Dear Boston, It’s Not You, It’s Me.

Five. That’s how many times Meb stopped to lose his lunch before he reached the storied Boylston finish line. I suppose I should be grateful, then, that my stomach never followed through on its threats to hurl my Honey Stingers. I know that Boston is a privilege–one for which so many mid-packers like me fight tremendously hard. What I didn’t know was that my fight wasn’t over, that it would more » Read more

5 Things I Learned While Watching the 2015 Boston Marathon

It’s the Friday after Marathon Monday and yes, we’re still talking about Boston! The inspiring final finisher. Shalane’s heartbreak. Caroline Rotich’s sprint finish and huge smile. Meb’s always charming stranger hand-holding as he made the most of his relative blow-up. How could we not still be talking about it?! Actually, today I’m ceding the Friday 5 floor to one of our readers. Salty reader Lindi was so inspired by the Boston Marathon more » Read more

Fandom and Our Obsession with Winning

Marathon season recently kicked off with the granddaddy of them all, Boston. For me and many of you, watching this race is no different than watching the World Series or the Super Bowl. Come to think of it, it is our World Series and Super Bowl. So it’s hard not to feel a little down when your team comes oh so close to winning but falls off at the end. All more » Read more

Make Your Own Boston Marathon Jacket

In my dream world, I would be strutting around today in a purple and orange jacket of questionable taste.  This jacket would not be the sort of thing I usually wear, it certainly isn’t something I’d ever choose for myself, and I would have paid way too much money for it. You know what I’m talking about. I mean, it’s okay that I didn’t make it to Boston this year…I’ll more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Boston Marathon Charity Runners

Happy Marathon Monday! First, we send speedy vibes to all our Boston-running readers and bloggers Basil and Chamomile as they toe the line today! May the forecasts of rain be wrong and may the easterly wind change its mine and blow you in all the way to Boyleston street. GO ALL YOU WICKED FAST RUNNAHS! In honor of our most favoritist Monday of the year, we bring you this Boston flavored more » Read more

Basil’s Boston Marathon Playlist

With the Boston Marathon around the corner and taper in full swing, there’s only one thing left to do (besides panic and obsess about All The Things). That’s right! It’s time to tune up the playlist, to toss the songs that tempo runs have forever ruined, and add some fresh tracks to carry me from start to finish on marathon Monday. Now, I realize that some of us here at more » Read more

Boston Strong! 2014 Boston Race Report

In the fall of 2012, I realized that I would turn 40 about three weeks before the 2014 Boston Marathon and I thought… “how cool would it be to have Boston as my first master’s race?” I hadn’t ran the Boston Marathon since 2009, and I hadn’t focused on the marathon distance since New York, 2010. My BQs had run out for 2013, so I had to run a marathon and more » Read more

5 Ways to Stay #BostonStrong All Year Long!

What’s a girl to do now that Meb and Mizz Jeptoo have crossed the line and Boylston Street has been swept clean? How’s a Boston addict to cope with the long, lonely months that stretch between now and April 2015? I, for one, feel like all the helium has been let out of my pumped-up little balloon of Boston anticipation. After such an incredible build-up, not to mention one of the coolest more » Read more

Boston Marathon Interrupted: 2nd Place in the 2013 SR Race Report Challenge!

We hope you enjoyed Carla’s race report, our 3rd place winner of the 2013 Salty Running Race Report Challenge! We had a blast reading through the dozens of race reports you submitted. If you didn’t enter in 2013, never fear! We’ll be back with another one in 2014. Keep it in mind as you write your 2014 race reports. You never know if yours could be a big winner! Today more » Read more

BQ and the Boston Bombing

A note from Salty: Sassafras is toeing the line in her spring goal marathon this morning! All us Salty Bloggers wish her luck in her quest for that BQ she deserves! Goooooooooo Sassy! *** I haven’t talked about it in great detail here on Salty Running, but I’m running a marathon this weekend. It was – is – supposed to be part of my ultimate goal for slowly lowering my more » Read more

5 Free Ways to Show Your Support for Boston

Let’s face it, this week has been rough.  Really rough.  We’ve all felt the sting of the Boston bombings. Whether we were there or not, we were shocked to our core, and united by our determination to run on. Usually our Friday 5 is on the sillier side, but we’re still at a loss for words, and just not ready to make light yet. So instead, let’s talk about how more » Read more


Yesterday evening we began an email discussion among all the Salty Running bloggers to try to figure out what to say.  We wanted to talk among ourselves first, to try to figure out what the right thing was.  We learned we are all deeply affected and saddened by the bombing. We learned we are all motivated to show the good that comes from running. We learned that we felt a more » Read more

5 Boston Marathon Predictions

Ginger, here. I know it might disappoint some of you who pop over to Salty Running on Fridays looking for a list of 5 ridiculous things, 5 embarrassing things or 5 sexy things slightly related to running. Or maybe you’re excited that this Friday 5 is one on the serious side. As Salty Running’s number one fan girl, I feel it is my job to bring you my Patriot’s Day predictions! more » Read more

Making the Most of the Boston Marathon Expo

After 7 Boston marathons I have my preferred way to attack Boston and the whole Boston marathon weekend. Boston marathon weekend, more than most, can take a huge toll on the pocket book. Add in the expo and your credit cards may be weeping in a week’s time. Clove has previously offered up some great advice for saving money at any marathon expo. I’m here today to share my Boston expo more » Read more