Mango’s training log 7.23.17 and 7.30.17

These were weeks 5 and 6 of an 18-week marathon plan. It’s starting to ramp up now and get into the 40s in mileage this past week! As a Completely Average Runner, I get to peak at 50 mpw (which, being a completely average runner, still takes me no small amount of time) 🙂

Week ending July 23

Monday – ~7 miles (?) with 6 at tempo. My Garmin went crazy midway through this run and started beeping for laps when I was neither hitting a mile or pushing the lap button, so I turned it off midway and winged it. Luckily I was on a familiar route so I knew the distance! I know I definitely did 6 at tempo effort and a half-mile warmup; not sure how long the cooldown was because I was shuffling it.

Tuesday – Solo parenting, work was busy, life was busy, winged it, 30 minutes pool running.

Wednesday – 6.5 miles with 6 at tempo on the treadmill

Thursday – late afternoon: 4 miles easy

I actually ran without a shirt for once. It did not feel especially empowering, revolutionary, life-changing, or otherwise different from running with a tank top on. It did feel slightly cooler, but then, being the chronic worrier that I am, I worried about exposing a greater surface area to UV rays and then I worried about waist-belt chafe.

Friday – early AM: 2.5 miles easy with stroller (basically part II of Thursday’s easy run and then a rest day). Evening: flew to Cleveland to hang out with Salty, Cinnamon, Bergie, Ginger, and Pumpkin!

Kicking back after a long workday, before the flight

Saturday – 8 miles

Sunday – 10 miles: not ideal but we ran out of time, and 10 miles after an 8-miler the day before definitely counts, I decided, as cumulative fatigue. Spent the afternoon with my friend and her new baby! Flew home in the evening.

Week ending July 30

Monday – rest

I meant to do a tempo run today because I ‘always’ do my workouts on Mondays and Wednesdays! BUT: Life happens, work happens, scheduling conflicts happen, hormonal stresses happen. So I took a rest day, and it was totally fine.

I think there’s no such thing as 100% compliance with a training plan prescription, so the best plan for you is the one that maximises compliance. I’m not a machine; I can’t just write down all the numbers or mileage goals or workouts for each day of the week and then go ahead and crush them. Neither can I just wing it day to day.  That’s why I love the current training plan I have – the coach who wrote it said ‘go ahead and switch days around each week as you need to’.  It certainly maximises my compliance.

Tuesday – 7 easy miles in the AM, 3 easy PM because the weather was so nice and I was feeling strong (which always happens the first week of my period, because both estrogen and progesterone are low! )

Wednesday – 2.75 easy with stroller, 2.75 easy solo after daycare drop-off

Thursday – 7 as progression run, met arbitrary goal of all miles under 10:00 except mile 2 (goose poop and I stopped to stretch a grumpy ITB), last 2 miles at 9:04 and 8:10 (! wait what?), myrtls

Friday – 5.5 easy

Saturday – 14 long run

Sunday – 30 min spin bike and glute strength work – was supposed to be easy run but my ankle was still unusually sore from long run

Mango’s training log 7.16.17

Week 4 of 18. Motto for this week: just keep showing up.

The first month of marathon training is always exciting. It’s a thrill, like starting the first page in a new notebook, or perhaps getting your calendar organised for a new year. (Fine, I was a nerd.) But then five different teachers announce their first quizzes of the school year, give you 250 pages of reading, and assign two papers all at once, and the semester begins to lose its shine. Well, I can tell you that the end of week 4 in an 18-week training cycle is when you realise, oh, I have to settle in for the long haul. Sort of like mile 6-7 of a marathon. Man, it’s a good thing I actually like to run.

Monday – speedwork on treadmill. Warmup, cooldown, 8x 5min @ 8:00 mile pace with 2min walking/ jogging recovery; total 6.5 miles. This was a pretty satisfying speed workout: a little more mental toughness in the bank.

+ lots of sitting on the porcupine ball

Tuesday – 5 miles easy

Wednesday – 4.5 miles easy with stroller. I was supposed to do 6 tempo today but I got to Wednesday and decided my legs needed an extra day to recover, so what do I do on Thursday but…

Thursday – 10min cycling warmup + lifting. A sure sign that I haven’t been keeping up with my #extrasalt – I was sore for two days after repeatedly lifting weights only a bit heavier than my son. (How does that even work? I lift him all the time.) Gym session was followed by 40 minutes of tempo-effort pool running. I figured I’d try this since I was going to the gym anyway and didn’t really want to do my tempo in a thunderstorm…

…and then my Timex expired. Pool running was the last straw. RIP; those were some good times.

