Salty Confidential Revisited: Another Contribution to the Period Posts

Last year, Clove wrote a couple of informative posts (see here and here) about the nuts and bolts of the menstrual cycle and how it can affect your running.  Today I’m adding to this conversation by asking the question: can your menstrual cycle cause or worsen injuries? A few days ago, cooling down after an innocuous 4-mile run, I felt the niggly nagging of my left posterior tibial tendon (my more » Read more

Salty Confidential: How Your Menstrual Cycle Affects Your Running Performance

Last week, in our Period Post, we told you all about the hormonal craziness that happens during your menstrual cycle. Today I’m going to tell you how all this hormonal craziness affects your running. A quick disclaimer before I get out my hormones and test tubes again, though:  I am not a doctor.  I am not a scientist.  I do not have all of the answers, and none of mine more » Read more

Salty Confidential: The Period Post

The women at Salty Running are real. Real women living in the real world and dealing with real things. We’ve written about balancing career and running. We’ve written about balancing family and running. We’ve written about sex, depression, pregnancy, disordered eating and infertility. Yet there’s one thing we still haven’t touched. Something very real that happens to every single woman – or should happen to every single woman at some more » Read more