On the 6th Day of Christmas, Running Gave to Me: Friendship with my Sister

I am seven years older than my sister, which is kind of a big gap, especially when we were younger. Growing up, we always got along well, but we had a pretty typical big kid/little kid dynamic. When I was in high school, she would come to all of my field hockey games to cheer me on. After I moved away for college, I would hear all about how she was following more » Read more

Saved by the Marathon

My watch beeped. Glancing down, I realized I had passed mile 23, that this was the farthest I’d ever run. Tears streamed down my face as I realized, “Oh my God. I’m doing this. It’s happening. I’m actually doing this thing!” My path to this place, my first marathon, had been a rocky one. Two weeks earlier I had been sitting in the office a rehab facility, listening to a counselor say I more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: How Has Your Mom Influenced Your Running?

My mom nearly out-kicked me in my PR half marathon. So excited to see me trotting in ahead of predicted pace, she took off at six minute pace cheering her heart out, clad in jeans and a poofy coat. Since I was 12, she’s been present at the majority of my races. Whether I’m having a terrible race or a great one, I always listen for her voice in the more » Read more

Boston Runs in the Family For Sisters Katie Kay and Jen Dahler

In 2013, Katie Kay raced her first and Jen Dahler raced her third Boston Marathon. That year, the race was rocked by a bomb near the finish line. In the wake of the tragedy, sisters Katie and Jen vowed they’d go back. They would go back to prove that Boston was about running and triumph, not terror. They would go back to bring back happy memories of a future Boston more » Read more

The Comeback Series Gets Personal

If you’ve been following along with my comeback from having baby #3, at this point you might be wondering what the heck happened to me. I was updating my logs and then I stopped. I alluded to an injury, but never explained what it was. Today I am going to fill you in. Comebacks are not always linear. There are often ups and downs. Setbacks happen and then are followed more » Read more

Running Infertile: Two Steps Forward, 100 Steps Back

I sit here in front of a warm fire with a hot cup of coffee, trying as hard as I can not to think about today’s double-header workout.  I can manage the cold, trying as it is, but the icy streets and snow-drift-covered track have presented some unique challenges this past training week.  I purposely wrote my recovery week into the Christmas/New Year holiday, which had the decency to coincide more » Read more

Thankful Race Report: Running a 10k with My Son

I love Thanksgiving.  Spending time with family and slowing down to count our blessings for a few days is good for the soul.  Kick it off with a road race and you have all of the ingredients for a perfect holiday. Almost every year since 2005, I have run the Berbee Derby on Thanksgiving morning.  The race features a 5k and a 10k.  Both courses are hilly and you never know more » Read more

How About a Turkey Trot? Sure, Why Not?

Like many, my season is over.  My tri season finished up at the end of July, and as you know, I just did the Columbus Half Marathon last weekend.  I find myself in that limbo period between Fall and Spring training where I have no “A” race to keep me going.  I feel somewhat relieved that my life isn’t revolving around a training schedule, but then again, I feel somewhat more » Read more

Running to Pain

A few years ago I discovered one of my biggest weaknesses as a runner. And no it isn’t hills or being afraid to compete or anything like that (which are all weaknesses of mine, just not my biggest weakness by far). My biggest weakness is my fear of pain. I’m afraid to hurt. If I see pain coming my instinct is to make it go away. I’m not sure it more » Read more

How A Four Mile Run Reunited Me with My Father

The other night I went back there. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been back. It might have even been the night I shed some tears. My father was around for the first three years of my life, the most important years of my life as far as relationships are concerned. His nurturance and love during those years were crucial, as our strong bond was formed. Yet, no more » Read more