Friday – AM 2.5 easy with stroller, PM 2.5 back and forth to lunch. I felt like I was waddling; my legs were still sore.

Saturday – 13 miles with miles 10-12 speeded up (9:20, 9:40, 9:58) and then back to ambling mile 13.

Sunday – rest

Currently reading: The World According to Star Wars, by Cass Sunstein.

Currently eating: Chocolate ice cream with a…ahem, generous sprinkling of chocolate chips.

Mango’s training log 7.9.17

Week 3 of 18 for Baystate. Motto for this week: consistency, consistency, consistency.

I went back and looked at my old training logs for the last two marathons I did (Perth, in August 2013, and Gold Coast, in July 2014). I was nominally using the Hansons beginner plan, but not really adhering properly to it, and my peak mileage was maybe 45 miles due to work and…seriously, a 2.5-week trip to Italy in the middle of one cycle. Seriously.

But now I’ve been running consistently (like 20-30 miles a week), trained for three half marathons in the last year (May 2016, October 2016, May 2017), and actually run 5 half marathons (May 16, Oct 16, Nov 16, March 17, May 17, some as training runs for the others)…so maybe this round I’ll be somewhat more prepared for a full marathon? Something like that?

Monday – AM: 4 miles easy with stroller. PM: track with the group. 2 mi warmup, 3(1200,400). Total for the day: 9 miles

Tuesday – 3.2 miles easy with stroller. We went to a northern Massachusetts farm in the morning for some end-of-season strawberries, and had to drive 45 minutes back. Uh-oh! Any time the kiddo has a car ride after 10am, he takes a mini nap that ruins his real one. Inevitably, he took a 30-minute car nap. 1pm rolled around, and still no real nap. 2pm…no nap. So in the heat of the day, I loaded up the stroller, slathered us with sunscreen, and took the kiddo for a run…all the way to the ice cream shop. Happy Fourth of July!

one for the bucket… one for the mouth…one for the bucket…

Wednesday – Warmup, cooldown, 5 miles tempo: 8:58, 9:12, 8:48, 9:22, 9:14. Tempo runs are HARD, y’all. Total 6 miles

Thursday – Ran with Caraway who was visiting from out of town! (Thank goodness for flexible hours so I can do things like this; I tend to make it all up at night, which suits me fine.)
Original plan: run downtown to meet her, run 3 miles, run home. Got stuck doing work. Made up new plan: take the T downtown to meet her, run a bit, run home. Then I was stuck on the world’s slowest bus and there were delays on the T (oh, Boston). Ran downtown to meet her, ran 3 more miles, took the T back and ran to daycare pickup for a total of 6 miles.

Friday – rest

Saturday – long run, 12 miles.

seen on my run: sunrise over the reservoir

Sunday – unplanned rest day, because I honestly needed that extra hour of sleep more than I needed a few easy miles today; we went to the beach in the morning and then to a toddler birthday party in the afternoon.

Total: 36.2 miles, which is a nice gentle ramp-up for me instead of trying to jump straight into 40+ miles a week.
Yes, the 0.2 mile does not drive me crazy. I’m a Type A in life and a Type B in running.

Currently reading: Commencement, about the friendship between four young women during and after college. The characters sometimes tell, not show, rather clumsily, but it’s not terrible. Unfortunately I saw the ‘reveal’ coming from a mile away, but it was a sufficiently entertaining summer read; I especially enjoyed how spot-on the portraits were, and how exactly the book captured the sense of dislocation that college freshmen experience.

Currently listening to: Cape Francis, ‘Iditarod’

Currently eating: Homemade strawberry shortcake, using that Fourth of July haul

Mango’s training log 7.2.17

Baystate Marathon log, week 2 of 18

This week’s log is short and sweet. My legs are beginning to adapt to the rise in mileage. I say this now, but in a few more weeks I have 49 miles on the schedule and then I will be grumpy, sweaty, hangry, and sore (just missing a few dwarves here to round out the full complement).

Monday – off

Tuesday – Track. Warmup, 2×400, 2×800, 2×1600, 2×800, 2×400. Let’s be honest, I only finished this because it was on my training plan. This is not the sort of workout one prescribes oneself, at least if one is not a masochist.

