Author Elizabeth Clor on Overcoming Mental Barriers to BQ

Are you a runner who, despite running marathon after marathon has struggled to qualify for Boston? Perhaps you’ve been plagued by one injury after another? Have you become fixated on the amount calories burned on the treadmill? Or have you been so hung up on race times that when conditions have not been right you have lacked the confidence to execute what your training has prepared you for? If you can relate to any more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: How About Those Boston Standards?

Last Monday, registration for the 2017 Boston Marathon began, first for those who exceeded their qualifying standard by more than 20 minutes, then a few days later by 10 minutes, and then five minutes and so forth. This week marks the end of the rolling registration process for runners who have run less than five minutes faster than their qualifying times. For these runners the week will be filled with angst more » Read more

More than Lipstick: How Avon Brought the Women’s Marathon to the Olympics

Early last Sunday morning, we huddled around our computers and TVs to spectate the ultimate in women’s running: the 2016 Olympic Marathon. We watched amazing athletes from across the globe run 26.2 miles at paces many of us can’t even hold for one. The race culminated with a stunning finish, Kenyan Jemima Sumgong crushing Bahrain’s Eunice Kirwa with her finishing kick. In the team showings, for the first time ever, three members more » Read more

Barley’s Training & Life April-June

I figured it was time I catch up over here on training logs. Where I left off was heading into taper before Boston, which was clearly a while ago! A lot has happened since then, truly a roller coaster of very high and very low’s. Boston Taper/Race Week Monday: Norovirus- sick in bed Tuesday: Norovirus- sick in bed Wednesday: Norovirus- sick in bed, evening pregnancy test Thursday: Easy 3ish miles Friday: more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Boston 2016 Edition!

Boston, Boston, Boston! Who can think about anything else this morning? We can’t! We’re going to be glued to our devices checking in on our very own Dill, Barley, and Caper and of course all the Boston racers we profiled over the last few weeks. You can find all their numbers to track after the jump! But! While we wait for splits, or during race coverage commercials, we thought it more » Read more

Caper’s Week 18 Boston Marathon Training Log

Hello from en route to Boston for the marathon tomorrow! I am relaxed after spending most of my taper week on family vacation in the mountains of Gatlinburg TN and am excited about the race. This week’s running consisted of scaled back but reasonable length easy runs with some speed work of mostly GMP miles to continue to dial in the pace. GMP miles are now feeling pretty easy; hope more » Read more

5 Last Minute Tips for the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is on Monday. I repeat: the Boston Marathon is on Monday. Now is not the time to cram in last-minute training or change all your plans. However, maybe you’re waiting to hop on a plane to Boston and killing a few minutes at work because you can’t concentrate on anything other than the big race. In that case, now is a good time for a quick refresher, along more » Read more

Stefani Penn Harvey is Going for Sub 3 in Boston

Stefani Penn Harvey learned the hard way to respect the marathon distance. As a recently-graduated post-collegiate runner with one half marathon and a few 12-mile training runs under her belt, she jumped into the Rock’n Roll Arizona marathon fully expecting to qualify for Boston, but she was in for a rude awakening and a 34-minute positive split. Her resulting 3:58 gave her a new-found appreciation for the hard work, dedication more » Read more

Molly Stout is Chasing Down a PR in Boston

It’s been two years since Molly Stout last crossed the finish line on Boylston Street. The 33-year-old will be running her 20th marathon at the 120th Boston Marathon. She’s been running for many years, steadily dropping her marathon time by more than an hour, and is coming off a big PR of 3:14 at the 2015 Philadelphia Marathon. Molly’s life revolves around running and healthy living. By day, she works more » Read more

Hometown Pride Helps Julie Tarallo Finish Fast in Boston

Julie Tarallo wears her love for the city of Boston on her face. She grew up in Easton, Massachusetts, just 30 minutes from downtown Boston. At her first Boston Marathon in 2013, she set a massive 18-minute marathon PR before bombs exploded at the finish line, devastating her beloved city. Julie vowed to come back the following year and give the city the celebratory marathon day it deserved. But training more » Read more

Patti Tomasello’s Heading Back to Boston Against All Odds

Every once in a while you meet a person who is so nice, so kind and so positive she doesn’t seem real. To top it off, these people are usually beautiful and talented too. I often secretly wonder what their flaw is. Maybe they don’t make their bed every morning, or they pick their nose, or maybe their house is really dirty (crap, I’m describing myself). I want to find out something, more » Read more

Boston Runs in the Family For Sisters Katie Kay and Jen Dahler

In 2013, Katie Kay raced her first and Jen Dahler raced her third Boston Marathon. That year, the race was rocked by a bomb near the finish line. In the wake of the tragedy, sisters Katie and Jen vowed they’d go back. They would go back to prove that Boston was about running and triumph, not terror. They would go back to bring back happy memories of a future Boston more » Read more

Caitlin Constantine Is Fit, a Feminist and Ready for Boston!

Caitlin Constantine is a few-weeks shy of ready for Boston. This 36 year-old Tampa-area native, didn’t come by her Boston qualifier easily. It took her years to realize a BQ was even in the realm of possibility for her. She slowly plugged away and, six years later, here she is. Caitlin’s an expert at balance. She’s sponsored by Coeur Sports and has found success with her running while also training more » Read more

Emma Spencer’s Ready to Go Big in Boston!

As the Boston Marathon approaches, we thought it would be fun to learn about some of the runners looking to achieve big marathon dreams there. What better way to kick off our Boston profile series than with a Bostonian! Meet Emma Spencer. Emma Spencer is not one to shy away from challenges. During her senior year in college, Emma ran her first marathon in an enviable 3:20 two days after more » Read more