Readers Roundtable: When Do You Train Through Pain?

Near the end of my treadmill tempo last week, I noticed a little soreness in my knee. I blew it off and did my cool-down according to plan. The next morning, my knee was definitely sore. Thus, I faced a conundrum all to familiar to all of us: do I attempt my easy run through the minor discomfort, cross train, or take a day off? Do I assume injury and more » Read more

Aqua Jogging: An Alternative to “Real Running”

Injured? Is the weather bad, but you’re sick of the treadmill? Looking for cross training alternatives to improve your running? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then maybe you should consider giving pool running (or aqua jogging) a try. Why aqua jogging? Running is high impact. Running in water is almost no impact, as your body weighs about 10% of your land weight in water. Your weight-bearing more » Read more

Running Injury Insurance: The Low Cost Plan You Might Already Have!

We’re all going to get injured. I know that is not something we like to plan for or even think about, but it happens. Did you know that there is injury insurance out there that is incredibly cheap, might reduce your out of pocket costs for treating injuries to zero and … here’s the real kicker … that you might already have it! I pick on USATF for a lot more » Read more

Basil’s Non-Training / Injury Update Log – 5.31.15

The surgeon said I was “lucky.” Not the word I would’ve chosen when I heard the news that I have a femoral neck stress reaction or fracture! But the more I think about it and process the results of the MRI, the more I’m inclined to agree. The week of my MRI, this was the chronology: Monday – first track workout in nearly a year. Hip was a little sore more » Read more

Readers’ Roundtable: Do You Experience Phantom Injuries During Taper?

Lots of us are tapering for our big spring race, myself included.  No, unfortunately it’s not Boston.  It’s New Jersey!  Everyone’s second choice!  (Badabing!) But seriously, I’m excited for my third marathon on the beautiful Jersey Shore!  My goal is conservative, but that doesn’t mean I’m taking training any less seriously.  I’m approaching my taper with a little more experience under my belt, and if this is like last time, more » Read more

Recovering From Injury? Avoid Being A Helicopter Parent To Your Body

The analogies are endless. Just as a purple bruise initially hurts and then turns a healing yellow, so too does a running injury. Just as a cut initially burns but then begins to close up, so too does a running injury. Just as the storm comes before a rainbow, so too is the process of a running injury. Just as we may fall down mentally and emotionally, a painful experience more » Read more

How to Keep Spirits High When VO2 Max Tanks: An Injured Runner’s Guide

“We all have had injuries and disappointments.  It is a part of running.  It can bring us down and at times be overwhelming when we see how far we have to go.  But I encourage you all to take your time, stay inspired and focused.  Instead of stressing about how far behind we are, we need to focus on the progress we are making and continue to make.” – Kara more » Read more

The Niggle Conundrum: Can I Run Through It?

A few weeks ago, Salty, Allspice and I had a conversation about whether or not Allspice should continue running through a niggle she had developed.  This led us to ponder the classic runner’s dilemma – it hurts, but can I run through it?  Because most of us who love to run would give up any material good we own rather than miss a few days of training, many times we more » Read more

5 Ways to Speed Sprained Ankle Recovery

POP! OWWW! As your body hits the ground after you fall off of a rock while cross training, and you know damn well your ankle is badly sprained, you can’t help but being pissed. At least I couldn’t. Hi, my name is Molasses, and I have a problem. No, it’s not alcohol. I can drink just fine, thankyouverymuch. It’s the sprained ankle that sidelined me just after I decided to more » Read more

Crossing the Line: Admitting You’re Injured

When we’re training hard, something’s gonna hurt. The whole point of training is to break our bodies down to build them up, so being 100% pain-free is simply not going to happen. Maybe you wake up with a sore heel every morning or hamstrings that like to complain when you push a little too hard on the track. Maybe you run home and strap the frozen peas to your knees or more » Read more

What Do You Do When the Injury-Free Runner Gets Injured?

When you have run for years without injury, and then get sidelined due to (frankly) your own stupidity…. Well, it sucks. I can’t sugar-coat it. I have been running for fifteen years.  I have been (to my schedule’s ability) training and marathoning for eight years.  I am not a huge mileage beast like some of our Salties, as I have a full time+ job, 2 kids with busy schedules and more » Read more

It’s Not a Fight, But Sometimes Your Body Wins Anyway

When I first started running, I believed two things that turned out not to be true:   First, that running would make me thin, and second, that there is no such thing as a bad run. Filthy, vicious lies, both of them. First:   Running, in and of itself, will not make you thin, not without an accompanying reduction in calories, a sacrifice I’m apparently unwilling to make past 11 a.m. on more » Read more

Losing Myself: A Runner Who Can’t Run

I miss you. I feel so alone without you, like my entire identity has been stripped from me. You gave me so much: friends, happiness, freedom, strength…  And now you’re gone. I know nobody is at fault here, but I can’t help feeling sometimes like I could have done something to prevent this.  I could have taken better care of myself.  I could have been more committed to you, maybe more » Read more

Meet My Alter Ego, Anxiety Girl

I think everyone has a running super power. Mine happens to be planning and analyzing just about everything. Researching race reviews? Check. Figuring out my goal pace and my ideal splits? Check. Helping to plan a 5K, be in charge of making tutus for a 12 person relay team and making information packets for my spectators? Check, check and check. (I will admit that the information packet may have been a more » Read more

A Runner’s Guide to Inflammation

Did someone say INFLAMMATION!? AHHH! Quick! Get some ice! Get some NSAIDs! Elevate the problem area! Hurry! Wait…why are we hurrying? Relax, dear runner.  Inflammation doesn’t have to be a gremlin in your body.  In fact, if you take care of it well and don’t feed it after midnight, Inflammation can be a protective little guy who helps keep you running right. Read more