Splits: 1:56, 1:53, 3:49, 3:48, 8:11, 8:24 (here you begin to see me getting grumpy and giving up), 4:07, 4:10 (pause here, as the sky became very dark and lightning crackled suddenly in a way that suggested I should not be out on a great big open space…like a track), 1:56 (mad dash home), 2:06 (final 400 completed on treadmill next to a very surprised woman on the elliptical). Total 6 miles.

and then I put my legs up for a well-deserved break

Wednesday – 5.5 miles easy

Thursday – warmup, cooldown, 5 miles tempo really struggling with paces. 9:03, 9:28, 9:06, 9:55 (traffic light), 9:21. Total 6.5 miles.

Friday – 5 miles easy

live easy, run easy, take photos from and of all the bridges when it’s glorious out

Saturday – 11 miles that went by faster (mentally) because I went haring off exploring a new route. Up hills, down hills, into a new and much greener part of the city that I hadn’t known existed, along a river, a slightly hairy highway crossing, around America’s first ‘rural’ cemetery (Mt Auburn), and home. I ran at 6am but the humidity was already at Singapore levels, the sort of weather where you break a sweat before leaving the house. I still can’t fathom people who run, voluntarily, at midday or late afternoon in the summer…

Sunday – 2.8 miles total, stroller, in 3 parts, kind of like a symphony (you know, four movements) that was missing its allegro, because my legs were once again dead.

Total – 36.8 miles

Currently reading/ listening to:

Robert Macfarlane, Landmarks, which is this glorious book that rambles across England and Scotland and Ireland and Wales collecting stories and old forgotten nature-words

Modern Necropolis on the podcast 99% Invisible, in which I learned why people began to move cemeteries out of the city (churchyards, hillsides, etc) into their own separate spaces. In Boston, a city so old it predates the original Brexit by nearly a century and a half, you can still see historic burial grounds right downtown, next to the local churches and chapels. Later, epidemics of disease and a general sense that being so close to the dead was unsanitary forced burial grounds out of the city and into more rural areas.

Mango’s training log 6.18.17 and 6.25.17

or, Marathon Training for the Completely Average Runner

I fully realise what day it is. Pretty far from June 25, is what. Sorry about that…

I’ve been, in the past, resistant to either a structured training plan or to working with a coach beyond a running-group situation. What, little old me? I’m not remotely fast enough to deserve personal coaching. There’s so much low-hanging fruit – if I ran more, slept more, or ate better, I’d be faster.

Truth is, as a working parent, I need a PLAN to run more, or to really capture any of that low-hanging fruit at all. I don’t want to have to think about how far or how fast I have to run on any given day. I want to look at the plan and just go. I have enough to think about already: from weekend social plans and longer-term work travel and vacation planning, to whether daycare needs an extra shirt or sun hat, to meals and grocery shopping for the week, to the status of client projects at any given time. (Who says parents make bad employees? We’re masters of logistics and problem-solving. And we get sh*t done.) I don’t want to be out there second-guessing myself or thinking ‘Maybe I don’t have time for 7 miles today, how about 5?’ and then short-changing myself and stressing out about making it up on the weekend.

So, I’m outsourcing my marathon thinking to one of my running-group coaches; she’s given me a fairly detailed and sensible-looking plan, with instructions to switch things around as needed (but not run hard two days in a row, duh), and some apparently very ambitious paces. (Yes, I already told her I have no marathon time goals!) What’s the worst that could come of it? If I manage to stick to the plan and go into the race feeling more prepared, so much the better.

Anyway, June 12 to 18 was a down week before marathon training really kicked in.

Monday June 12 – Track. 2 mi warmup, 3 (800, 1200) at 8:10ish pace. Total 6 miles.
Tuesday – off
Wednesday – 8 mi easy
Thursday – warmup, cooldown, 3 miles at 8:40-9:00 pace. Total 5 miles.
Friday to Sunday – not a single step. We went to my 10-year college reunion, where there was lots of catching up with old friends and making new ones, food, sunshine, kid-chasing, other-people’s-dog-patting, beer, and ice cream.

Total: 19 miles

Week ending June 25 – week 1 of 18 and probably the toughest week of the 18! Motto this week: survival mode.

This was just hard all round. I was solo parenting this week, and had to squeeze in all my workouts (speed, tempo, long run) during daycare hours. Easy runs could be done with or without the stroller, whichever. I had calls for work most mornings so running right after daycare drop-off was out of the question; I wound up doing a few mid-afternoon runs and a few hiding in the gym on the treadmill, which is a last resort for me but at least it’s convenient and efficient.

More coffee please.

