Readers Roundtable: Running Fashion

Since we were kids, fall has always been a time to shop for clothes. Fall also happens to be the season for runners, so, naturally, running apparel companies are eager to take all our money. In catalogs and ads everywhere, we’re seeing the hottest trends. Some, like the all grey footwear or cozy cowl necks we can get behind. But others leave us saying, “Hmmm.” Shirts that are so complicated you can’t figure out more » Read more

Red or Blue? What Color Runner are You?

Brooks sponsored this post to inspire you to Run Happy. See more at With her fall goal race right around the corner, one of my best running friends went in search of the perfect versatile tank to wear on her big day. She fell in love with the Brooks Pick-up Running Tank Top, but couldn’t decide whether to go with the red or the blue. She was leaning towards the blue, but asked my opinion. I remembered hearing somewhere more » Read more

Are Running Catalogs the New Cosmo?

There’s something exciting about finding a running catalogue in the mailbox. These days, my catalogues are the closest I get to reading Cosmo. I gave up all my magazine subscriptions at 20. I had to after I realized they made me feel pale, flabby, non-orgasmic, and boring. Good choice, 20-year-old Pimento! Break up with that dropout boyfriend while you’re at it and stop with the tanning beds! Ahh, hindsight…  As a full-fledged 36-year-old more » Read more

Running Fashion Police: Your Office to Track Wardrobe

Recently Juniper gave us some tips on finding pants for your smokin’ hot runner legs. I’m going to take a tangent from that subject and talk about the office wardrobe. Fortunately, my office dress code is business casual, but I can’t get away with wearing race t-shirts, running tights, or racing flats. Nonetheless I’ve discovered a few tricks along the way for making an easier transition from office to track, more » Read more

How to Get the Stink out of Running Clothes

As a runner, a stay-at-home mom, wife to a cyclist and gardener, I do a LOT of laundry. A ridiculous amount, in fact. And much of our laundry is sweaty, stinky and dirty. Fortunately, thanks to my own trial and error and the wisdom of my mom, I have developed a pretty simple, chemical-free method of removing the dirt and stink from our clothes. Until the other day, I honestly more » Read more

Running Fashion Police: How to Dress for Winter Running

Last week, many of us had our first taste of winter weather: cold, wind, gray, gloomy skies. Winters here in Cleveland always feel extra long and when March finally comes around, we have no clue what that bright thing in the sky is. Also last week, I started a new job. I left one retail establishment for another: the new one is selling a popular brand of women’s athletic apparel. Because more » Read more

Victoria’s Secret Makes Running Clothes, for Realz! VSX Sport Review

What do you get when you combine 2 spicy runners, $2.50 glasses of wine, and a trip to VSX Sport, the new athletic apparel store from Victoria’s Secret?  The answer? A movie montage a la Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz in The Sweetest Thing. The Salties had been tossing around the idea of a review of the new line of sport apparel at America’s most popular lingerie outfitter, Victoria’s Secret. more » Read more

Running Fashion Police, Weather Edition: Pants, Tights or Shorts?

You may have read that I ran my first race of 2012 last weekend. The Universe must have known I was busy, because it just kept plopping writing material in my lap. I was standing in the bathroom line after warming up in shorts and a long sleeve tech-shirt on a sunny 45 degree morning. I was comfortable. Sweaty, even. One of my fellow runners looked at my apparel and said, “Aren’t more » Read more

Running Fashion Police: Running Tops for Every Temperature

Dressing for summer running is easy: less is more! But if you live in the northern US like me, you’ve probably realized that it’s officially fall, and that means A+ running weather!  But it also means the temperature is fluctuating like crazy. I often marvel at the differences in how runners dress for weather. A few weeks ago I was enjoying a run on a dry 50 degree morning wearing more » Read more

Pink Isn’t My Color

Okay, so I do wear pink when I run sometimes. And just to be clear, I don’t hate it. Like every color of the rainbow it has its place in the world. Beautiful roses are pink. My mom’s lipstick is pink. But the only pink I wear for running tends to be my fabulous Betsey Johnson sunglasses that have pink leopard print on the sides. In fact, I liked those more » Read more

Fresh to Death: The Evolution of a Running Wardrobe

I ran my first marathon in a white cotton long sleeve shirt from the Gap, paired with 1990’s uber-trendy fuschia Umbro soccer shorts.  It was pouring rain to boot, which meant by the time I crossed the finish line, the hem of that awesome shirt (which would now be in a pre-race “throwaway” pile) was making a play for my knees.  But truth be told, I don’t think that outfit more » Read more

Retro Running Fashions! Which Decade Suits Your Style?

They say everything old is new again and this holds true in running fashion. Minimalist shoes: so 70’s. Knee socks (functional and otherwise): so 80’s.  As in the greater fashion world, the running scene is just going back to the 90’s. Trendsetting Nike has reintroduced some of it’s 90’s styles including the Pegasus and the Huarache. Since Salty Running is oh so cutting edge, we’ve decided to help you decide more » Read more


With a handle like Salty, you know there’s a part of me that loves anything a little nautical inspired. I have always loved sailor pants and boat necks. Never been an ascot fan, though. Anyway, I was perusing some spring running apparel styles and noticed that stripes are very big this year and I could not be more excited! Check out this gallery of stripey goodness! The Nike apparel is more » Read more