Unreal Food Revisited – Natural Fuel Options for Runners

One of the most popular posts I have ever written is “A Real Conversation About Unreal Food,” which I wrote in August of 2012.  The post discusses a British Medical Journal article written by Timothy Noakes (of Waterlogged fame), and continues to bring traffic around to Salty Running, having received its latest comment just a couple days ago.  The BMJ article is heavily critical of certain sport science institutions that more » Read more

Too Much of a Goo Thing: Is Overuse of Gels Making You Slow, Fat and Broke?

I love walking into my local running store when it’s time to buy energy gels. I feel like a kid in a candy store! How could I not with all those shiny packages and fruity flavors to choose from? They’re fun to buy and they look like astronaut food; surely they will make me fast! When out on the run and feeling tired the temptation to rip open the sparkly more » Read more

Don’t Drink The Gatorade: The Case Against Unofficial Aid

You’ve trained for months and it’s finally the big day: time to rock your goal marathon! It’s a hot day and you know it’s extra important to drink enough and it’s always important to take your gels. Lucky for you, your buddy has her bike and will bring your favorite bottle and favorite fuel along the course to hand to you when you need them. While everyone around you veers more » Read more

Intro to Ultras Part 2: Ultra Eating

Last July, while Clove was on her way to an awesome Burning River finish, I was volunteering at the mile 80 aid station. I called out bib numbers as runners came in. As night started to fall, I had to go back to mile 71 to wait for the runner I was going to pace from there to the finish line. He arrived way behind schedule. He laid down and shivered. His more » Read more

Ask-a-Salty: Marathon Strategy for Carrying Gels and Hydration

And we’re back with our second installment of Ask-a-Salty: the feature where…surprise! you ask questions and we answer them for you. If you have a question you’d like to ask, check out this page! Today’s questions come from Jen P. who asks: Hi Salties! One thing I have been thinking about lately is how do many racers carry their gels?  I was curious what the Salties might have to say. more » Read more

Caffeine for Marathoners: The Legal (and tasty) Dope!

Having spent many years training with guys who like to run many marathons each year as well as ultra marathons, I have had many anecdotal tips about caffeine use thrown my way. It might interest you to know that several top-level masters marathoners in Ohio swear by taking caffeinated pills in the later miles of a marathon. Others swear by lowering caffeine intake the weeks before a marathon in order more » Read more

Fight the Bonk Part II: Pepper’s Magic Marathon Nutrition Formula

I can honestly say in my 24 marathon finishes (these include races, pacing, and a few trail marathons), that I have never been a victim of the infamous marathon bonk. The closest I have ever come was at the Cincinnati Flying Pig in 2007. For whatever reason that day I did some really stupid things with my nutrition and suffered major stomach issues after the race. I remember hitting some more » Read more

A Real Conversation about Unreal Food

How true is this statement? “Water is not the best fluid for rehydration, either during or after exercise.22“ Do you agree? So not too long ago we talked about gels, which are a really popular “food” item for many of us athletes. At almost exactly the same time, The British Medical Journal released an article detailing its investigation of the sports drink industry.  This report then gained momentum within the more » Read more

Fight the Bonk! Train to Avoid Glycogen Depletion in Your Fall Marathon

Marathon season is upon us and we at Salty Running know our readers take their marathon performances seriously! So over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring articles about how to prepare for your fall marathon. From training tips, to picking a race, to what to wear, we’ll be your go-to source of information for your big fall races! Our first topic in the series is how to train to more » Read more

To Gel or Not To Gel, That Is The Question!

They’re gooey. They’re sticky. They can be messy, get all over your hands, and be completely gag-inducing if you pick a bad flavor. You know what I’m talking about: energy gels. Those little foil packets full of  sugars (carbohydrates), usually electrolytes and maybe even caffeine (zzzzzing!). Chances are if you’re a Salty reader you’ve at least heard about energy gels if not already well acquainted with them. You might have your more » Read more