Monday – warmup, cooldown, 8×800 at 7:55-8:20/mi pace. Coach didn’t specify a rest or recovery interval, so I improvised: 2 minutes of walking in between reps. (She later suggested equal rest or recovery. I do not plan that well – see above – and therefore never have time for that.) Done at 2pm on treadmill. Total 6 miles.

Tuesday – easy 5 miles

Wednesday – warmup, cooldown, 3 tempo miles at 8:30-8:50 (ran by effort – it was hot). Total 4 miles.

Thursday – rest!!!!

Friday – Long run. Had to split this: 4 AM, 6 PM. Again, hot (30C/ 86F) and humid – I went by pure effort. By Thursday morning I’d run 15 miles and slept roughly the same number of hours, so on Friday morning I woke up almost too exhausted to move. I did a quick stock-take: Tired? Yes. Injured or about to be? No. After daycare drop-off I hauled myself out for 4 miles and actually felt much better by the end. The afternoon 6 miles that had to be accomplished before daycare pickup and a playdate, though…that run left me questioning my life decisions.

Saturday – strength workout and impromptu easy 4.5 miles to and from the splash pad in the afternoon.

Sunday – easy 4, in small pieces, with friends. My Strava is veritably littered with weird short runs on easy days and weekends. 1.5 miles to the subway station. 2.5 miles back and forth on a bike trail with a friend, and then afterwards our kids played together…and then I still had to get back home from the subway station after that playdate. And so on, and so forth. Legs: toast.

Total: 33.5 miles

Mango’s training log 6.11.17 – Summer Training Secret Weapon

I have, I think, a bit of a summer-training secret weapon. I’m a complete wimp about cold weather, a nervous Nellie when I run in slush and snow, and the worst at wind sprints, emphasis on the wind. But I do know how to deal with heat and humidity. And here’s my secret… *drumroll* : I’m just resigned to being a soggy puddle within 10 minutes of stepping out for a run.

That’s it. Full stop. The rest is common sense. Freeze your handheld water bottle, take in electrolytes on the run, stuff ice in your bra or bandana, wear sunscreen and a hat, run before dawn. The secret is there is no secret. The secret is that what you’re really training is your mental toughness. Remind yourself: fall PRs are forged in the summer heat.

In high school, we’d often have PE classes and sports practice at 8.30am or 4.30pm. After the morning PE sessions, we’d all change and have to trudge off to class, still perspiring long after the running was done. (Don’t get me started on enduring a classroom full of sweaty teenage boys!) There was no secret then, either. You just endure.

I’m often tempted to compare my summer-pace self to my winter-pace self. Part of me still believes deep down that this is my real fitness level and that in the winter I’m just getting a cold-weather discount. Most people believe the inverse, that their winter self represents their true fitness level and they’re just slapped with a summer ‘heat tax’. Neither is quite accurate…

But my intent for this summer is ‘Run the season you’re in’. And that’s not just summer or winter, but also the stage of life you’re in, whether you feel up for a few sustained seasons of challenging and competing with yourself, or are pregnant but still want to jump into some fun races, or if you have other work, family and life commitments. Don’t compare yourself this season to yourself in another time. Just run the season you’re in. So – here we are.

This was a much lighter week than usual because of weekend fun plans and because I needed some rest.


Monday – Recovery after Sunday’s 5K. 2 miles on treadmill, 2 on elliptical = about 45 minutes.
Tuesday – off, started on my summer reading pile

Wednesday – 4.5 miles out and back to the grocery store. 0.75 mile walk home.
Thursday – 4 miles easy
Friday – 4 miles easy in the morning (11:00ish pace) – 2 miles with a friend, got home, kiddo was awake, 2 miles with him in stroller at his request!
Friday afternoon was my only time this weekend that I could possibly have done my long(er…ish) run, but by Friday afternoon I was toast. Skipped the long run. No regrets.
Saturday – off for an idyllic toddler-paced Cape Cod day: breakfast at a bakery, trails, petting all the dogs, seeing the seals at the aquarium, nap, ice cream, and beach, with a stop at a pub for dinner on the way home.

Beach day!

Sunday – Warmup + 1 mile in a 26.2×1 relay on the track. 7:13 (insta-PR – the last time I raced a mile was 5th grade). By late morning it was 34 degrees C/ 93F. Scorcher. We had to sneak out because the kiddo was under the weather and grumpy (isn’t cold season over yet?). I’m never there for the group photo any more, but I am there.


The next marathon training cycle begins for me next week (the week of the 18th). I’m trying not to psych myself out. I actually registered for the marathon the other day. Stuff just got real.

