On Why You Can’t Quit

It took less than a week before you dragged your heavy limbs through the door and mumbled, “I hate cross country.” You were too tired to shout it. Your shoes were soaked with creek water. Your face, though you hid it from me, was soaked in tears. You had your reasons, and they were good ones. Running hurts. It isn’t fun. It’s every man for himself. It’s not a team sport. more » Read more

Everything I Need to Know About Running, I Learned from My Kindergartner

Her stride is long and graceful, her form better than mine will ever be. She’s running down the street laughing so hard, she’s snorting. She’s only five years old. She can run a mile in nine minutes and seventeen seconds and she’s taught me more about running than I ever thought possible. Addy’s my oldest daughter. I should have known she’d love to run; I ran during my pregnancy and more » Read more

Half Marathon Training for Teens and Adolescents

To begin, I know this is a somewhat controversial topic.  I’ve never been one to shy away from that sort of thing though, so let’s jump right on in. This summer, I am coaching my son and 2 of his friends to run the Madison Mini Half Marathon in August.  My son is currently 12 years old, but all 3 boys will be 13 on race day. I know, I more » Read more

On the Road Less Traveled with Mark and Alana Hadley

It was one of the most anticipated American female marathon debuts ever. On May 19th, North Carolina high school sophomore Alana Hadley toed the line at the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon looking to run somewhere in the neighborhood of 2:40 for her first crack at the 26.2 distance. Would she turn those 1:16:xx half marathons into marathon greatness? Would the 111 mile weeks pay off? Or would she crack under more » Read more

Winter Vinecki Part III: Hear From Her Coach, Mark Hadley

Over the last few months, I’ve introduced you to the young activist athlete, Winter Vinecki.  I shared some insight into her training for 7 marathons on 7 continents before she turns 15 years old – all while training with an elite aerial skiing development team. I’m happy to report that Winter is continuing to rock her goals.  She ran her 3rd marathon on March 30, and during that race, she more » Read more

Winter Vinecki Part II: 7 Marathons in 7 Continents Before the Age of 15

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to 14 year-old Winter Vinecki.   She has some seriously big goals and I, for one, find her to be an incredibly inspiring young woman. Her greatest goal is to defeat prostate cancer. But she has a lot of other exciting plans too, which we want to tell you all about. Winter is currently attempting to set a world record by becoming the youngest more » Read more

Don’t Worry Mary Cain, We’re All Headcases Until We Turn 25

Someone call Alicia Keys and tell her to change the lyrics to her smash hit because Mary Cain IS ON FIRE. The 16 year-old running sensation is a true prodigy as she has smashed three national high school indoor track records so far in 2013. There was the 4:16 1500 meters en route to breaking Debbie Heald’s 41 year-old mile record in 4:32. Then there was the 2 mile record in more » Read more

Meet Winter Vinecki: Breaking Through the Age Barrier

Today I would like to introduce you to Winter Vinecki. Winter is the founder of Team Winter, a non-profit organization committed to fighting prostate cancer and spreading global awareness of the disease.  Team Winter has raised over $400,000 toward the cause and has over 200 athletes on its fundraising team. Winter is a two-time national champion triathlete. One of her current personal goals is to set a world record of more » Read more

Thankful Race Report: Running a 10k with My Son

I love Thanksgiving.  Spending time with family and slowing down to count our blessings for a few days is good for the soul.  Kick it off with a road race and you have all of the ingredients for a perfect holiday. Almost every year since 2005, I have run the Berbee Derby on Thanksgiving morning.  The race features a 5k and a 10k.  Both courses are hilly and you never know more » Read more

Lessons from My Son

People really are amazing.  I love seeing what others can do.  Sometimes I will watch someone and think, wow, she is really strong.  Or smart.  Or courageous.  Or kind.  Or bold.  Or tough.  Or all of the above.  It is really cool.  Particularly if I know that person.  Why?  Because I know she is an ordinary person like me.  If she can do it, maybe I can too.  So it more » Read more

Inspire and Be Inspired: Girls on the Run

This post is all about girls!  Remember when you were in 3rd grade though 5th grade?  You were running 5ks, feeling inspired by awesome, energetic women who stepped up to mentor you, right?  You received timely tips on how to navigate the complexities of peer pressure, gossiping, bullying, and the stress of growing up?  You were celebrated for being all around aWeSoMe!?!   No? Me neither. But I wish I had because, more » Read more

5 Rules for Successful Stroller Running

Today I took the kids to a park with a 1.36 mile trail loop. I wanted a softer surface after 10 miles on the roads yesterday and I thought this would be just the ticket. The fam and I were just at this park over the weekend and walked a little on the trail and it was pretty decent for a stroller run. WAS being the operative word. Wouldn’t you more » Read more

Child’s Play: Running and Training with Kids

Running with your child is a wonderful thing.  She is moving, you are moving. You are instilling healthy habits.  And I am willing to bet you are having a whole lot of fun while doing it. I have been running with my two boys for years, and people are often surprised at how much they run and how fast they run.  At first, I too was surprised that they not more » Read more