Go Big or Go Home

They say, “Go big or go home.” Four days out from my goal marathon – the one I hope to go from a solid mid-packer to a sub-three marathoner, the one for which I ran multiple 80 mile weeks and way too many miles at 6:52 pace – it’s too late to go home. So, all I can do is go big.  Of course, when you go big, even when more » Read more

Tiered Goal Setting for Workout Success

Whether the goal is to finish the race or to PR, we train to earn results, and it’s easy to feel like the stakes are high on certain goals.   But hey, life happens, and when it gets in the way of a runner meeting her own expectations for herself, that goal-driven inclination can backfire.  It can be oh-so disappointing to miss the mark. Coming back from a long drought after more » Read more

Goal-Setting Alternatives to Time- and Mileage-focused Objectives

On Tuesday, Lemongrass discussed SMART goal making, and this got me thinking about goals. Chances are that if you are a runner, you, like me, have some specific goal numbers in your mind. I’d bet serious money than many of those numbers end in :59  or are a nice round integer like 30, 45,  or (gasp) 100 for the week. There’s always that one special number with that cruel .2 dangling off the back. more » Read more

The Smart Runner Girl’s Guide to SMART Goals

All of the World Cup craziness lately has me thinking about goals. In soccer, it’s easy to see whether or not you’ve achieved your goal: your team wins, the crowd goes crazy (or in the case of the U.S. your team loses to Germany and the crowd still goes crazy), and the commentators infamously scream, “GOOAAAAL!” But how can runners achieve that same sense of pride if we don’t win more » Read more

Who Are You? The Importance of Self-Image to Running Success

Picture yourself running. What are you wearing? Where are you in relation to others? Are you happy? Are you struggling? Are you who you want to be? Recently, I started training with my elite development team again.  Because I’m just returning to fitness, I’m struggling to keep up with my teammates. Then the other day, I noticed I’ve labeled myself: the old slow one. When I picture myself in workouts, more » Read more

Taking the Long Road: Staying Focused on the Big Goals

I will toe the line this weekend in my seventh marathon, and here’s hoping that seven is a lucky number that day! For this is the day that I go after one of my “big G” Goals: qualifying for my first Boston Marathon. Basil recently wrote about getting through the no-man’s land of marathon training, and it’s been a long 18 week training cycle. However, that’s only at first glance; 18 more » Read more

Running Down a Dream: Radical Acceptance and the Competitive Runner

When is it time for a runner to stop chasing big dreams? Recently on the Letsrun.com forums, runners debated this very question. We’ve talked about these big dreams here too. Of course, we are all for going after the craziest pie in the sky running goals and the easy answer to this question is never. But, something I’ve come to realize, and something the Letsrun discussion got me thinking about was a more » Read more

Forget Time Limits When it Comes to Your Running Goals

1. Get married by 27. 2. Buy house by 28. 3. Have first baby by 29. 4. Have second baby by 32 … We’ve all at least heard of someone with these kinds of deadlines. Some people impose these deadlines and don’t even have a potential mate lined up! As most of us who have settled down and started a family  can tell you, relationships have their own timeline and more » Read more

My Teammates Did It, But Next It’s My Turn!

As I revealed in my intro post a few weeks back, my main goal right now it to make the “A” standard to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. This means I have to run a 2:37 marathon sometime between now and 2016. With a pr of 2:40:17 set in 2009 and recent shorter race prs set this past year, I know I have it in me. My original more » Read more

Cinnamon’s BQ Nomore Training Log 9.11.13

This is it.  It’s over. Well…wait, no. Okay. It’s not over.  I’m still four weeks out from the marathon (Wineglass, in Corning, NY).  But what I mean is that I’ve made a decision to re-adjust my goal. It all started in late July. I was doing so great with my track work every week, then all of a sudden it was time to take my union qualification exam. And I more » Read more

Stop Preparing to Fail and Just Try!

When you’re focused on a far-reaching goal, sometimes the mountain of work ahead of you can seem insurmountable.  The evidence, inevitably, will arise to show you that the goal is, in fact, too much, the bar too high, the race too long or too fast.  But all too often, we’re just preparing to fail before we even give ourselves a chance. My “Big BQ Adventure,” as I have named my more » Read more

Leaning in

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve at least heard of Facebook executive, Sheryl Sandberg and her book, Lean In. Sandberg wrote the book  to encourage women to pursue their ambitions, and to change the conversation from what we can’t do to what we can do. Sure, sexism exists. Whether we like it or not, men, in large part, still rule the world. However, using that as an excuse to abandon more » Read more

How to Salvage a Marathon Training Plan (I Hope)

Say somewhere during the heaviest part of the training cycle, you missed runs for marathon training.  Maybe things got busy, maybe you got sick, maybe there was an injury threat…no matter what the cause, is there a way to recover from missing workouts? I think so.  I hope so, or I have totally screwed up my Boston-qualifying marathon goal. When I decided on a race and created my training plan, more » Read more

Once Upon a Time I Was a Fast Running Chick

Once upon a time I was a fast running chick. It’s hard to believe that just a year ago I was 38th overall female at the Boston marathon. It’s hard to believe that in 2011 I ran a 2:52 marathon on less than ideal training with a bum foot and calf. It feels like I am worlds away from that stars-aligned moment in 2010 when I ran 2:49:53 and came more » Read more

Performance Anxiety or Time to Readjust that High-Reaching Goal?

I’ve been talking a big game and I’m starting to regret it. So I’ve been training my ass off for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, running more mileage than I ever have for a half and doing it while I was working, which, since my job is physically draining, is pretty damn impressive. And now, as I’m starting to peak, my work schedule has eased off just in time and things more » Read more