Mango’s training log, 5.7.17 and 5.14.17

May 1-7: race week

A good rule of thumb for training cycles is that there is no such thing as ideal conditions. This rule of thumb is a subspecies of that piece of wisdom frequently known as Murphy’s Law…

On Monday I did my last track workout of the training cycle: 6x(600m@8:30, 200@7:50) before the Providence Half Marathon on May 7.

On Tuesday I promptly fell sick with that unique above-the-neck rhinovirus called daycare grot, which mainly afflicts adult humans while leaving toddlers of the species snotty but completely unperturbed.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I felt like death warmed over.

On Saturday morning, I did a 20-minute shakeout run that confirmed I would survive the half marathon none the worse for wear but most definitely would not hit the aggressive stretch goal (1:50ish) that I’d trained for.

On Saturday afternoon we drove the hour to Providence and spent the afternoon at the Providence Children’s Museum. So much water play! So many things to see, and stairs to climb! So many puddles!

On Sunday morning I considered the weather (high of 68), the daycare grot I’d had all week (small children truly are delightful little plague vectors) and the gently rolling elevation profile, and downgraded my expectations.

My usual half-marathon strategy is: 5 miles easy to moderate effort, 5 miles moderate to hard, 3.1 miles ‘run like you’re being chased by a velociraptor’. Let’s just say I made it the first 10 miles (after an initial 2 miles too fast) and then would have been eaten. Nutrition and water were ok. Just a cold that lasted too long, plus one too many hills.

Stick a fork in me, I was DONE.

Here are some splits for your viewing pleasure.

1 – 8:23 (downhill)
2 – 8:31 (still moving too fast despite no longer actually going downhill)
3 – 9:08 (small hill – effort on target)
4 – 8:43
5 – 8:43 (hill)
6 – 8:38 (ramping up effort here)
7 – 8:47 (hill)
8 – 8:39
9 – 8:51
10 – 8:35
11 – 10:00 (the hill that broke the camel’s back)
12 – 9:30 (!)
13 – 9:08 (where is my ‘unimpressed’ emoji?)
.1 – 0.39

In the end, I finished in 1:56:22 (one second slower than PR – I’ll take it) and there were no velociraptors. This is a plus. We will not be doing the Jurassic Park Half Marathon anytime soon, thank you. There were donut holes at the finish, and frozen yogurt bars, and pizza, and bananas, and clementines — the usual array of delectables. The (now no longer snotty, as life is not fair) toddler ran the quarter-mile kids race with his dad, and then ran it again because the big kids were doing it. A grand time was had by all, especially the toddler, who was the beneficiary of all those donuts and clementines.

May 8-15: recovery from everything

I did zero running until Saturday, when I tested the waters and the limits of allergy season with a 1.5-mile jaunt, and then did 30 treadmill minutes on a rainy Sunday. For the next month I’ll be casual-running before marathon training begins in June!


Mango’s training log 4.30.17

Not many people know this about me, but I spent 14 years of my life in dance. I did ballet for years as a child, until I realised that I had bad feet and terrible arches and was never going to make it as a ballerina. Then in college I was in two recreational dance groups: one for modern dance, one for jazz and hiphop. Somewhere along the line I discovered the secret to great auditions and performances: act like you belong. Miss a step? Screw up? Do it with poise and authority and flair. If you dance with a big smile on your face, a warmth in your heart, and absolutely nothing to lose, you’ve got it! I was never going to be a professional dancer, but I sure could enjoy myself when showtime came around*.

This week was the penultimate week before my half marathon at Providence on May 7. I’m starting to feel nervous, butterflies-in-my-stomach – but not a bad sort of nervous. More like…showtime nervous, y’know? Whatever happens on race day, happens; I’ll be doing it with a big smile on my face. Nothing to lose, raring to go.

Monday 4/24 – 2.6-mile errand run. Track in the evening: warmup, 2(1600, 1200, 800), cooldown. Total for the day: 8.1 miles

Tuesday 4/25 – off

Wednesday 4/26 – Body Sculpt class + 3.5 mi at lunchtime

Thursday 4/27 – off

Friday 4/28 – 3.25 miles

Saturday 4/29 – Last long run before the half. 8 miles: 9:50, 9:50, 9:49, 9:22 (oops), 9:30, 9:33, 9:00, 9:01. I’m pretty proud of my pacing on this one…

Sunday 4/30 – Ran 3.3 miles to meet a friend visiting from out of town and get breakfast. Put my athleisure to good use (really, I was pleasantly surprised how good it felt to run in my new Nike Free RNs). I’m pretty sure I looked like a crazy lady running downtown carrying a nice wristlet. Perfect running weather. So many happy runner faces out and about! Then plenty of running about after the kiddo post-swim lesson.

