Cinnamon’s Flying 馃惙 Marathon Training Log

Highest mileage week EVER in the books! YAY! I didn’t have any deadlines on web development work, so when I was offered two days on a commercial I took it and wound up working 13 hours and 15 hours. After shuffling things around for that, I got a last minute offer for a TV show on Friday and…well…I always need the聽money, and it sounded like an easy day that would more 禄 Read more

Cinnamon’s Training Log 1.31.16

This week I learned that I really need to work hard on getting enough sleep if I’m committed to running higher mileage. Not only am I less functional, I’m also a raging emotional trainwreck. 聽I didn’t get as much ancillary training in, I didn’t take my vitamins regularly, I didn’t do any of the dumb crap that I’m supposed to do that isn’t running. But I did manage to cram more 禄 Read more

Cinnamon’s Training Log (what!?) 1.23.16

Well, it’s time to start training again. 聽It’s past due, in fact! Not only did I register for The Flying Pig, I got my plane ticket and聽sucked it up and started on week 4 of an 18 week plan. I’m modifying Hanson’s again,聽adding mileage to my easy days; the goal is to top out in the 60-65mpw range this time, whereas last year I topped out just over 50mpw for more 禄 Read more

Cinnamon’s Training Log 2.1.15

Despite my lack of updates on SR I have, in fact, been training steadily since my last long-term job ended before Christmas.聽 I took the time to build mileage back up and, after a little research, I chose a marathon plan about a month ago. I still believe a Boston Qualifying marathon is in me, and I believe that missing the mark during my last marathon (a delicate way to more 禄 Read more

Cinnamon’s Training Log 7.29.14

Rather than make excuses about why I didn’t write a training log last week I’m going to take a cue from today’s post and just get back to it and list last week’s running.聽 This week featured (mostly) shorter runs and only one day off in the attempt to make the heat a little easier on myself. Sunday, 7/20 – 8 miles easy, taking a friend on a swell little more 禄 Read more

Cinnamon’s Training Log 7.12.14

Well, I’m back on the sauce. I’ve been taking it easy since I achieved a 30-second PR at my spring goal race, the Brooklyn Half, and I’ve been really working hard on myself from the inside out.聽 That’s been okay, but you and I both know that when you’re addicted to running it’s much easier to find peace inside when you’re busy kicking your own butt for at least an more 禄 Read more

Cinnamon’s Training Log 4.6.14

Woohoo!聽 I hit forty!聽 After weeks of setbacks thwarting my attempt to hit forty miles a week, I finally managed to do it, food-poisoning-be-damned! During this conditioning cycle I’ve worked hard to get faster, so it should not have come as a surprise to me that the strong 40-miles weekly base that came so easily last year kept slipping through my fingers. Intensity makes a big difference! That’s also true more 禄 Read more

A Training Log as Creative Writing

My sister and I are at the back of her mom-mobile, packing in the remnants of her daughter’s first birthday party, which was held at a lodge in the park.聽 That park. The park that’s been there all my life, the one that holds so many memories for me.聽 The other guests have gone, and it’s just us and her husband, giggling and dancing and chatting away while we fill more 禄 Read more

Cinnamon’s I-Guess-You-Could-Call-It-A-Training-Log 11.11.13

It has been a relaxing few weeks since the marathon and I’m excited to take a little off-season time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still love to run!聽 I’ve been trotting along, happy to take some of the training pressure out of running. Now that things have settled down a little I’ve also remembered something I said I’d do back at the beginning of the year…namely, ancillary training.聽 I’ve more 禄 Read more

Cinnamon’s Taper Crazies Training Log – 10.1.13

Oh my god. I’m running another marathon. Like for real. I’m running another whole marathon in just a few days, and I can’t back out. My Mom is driving six hours to be there. I wish I could back out. I have taper crazies. I had food poisoning last Thursday and Friday! I didn’t give up drinking for a month like I said I would. I didn’t stretch enough. I more 禄 Read more

Cinnamon’s BQ Maybe Log 9.25.13

Taper taper taper!! I am not a heat lover.聽 Ask anyone who’s run with me in the late spring; I’m more likely to take off my shirt than half the boys out there.聽 My midriff sees more year-round sunlight than most people’s kneecaps.聽 And it’s not because I’m a show-off or anything; believe me, as much as I love my body I’m well aware of the evidence that I enjoy more 禄 Read more

Cinnamon’s BQ Nomore Training Log 9.11.13

This is it.聽 It’s over. Well…wait, no. Okay. It’s not over.聽 I’m still four weeks out from the marathon (Wineglass, in Corning, NY).聽 But what I mean is that I’ve made a decision to re-adjust my goal. It all started in late July. I was doing so great with my track work every week, then all of a sudden it was time to take my union qualification exam. And I more 禄 Read more

Cinnamon’s Big BQ Adventure Log 8.5.13

This week started out much, much better than last week’s debacle. 聽Sunday I started on track with a full 16, which felt pretty good and easy. Rather than take the day off on Monday, I hit up the Brooklyn Hash and ran a swell three-ish miler with an acquaintance I hadn’t previously known very well. 聽He gave me a good pep talk about the last couple weeks of not being more 禄 Read more

Cinnamon’s Big BQ Adventure Log 7.30.13

This week I felt like I failed in so many ways. I almost didn’t want to write a training log, out of embarrassment. Saturday night I got upset about something that honestly shouldn’t have even involved me.聽 I let people get under my skin, got unnecessarily angry when someone else canceled plans and reacted by staying out all night and partying. That’ll show ’em!聽 Look how much fun I can more 禄 Read more