Spirit of Marathoning Alive and Well in New York

No matter who you are, training for a marathon is a serious undertaking. It requires months of preparation and hours of training. We sacrifice nights out with our friends and time with our families so that we can get those miles in before and after work. Instead of sleeping in and relaxing on weekends, we’re up early to run for several hours before getting to the rest of our day. more » Read more

Crossing Party Lines: Repairing Runner Relations after the 2012 NYC Marathon was Canceled

The results of the 2012 election are in.  It was a highly contentious race, ugly even.  Close enough for the entire voting country to go to sleep with hope, but also close enough that 50% of the population is unhappy today.  Really unhappy.  Angry, even. And that’s the beauty of America. The parties will continue to attack each other, and half of the country will shout from the rooftops with more » Read more

New York City Marathon Update: What to Do When Your Goal Marathon is Canceled

Mary Lou, author of the senior running blog, Still a Runner, trained for and was set to run the New York City Marathon on Sunday. However, all that became uncertain after Hurricane Sandy hit. Last week we chose Mary Lou as our commenter of the week for her comment describing the conflicted feelings she had about whether to head to NYC to run the marathon or not. She promised to update more » Read more

New York City Marathon Cancelled

After much controversy this week, the New York City Marathon has been cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. The NYRR released the following statement on the New York City Marathon’s official web site: City of New York and New York Road Runners Announce Race Cancellation The City of New York and New York Road Runners announce that the 2012 ING NYC Marathon has been canceled. While holding the race would not more » Read more

The Show Must Go On: I’m Glad The New York Marathon Is Moving Forward

I may not have been born here, but I’m a New Yorker through and through. It’s in my soul, and I’m never leaving this glorious place because to me, it truly is the Greatest City In the World.  And our Marathon, the New York Marathon, is more than just a race. It’s more than just 26.2 miles of running. It’s more than the millions of spectators, more than the thousands more » Read more

Update to our “Hot Marathons” Post

The Madison Marathon was ultimately cancelled.  Below is the detailed explanation the race sent out to participants.  I think they handled the situation very well.  The forecast only got hotter for Sunday (actual high for race day was 94!) and they seemed to at least try to soften the blow by allowing the runners to run the half and providing a credit of $20 towards next year’s race.   What do more » Read more