* Being a Zumba instructor. That’s my backup career plan.

Mango’s training log – 4.16.17 and 4.23.17

Well, here’s a bonus deal! Two weeks in one! The second week is even on time! 

When we left off I was wrestling with my iliotibial band and peroneal tendon, which were tight and causing some acute knee pain. Lots of hip and glute strength exercises and foam rolling later, and after I realised that my cushy new shoes were going to be a very expensive pair of weekend sneakers…

Monday 4/10 – Track! Running! Without pain! And it was nice enough to move to the 400m outdoor track! Warmup, cooldown, 2 x (1200, 1000, 800) at half-marathon pace (8:30ish). The coach’s workout was 10K pace, 10K pace, 5K pace, but I wanted to take it easy. I even had company! Another girl was recovering from plantar fasciitis and babying her foot, too. Total ~6 miles.

Tuesday 4/11 – off, work

Wednesday 4/12 – 4.8 miles, easy

Thursday 4/13 – ran home from downtown after happy hour with colleagues! We usually all work remotely so when we get together there’s a lot to catch up on. Sure, we talk on Google chat and on the phone all the time, but there’s nothing like getting together in person. We had a co-working day today. 30 minutes with backpack, approx 3. miles

Scenes from the run commute

Friday 4/14 – Did my long run today because I knew that between Easter festivities and Marathon Monday, the long weekend would be packed! 11.3 miles with a stop in the middle for, uh, stomach trouble.

Saturday 4/15 – off, helped organise community Easter party and egg hunt

Sunday 4/16 – 2 miles at 8:55 with an old running buddy who was back in town for the marathon, followed by a playdate for our kids. Thought about running a bit more during kiddo naptime; jettisoned that idea in favour of a quickie strength session (squats, reverse lunges, pushups, single leg deadlift, hip raises, donkey kicks).

I took Monday off to watch and cheer at the Boston Marathon The city really gets into the spirit of Marathon Monday, and it’s hard not to get sucked up in all the excitement. Most of the runners worked their tails off to get there, and nearly everyone worked hard the day of the race – it’s a hilly course and it was hot that day. I think the marathon also brings out the best in the city. Patient volunteers. Stoic, curmudgeonly New Englanders actually smiling at hobbling marathoners. Happy faces everywhere. 

Spectating also reminded me that I’d like to try and qualify for Boston someday. I don’t have specific time goals for the rest of this year, so I used that long-range goal as motivation all of this week: a little reminder mantra that all of the work I’m putting in, season upon season, is building upon itself and actually going somewhere. Think I can’t hold plank for another 10 seconds? “BQ, BQ, BQ.” Tempted to quit after 9 miles of long run instead of the planned 10? “BQ, BQ, BQ.” Hey, it works.

The Boston Marathon: you’ll never run alone

Monday 4/17 – 3 miles in the morning. 2.55 miles each way to and from Mile 23 of the Boston Marathon course, where I was cheering with some of my running group. Total: 8ish miles.

Tuesday 4/18 – 3 miles easy

Wednesday 4/19 – off

Thursday 4/20 – 5.75 miles: 2 up, 2 at 7:55 and 8:31, 1.75 down. Middle 2 miles intended as time trial for coach – she coaches my running group and I’m asking her to help with my fall-marathon training plan. Thought I could hang at 5k pace. Nope, haven’t done any real speed intervals or short reps this year! Ouch.

Friday 4/21 – Body Sculpt class, 4 miles with 3 easy and the last mile at HM goal pace (8:30) just to see if I still could. (Yes.)

Saturday 4/22 – 10 miles easy

Sunday 4/23 – off

Mango’s training log – 4.9.17

Good news: spring has sprung! Bad news: it was a monsoon, at least for a couple of days.

I’d been neglecting my #extrasalt – hip and glute strength, and stretching – and this week it caught up with me as my IT band, knee and peroneal tendon began to freak out in various acute ways. Unfortunately this was supposed to be peak week before winding down for the Providence half. BUT – the leg issues were a good wake-up call.

Benched! Grumpy runner, not-running.

Monday 4/3 – One glorious day of sunshine before a week of stormy weather. Ran home from a lunch date with the husband, 2 miles. Evening: warmup, 2 miles, followed by running very easy round a track pretending to do the speed set, 4.6km (2.8 miles). Total – 6.8 miles very easy.

