Run a Sub-3 Hour Marathon in Just 13 Short Hours a Week!

So you want to get faster, maybe break three hours in a marathon or maybe … just maybe qualify for the Olympic trials. No matter where you are in your running career, you can. But, Jasmine! A lot of these competitive women train a whopping 80, 90, 100 miles or more per week. I don’t have enough time to do that. How can I ever be that fast? You can. I more » Read more

Run a Sub-3:00 Marathon in Just 10 Short Miles a Day!

I raced the Columbus Marathon last week. Unlike last year, I didn’t get stressed out about the race. I was very, very ready (or at least I thought I was) when I showed up on the starting line. I knew it was just a matter of getting there with the right gear, a solid race plan and some good fall marathoning weather. I went after a 2:50 race, but landed on a 2:54, more » Read more

A Reluctant Elite: An Interview with 2xOTQ Caitlin Smith

An image of a young gazelle greets me as Caitlin Smith walks into the tiny coffee shop in Montclair Village above the hills of Oakland. She presents herself like the dancer of her childhood: lithe and delicate, yet strong. She is a two-time Olympic trials qualifier in the women’s marathon, boasting a 2:41:37 personal best. If being one of the country’s best marathoners wasn’t enough, she’s also an ultra runner, placing more » Read more

Read This Book Now! The Silence of Great Distance

I always sensed the silence as I ran amongst the towering redwood trees, the trails covered in lichen and fallen leaves, the softness of the morning light surrounding me while my legs fell one foot in front of the other. I was a neophyte in the late 1970s, running unencumbered, without pressure, only my dog and me on forested trails, yet there was a phenomenon brewing of which I was more » Read more

5 Marathons to Follow This Fall

When you think of fall you probably think of pumpkins, leaves, the colors orange and brown, hay bales, and more pumpkins that beg to be spiced and placed in our food, candles, and lotions. My local taco joint joked that they are now serving pumpkin spiced tacos. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone was willing to try. I must admit, I’m a fan of the pumpkin spiced everything but there’s something more » Read more

Racing the Bluegrass 10000 and a Training Update

This is first training update that I am sharing with the Salty universe, but that certainly doesn’t mean I haven’t been training.  If you follow me here or on the Runners Connect Podcast, you’ve probably learned I am an elite runner. I love to share the real insights behind running as an elite and I know many runners would kill to run the pace I do, but for me, I more » Read more

Fandom and Our Obsession with Winning

Marathon season recently kicked off with the granddaddy of them all, Boston. For me and many of you, watching this race is no different than watching the World Series or the Super Bowl. Come to think of it, it is our World Series and Super Bowl. So it’s hard not to feel a little down when your team comes oh so close to winning but falls off at the end. All more » Read more

5 Marathon Videos to Get Your Heart Racing

Fall marathoners, it’s been tough staying motivated to get through the miles in the heat, let me tell ya.  But I’ve got just the thing to get you revved up for a strong long run this weekend; marathon videos! I know Americans often don’t think of running first when they think of exciting sports TV, but considering how hard we runners work toward our races and how much energy and more » Read more

An Interview with Kristin Barry

“Hey—there goes Kristin!”, my friend gestured to the right as a handful of runners sped past our car. “That’s crazy,” I murmured, awestruck. I was a half hour away from running my first 5k, and the idea of running before a race, the idea of running even a yard more than 3.1 miles seemed two strides short of lunacy. Kristin Barry went on to finish that 2007 race in 16:51, more » Read more

How to Request Elite Race Entry

Alright speedsters, let’s talk about elite race bibs. You don’t have to be as quick as Shalane or Molly for this post to be applicable to you. Maybe you’re a perennial front-runner at local races or maybe you’re a NCAA veteran transitioning to post-collegiate running. If you’re someone with big goals or a fan wanting to learn more about the inner workings of the sport, this post is for all of more » Read more

Book Review: When Running Was Young and So Were We

I love running of course, but history…not so much.  So when I received my copy of When Running Was Young and So Were We, it took a huge amount of self-restraint to read the book through rather than skipping straight to the parts about “…training, techniques and strategies that make you a winner, on and off the field of competition.” But a few days later as I finished the last page, I more » Read more

5 Runners Who Can Warm Your…er…Heart

So I asked the Salty gals for some inspiration for this week’s Friday 5, and immediately someone piped up with “VALENTINES!!” Sigh.  Oh yeah.  It’s that holiday I can’t abide.  Not that I don’t like the idea of love, it’s more that I resent corporations convincing us that we’re inadequate if we’re not buying flowers and diamonds for our sweethearts. But then I remembered that Valentine’s Day is also an more » Read more

Elite Running is Hard, and Competitor’s Corpo BS Just Made it Harder

As was first reported on RunBlogRun, this weekend Competitor Group, Inc. (CGI), owner of the Rock and Roll race series, the Carlsbad 5000 and numerous running, cycling and triathlon-related publications (including Women’s Running Magazine) announced they are cancelling their elite athlete program for the North American races in their series, effective immediately.  Meaning right now.  Meaning athletes who were all set to race in Philly in two weeks have had more » Read more