Captaining an Ultrarunning Aid Station

Does the ultrarunning scene interest you? The trails, the crazy people, the friendly, less-cutthroat competitive atmosphere? Does any of that do it for you? If you’re like me, it does. But also, like me, running 30 or more miles on trails isn’t in the cards for you right now. So what’s an ultra-curious girl like you supposed to do? You can still be involved in the always-way-more-fun than road race scene more » Read more

Burning River 100 Race Report – Part 8 – Through the Night to the Finish

Party Rock is in the House Tonight:  To the Finish. I’m running again before the loop is halfway through, chugging my coffee and communing with bats. I get to the “unmanned” aid station, a plot point that had greatly concerned me earlier in the week.  One of the volunteers jokes “nothing for you, Star!” before filling my bottle with half ginger ale, half water.  I know what works. Trying to more » Read more

Burning River 100 Race Report – Part 6 – Happy Days to Pine Hollow

It’s the Simple Things (That Make You Smile):  Crashing Back Down on the Way to Pine Hollow I wasn’t as far under as I had been earlier in the day, but I wasn’t recovering.  My stomach was getting queasy for the first time and we had a 5.7 mile section to Pine Hollow which seemed endlessly long.  I was smiling and reminding myself it would get better.  I had just more » Read more

Burning River – A Salty Interlude

Saturdays are a little crazy. My husband grows organic veggies and we sell them at market on Saturday mornings. It’s super fun, but a lot of work. I have to wake up early and be ON for 3-4 hours as I hustle baby eggplants, sweet corn and heirloom tomatoes. After the market I had to run home and relieve the sitter and then wait for my husband to get home so I more » Read more

Burning River 100 Race Report – Part 5 – Ottawa to Happy Days

Going In:  Ottawa to Happy Days I run into Ottawa higher than I’ve been all day.  It’s Beth Trecasa’s aid station, and they’ve gone over the top with the Greek theme.  I don’t have time to enjoy it, but I certainly take note.  Everyone is there, Robin, Rachel, Steve, Gwen, Lexi , Skinny Beast and Shelly.  I tell them that I just had my first really bad patch, but I more » Read more

Burning River 100 Race Report – Part 4 – Station Road Bridge to Ottawa

It’s the Simple Things:  Station Bridge to Ottawa Last year I crashed here.  Actually, this was the beginning of the downhill slide into heat-related gastrointestinal madness last year. This year, I feel good.  Really good. I’m overwhelmed at how well my revised nutrition plan is working.  I’ve been practicing it most of the summer, and it’s working flawlessly.  I have the timer set on my watch, and every hour I more » Read more

Burning River 100 Race Report – Part 3 – Polo Fields to Station Road Bridge

Cat Scratch Fever:  Polo Fields to Station Road Bridge I run in and see Laurie Colon and Crystal Basich, who just completed Badwater two weeks ago.  I shrug off my Camelback and hand it to the young girl who’s run in with me and asked what I needed.  I request ice and Gatorade in the Camelback and grab a handful of chips while I get a quick chat with Pepper more » Read more

Burning River 100 Race Report – Part 2 – Squire’s Castle to Polo Fields

Well, maybe the race wasn’t entirely without drama. There was a new start this year, so instead of getting spit out onto the road right away, we got to do a six mile loop of trail around Squire’s Castle first.  There had been much talk of what a disaster it was going to be, crowding 300+ runners onto single-track just minutes into the race.  Surprisingly, it was wide enough to more » Read more

Burning River 100 Race Report – Part 1 – Before the Gun

Faith. Traditionally, faith is defined as having complete and absolute trust or confidence in something or someone. For most of my life, I’ve had faith.  Traditional faith in God, faith in my husband, and on my best days, faith in myself.  I’ve had that absolute trust or confidence in something or someone that whatever it was, it was going to be okay. My faith has been rocked to the core more » Read more

Clove’s Burning River 100 Mile Race Report

Why am I, Salty, authoring a post titled Clove’s Burning River 100 Mile Race Report and why on earth am I posting this at 10:30 p.m.? Good questions! I wanted to let our readers know what’s heading their way tomorrow. As you probably know, Clove ran the Burning River 100 Mile race on July 28. She trained her tiny butt off for weeks with the intention of placing high, perhaps more » Read more

Burning River 100: Wish Me Luck

I’ve been asked the question countless times; why do you do it?  As in, why do I run 100 milers?  As in, what is it somewhere within me that can’t be satisfied by a marathon, a 50K, or even a 50 miler?It’s a question that’s as easy to answer as it is difficult. I do it for the moment. The moment comes without fail, each and every time.  If I’m more » Read more