Tuesday 4/4 – Crabby ITB and peroneal tendon. Weather equally grim. Off to foam roll my ITB, sit on a porcupine ball, stretch my hamstrings, etc.

Wednesday 4/5 – No running. Body Sculpt class

Thursday 4/6 – still off, beginning to freak out about ITB

Friday 4/7 – 10 minutes on stationary bike, unable to raise my heart rate beyond 130, got fed up, 15 minutes on elliptical

Saturday 4/8 – 50 minutes elliptical


Sunday 4/9 – 120 minutes elliptical with HR in the 140ish range, and about 20 minutes on the bike at the end as a…change of pace. I was supposed to do a 15-mile long run, but my ITB was still grumpy. So I figured that moving at the same intensity for roughly the right length of time would achieve sort of the right effect. Sigh. I typically figure 10+  minutes a mile for long runs, so this was technically 10 to 15 minutes short, but I. Was. So. Bored.

Mango’s training log – 3.26.17 and 4.2.17

Week of March 26: This was a cutback/ recovery week – not that I ran a whole lot the previous week, but I went pretty hard at a half marathon the Sunday before, plus I had a pile of work deadlines, the kiddo had a cough that kept him awake at night, and my husband has some MAJOR exams for grad school. Let’s just say the house isn’t very clean and we’ve been living on frittatas, roasted veggies, and toast.


Monday 3/20 – off to recover from New Bedford. Ouch.

Tuesday 3/21 – off to get lots of work done

Wednesday 3/22 – 5.5 miles

Thursday 3/23 – 3 miles

Friday 3/24 – off because deadlines

Saturday 3/25 – ‘Long’ run, 8.8 miles. I’d planned to do 10 but cut it short for time because slow AF, and even then I just barely had time for a shower and a quick snack before we dashed off to the children’s museum and lunch out on a cruise with friends. My son couldn’t stop talking about the ‘lunch boat’ all weekend!

Sunday 3/26 – 6 miles during kiddo’s naptime, additional 2 running to/ from and at a playdate (took some toddlers and some soccer balls to the empty indoor track, best playdate ever, A++ would do again). None of this is really planned-with-a-capital-P; it mostly involves optimistically wearing a sports bra all day on the off chance there’ll be some sprinting involved. Take that, athleisure.

Ran most of the way round the track, screeched in excitement, disappeared through the curtains in pursuit of a stray soccer ball.


Week of April 2: This was one of those weeks that had me seriously questioning my sanity and ability to train for a marathon come fall. It was an intense work week that coincided with an intense week for husband’s grad programme, meaning I was doing most of the keeping-the-household-fed-and-clothed-and-alive business. I still haven’t managed to run more than 32 miles/ 50km a week this entire year, and I need some strategies if I’m going to double that. Lunchtime and evening doubles, probably.

Monday 3/27 – Long tempo track workout – 2×3 miles at half marathon pace (which turns out to be approximately 8:25, I guess. Or 8.25 if the half were run on a perfectly cooled and completely windless indoor track. Heh.) Total 7.5 miles.

Tuesday 3/28 – Worked from home. 20 minutes on the elliptical until my ‘take the chicken out of the oven’ alarm went off. 30 minutes on the treadmill while the laundry was in the dryer. Approx 4 miles, I guess? Multitasking for the win.

Wednesday 3/29 – off. It’s hard to shake the Hansons Wednesday rest day habit!

Thursday 3/30 – I swear I JFRan for 40 minutes starting at 3.45pm; how the heck did I get home only at 4.45pm? What time dilation is this? 4 miles. Somehow.

Friday 3/31 – off, unplanned, extra-long workday, did a bunch of stretching at midnight…

Saturday 4/1 – 35 minutes on the elliptical. Cranky ITB.

Sunday 4/2 – 12 miles out and back, rolling hills, 2h 5 minutes. Did 5. Faux group run – met up with some Community Running friends for a hot minute at planned rendezvous spot (hi y’all! good luck at Boston and NJ!!), then dropped back and continued tooling along at my regular long run pace because too-fast long runs do me no favours. Did another 7.

Mango’s training log – 3.19.17

What a week. A blizzard, some tapering, lots of eating, and a semi-impulse half marathon!

Still definitely not spring.

Monday 3/13 – Warmup, 4x2000m at 8:15-8:30 mile pace, 200m shuffle jog in between, cooldown. 7.5 miles.

My running club’s workouts for our little Monday night distance group, the half marathoners and marathoners, are getting increasingly hardcore. I totally realise this is just the buildup to Boston and the other spring marathons that many people are doing. But it’s tough to do a tempo run faster than my PR HM pace…and still finish the set dead last, alone.

