Mace’s training log, 12-16-12

Well, predictably, this being Christmas and all, I gained weight this week.   Unpredictably, I ran well, anyway. I started the week with a big accomplishment:  cracking a 10-something pace.  Okay, so technically, it was a lot closer to 11 than 10, but still.    Ever since I gained five pounds over the summer, I haven’t seen a 10-anything so I’ll take it, with joy. Slowed back down the rest of more » Read more

Mace’s training log, 12-9-12

Invisible progress, this week.   Ever had that? To look at my stats, it looks like I’m running in place:  too many days off, the usual pace, no weight loss or startling improvement.  But visible only to me, it was there.  My runs were more energetic than they’ve been in the past months.  And I only stopped to walk when dictated by dog. Plus, this close to Christmas, if you’re a more » Read more

Mace’s training log, 12-2-12

This week was a repeat of the lesson “if you can run, you must run, because tomorrow you might not be able.” I’d planned to run long on Friday, but I let work get in the way and postponed it to Saturday, which turned out to be a mistake.  Usually, I keep a close eye on the forecast so I can get pleasurably exhausted before bad weather hits, but somehow more » Read more

Mace’s training log – 11.25.12

I rarely get sick, either because I drink hot water with lemon juice every night, or because I believe drinking hot water with lemon juice every night keeps me healthy.   Probably the latter. But my parents visited last week, bringing all sorts of sugary treats that hammered away on my immune system at the same time that my oldest daughter brought a sore throat into the house. I didn’t get more » Read more

Mace’s training log, 11-18-12

Vacations bring out the dreamer in me, the dreamer who thinks she is going to spend the whole week running through forests like a nymph, then stretching, then swimming, then maybe enjoying a massage or a hike or bike ride. But that bitch Reality always intervenes. Or maybe it’s her evil twin Sloth.  At any rate, I wound up with my typical weekly mileage while on vacation, though with one plus:  I was in the mountains of West Virginia, and more » Read more

Mace’s training log, 11-4-12

Can and, more importantly, should you try to “catch up” with miles when your week has gotten off to a bad start?   The hurricane left me that quandary (along with two downed trees) at the start of the week. Compared to its wrath in New Jersey and New York, the storm was mild here in the suburbs of Boston.  But between the wind, rain and school cancellations, it blew away any hope more » Read more

Mace’s training log, 10-28-12

Running, everyone says, is a “get to” not a “have to”, and with Frankenstorm looming, I am freshly reminded of that. Looking at the forecast, it’s clear I won’t get to run as much as I want in the coming week, so I wish I’d done more in the one that just ended.  It’s a reminder to bank miles while we’re able, so we can rest without remorse when the winds change suddenly and we can’t. SUNDAY:   Off. MONDAY:  more » Read more

Mace’s training log, 10-21-12

My back trouble over the past few weeks was agonizing, not so much because of the pain, but because of the leaves. I hate being grounded at any time of year, but particularly in October. So far as I can tell, autumn is the only good reason to live in New England,  and when the trees show off like they’re doing right now, it’s a sin to be inside and inactive. more » Read more

Mace’s training log, 10-6-12

So, last week, I took on an assignment for someone who temporarily can’t work because of a bad back.  Two days later, I throw out my own back, with no apparent cause, proving that God is a devilish jokester.  Or a chiropractor.  Or both. Feeling sorry for myself, I took a day off to whimper, until I realized I wasn’t getting any better hunched over in a chair.  So I took more » Read more

Mace’s training log, 9-29-12

Looking at my paltry mileage this week, I’m wondering if I have reasons for it, or excuses.  I rarely run fewer than 12 miles, and had been looking forward to some progress after topping 20 (huzzah!)  last week.  But a combination of work deadlines, and an exercise in hedonism called a visit to the state fair kept me immobile.  Not happy about it.  But the fair is only once year, more » Read more

Mace’s training log, 9-22-12

This being my first training log, a little explanation is in order. Two years ago, I was consistently running at a 10-minute pace, with a base run of four miles a couple of times a week.  Last year, I increased my base run to six miles, but going longer made me slower.  Over the summer, I consistently clocked 11- and 12-minute miles on my six-milers, ugh. So my immediate goal, in preparation for more » Read more