am still base-building.  It also really doesn’t help more » Read more

Mint’s Training Log – 12.23.12

I am pleased to report that this week I got back on track with my training.  My coach advised me to do whatever I needed to this week to get healthy again, so I was prepared to take some more time off if need be.  Fortunately, however, I felt great all week and was able to put in all the training time scheduled.  I am finally healing up from my more » Read more