Distance coach tried to teach us to drink on the run (grab paper cup with both hands, use one hand to pinch all but a tiny spout, hold cup laterally like —- instead of |, cover tiny spout with mouth and gulp). Alas, I failed miserably. Luckily there is no photo of me accidentally pouring water up my nose.

Tuesday 3/14 – off to enjoy Blizzard Stella from the comfort and safety of my own apartment. Also Pi Day, so we made pizzas for dinner along with a pumpkin cheese tart.

Wednesday 3/15 – 2.5 miles in between work, making dinner, and kid pickup

Thursday 3/16 – 5.4 miles

Friday 3/17 – off and a delicious lunch (plus wine!) with husband and friends for Restaurant Week

Saturday 3/18 – 3 miles with stroller as shakeout run/ ambling around downtown Boston. Ran to library. Discovered 1. kid asleep in stroller 2. that I’d forgotten my library card and photo ID. Doh! Felt compelled to drop in to Marathon Sports and the bookstore. Kid woke up, immediately found one of the books that had been on my shopping list for him, and we spent the next hour reading/ running around the Barnes & Noble children’s section. (My book budget is extreeeemely flexible. But sshh! He doesn’t need to know yet.) Then we shared a great big salad, some bread, and gelato. Fun: A+. Shakeout run effectiveness: A. Cost: B-.

Sunday 3/19 mini race report – New Bedford Half Marathon.

TL;WR version – it was windy, I mean WINDY. Matched half PR but missed it by eight seconds in completely crap conditions.

Slightly longer version – This was part of the USATF NE Grand Prix series. I did it with my running group to make up the numbers for a women’s team. Fortunately we ended up with five women running (four of whom are faster than I am!) and came in 17th out of 34 teams.

The weather was chilly, overcast and windy. I decided on a long-sleeved shirt under my t-shirt and was pretty glad of it, despite being a card-carrying member of Overheaters Anonymous. Miles 1-9 were a normal sort of blustery, and I managed to hold the paces I’d hit in training. Then we hit the Mile 9 marker and rounded a corner onto the oceanfront…where gale-force winds awaited.

For the next two miles I felt like I was running in place. Or perhaps backwards. Then backwards, while trying to scale a hill. You get the…er…drift.  I glanced at my watch. 10:00 miles. At mile 12 I thought to myself, “YOU’VE COME TOO FAR TO WALK NOW”. I finished eight seconds away from my half PR, totally spent, and straggled off to the pub where my teammates were waiting with food and beer.

I had no expectations for this half except ‘do my best’, and that’s what it turned out to be. In a sense it was totally refreshing to have signed up so late – I basically had no time to be anxious about racing.

Total: 31.1 miles.

Mango’s training log – 3.12.17

When we last left off, I was debating whether to run the New Bedford half marathon as part of my running group’s ‘racing’ team. I’m taking the plunge and just going to go ahead and race. Obviously, I’m not competitive – don’t look for me in anything higher than the top third or half of finishers. I’m just the caboose, there to make up the numbers!

Flashback to the last time I put on this kit for a race…May 2016!

However, I am pretty competitive with myself, and after almost-nailing my Thursday workout, I’m feeling like I can maybe match my half PR (1:56) this coming Sunday. Now if the everlasting winter and this interminable cold-and-sinus nonsense don’t finish me off first…

All miles easy (9:30-11:00ish) unless otherwise stated.

Monday 3/6 – 4.5 miles easy

Tuesday 3/7 – started coming down with a cold. Possibly related to burning the midnight oil on work, volunteer stuff and passion projects…ahem. So basically my own silly fault. 30 minutes very gentle on the elliptical, 2.5 miles.

Wednesday 3/8 – off

Thursday 3/9 – 7.2 miles including 2×2 mi and 1 mi at half marathon pace (8:10 not into the wind; 8:20-8:30 into the wind. Final tempo mile was 8:20 and I was completely done with that gale.)

The winter that never ends!

Friday 3/10 – easy 5, MYRTLs, foam rolling a crabby IT band

Saturday 3/11 – Boston might be colder than Alaska right now. 100 minutes, treadmill. Treadmill still wildly uncalibrated and off-kilter – it thought I was running 13:++ mile pace. I don’t think so! I’ve got into the habit of doing all my treadmill long runs for time and by effort.

Sunday 3/12 – off

Total: approx 30 miles between outdoor runs, treadmill, and elliptical