Readers Roundtable: Do You Go Shirtless When It’s HOT?

While I type this in Ohio, it’s 46 and raining. On June 1. But just the other day I was sweating my proverbial nuts off at 5:45 a.m. While I wouldn’t say I hate running in the heat, I would say I feel greatly affected by it and I know it helps me to be as scantily clad as I dare be in public. As I get older and as more » Read more

My Eyes are Up Here: 5 Style Tips for Running Shirtless

This post originally published on Aug 31, 2012. We thought it was a timely follow-up to the The Essential Guide to Salty Summer Running! I’m in love with Clove’s Salty Running Challenge!  Leaving my shirt behind when I go for a run is a real struggle, but the more I practice the more I just stop caring what others think of my tummy and start feeling great about showing off more » Read more

What Body Part Would You Remove for Your Running?

I enjoy a good movie as much as anyone, but for me to sit still for two straight hours requires three things: bad weather, a long run finished, and the possibility that Russell Crowe might appear on the screen. Otherwise, count me out. But I snapped to attention last week upon hearing the news that Angelina Jolie had removed her breasts.   Or rather, surgeons did, at her request, to dramatically more » Read more

Victoria’s Secret Makes Running Clothes, for Realz! VSX Sport Review

What do you get when you combine 2 spicy runners, $2.50 glasses of wine, and a trip to VSX Sport, the new athletic apparel store from Victoria’s Secret?  The answer? A movie montage a la Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz in The Sweetest Thing. The Salties had been tossing around the idea of a review of the new line of sport apparel at America’s most popular lingerie outfitter, Victoria’s Secret. more » Read more

Love Your Body for What it Does: Clove’s Salty Challenge!

I’ve always hated my stomach. Hate is such a terrible word, and I try to use it sparingly.  But it was a good hook, and something I think many women can relate to.  My family traditionally carries weight in the stomach, and though I run 100 miles a week faithfully and do core work every day, my stomach will probably never be what I want it to be.  The saddest more » Read more

Second Base: A Runner’s Guide to Bouncing Boobs

I have something on my chest that I’d like to discuss, something very close to my heart. Two somethings, in fact.  What I’m going to talk about today is a factor that weighs heavily on some of us but is a light topic for others.  I’m sure you’ve been sore on the subject and wanted to keep it locked up, but maybe you’ll feel better if you just…let it all more » Read more

Ginger With a J: Walk a mile in my sports bra

If you follow the sport of running, you might notice the trend of the faster you get, the more naked you become. Whether it has to do with aerodynamics or just feeling more free, inevitably, the shirt is going to come off. For me,  weight was always just a number. I’ve never been one to care about what’s on the scale. If I was in shorts and a t-shirt, I admired my calves more » Read more