The Comeback Series Gets Personal

If you’ve been following along with my comeback from having baby #3, at this point you might be wondering what the heck happened to me. I was updating my logs and then I stopped. I alluded to an injury, but never explained what it was. Today I am going to fill you in. Comebacks are not always linear. There are often ups and downs. Setbacks happen and then are followed more » Read more

A Friendly Guide to the Running Butt

As my training ramps back up and as my butt injury seems to be fading far into the background (please no jinx!) I want to look back upon my experience to create a guide for all future pain in the butt* havers. So without further ado here’s Salty’s Guide to the Running Butt, FAQ style. Read more

Diary of an Injured Runner: Psych!

Imagine running in a race and just as you think you see the finish line you realize after getting a little closer that it’s just another mile marker along the way to a race without an end. Psych! That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. For 9 long weeks now, doctors, therapists and I have all been searching and poking and prodding and x-raying and trying to figure out why my more » Read more

Salty’s Weekly Training Log 2.26.12

It’s always kind of depressing to write up a training log without any running in it, but I am confident that will change soon enough. In the meantime I got in some good bike sessions and I flailed around in the pool swam once! I liked swimming so much I signed up for lessons (that I will probably never get to because my kids seem to constantly be sick this more » Read more

Diary of an Injured Runner: Discovery Process

When I was initially injured on New Year’s Eve I really only thought I’d be down a week, two tops. I thought I just needed to get a knot out of my butt or hammy and I’d be good to go. Even my ART doc thought so. He worked out some nasty knots and sent me on my way. I came back a week later and though I could open more » Read more

Salty’s Weekly Training Log 2.19.12

This was an interesting week for my “training.” After feeling awesome on last Saturday’s snowy trail run I decided to do another one of those and felt pretty awesome again. My hopes were up only to be smacked down on Friday at my orthopedist appointment. After a bazillion x-rays of my pelvis and back showed my spine and pelvis bones are near perfection he believes at this point that I more » Read more

Diary of an Injured Runner: Tipping Point

It’s a day over six weeks since I officially took my seat on the d.l.  My husband Mike and I were late to my running club’s annual New Year’s Eve 13  mile run. It was an out-and-back so we figured we could run out and then if I felt like it I could circle back with  my training partners. The first half of the run climbs, but Mike and I more » Read more

Salty’s Weekly Training Log

I have been seeing a fabulous ART practictioner, Tim Keyes who’s been working on my butt, hip and back issues since my New Year’s Eve injury. He advised me to take about a week off of running and said I could start back this Monday. I was very hopeful that I would feel really good, but alas everything hurt again within minutes of starting back up. Being stubborn and a more » Read more