Running Bare: Your Questions About Brazilian Waxes Answered

Friends, I’m here to talk to you about something few women runners like to talk about: your hairy lady parts. More specifically, let’s chat about Brazilian waxes. Are you skeptical of Brazilians (the waxes, silly) or wondering whether they’re compatible with your hardcore running lifestyle? Are you wondering what happens during a Brazilian wax? Why you might consider getting one? Or what to expect after a wax? Read on! Read more

5 Places You Didn’t Know You Could Chafe

It’s October and that means we are right smack in the middle of marathon season. I, myself, entered The Akron Marathon last week at the last minute. To my surprise, I did not blister or have any bathroom problems nor did I have any thigh rubbing thanks to good ol’ Vaseline. However, I did not know until after the race that there were some other places I should’ve greased up. more » Read more

Ask-a-Salty – Chafing

Ask-a-Salty is the feature that answers your burning questions about running. If you have a question, you can contact us by clicking on the “Ask-a-Salty” above the R and U of the banner. Or for the convenience-lovers among us, you can just click here. Today’s question comes from BG in California who asks: Is there a way to heal an under arm chafe fast … Ouch! How can I avoid this more » Read more