Declutter Your Training: Ditch Your Scale

Have you heard of Marie Kondo, the Japanese organizing expert who recommends decluttering your home by asking yourself, object by object, what brings you joy? If it sparks joy, keep it. Throw out the rest. Here at Salty Running, some of us have been applying similar philosophies to our training. Mango threw out her marathon time goal, choosing to focus on process goals in training instead. Salty and Ginger have more » Read more

Readers Roundtable: Are Steph Bruce’s Abs Overshadowing Her “A” Standard?

Stephanie Bruce is a talented and dedicated athlete who has put up some insanely inspiring performances mere months after not only having a baby, but her second baby in 15 months and overcoming a nasty case of diastasis recti. Even for a professional athlete, Steph’s comeback is incredible. When she announced her surprise second pregnancy, the general consensus in the pro-runner world was, if she’s serious about making an Olympic more » Read more

What Running Has Taught Me About My Body That I Want My Daughter to Know

As I watch my daughter bloom from a toddler into a spirited, willful little girl my heart yearns for her to maintain the absolute lack of body self-consciousness and self-judgment that she enjoys right now. I watch her twirl without the fear of what others might think, I see her put together outfits and crazy jewelry combinations, not to impress anyone, but simply because they make her happy. She picks more » Read more

Melasma and Running: The Truth Behind Your Upper Lip Tan

Ahhh! Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. If you’re like me, you’ve been enjoying the option of running outside without the complications of layers and frozen eyelashes. There’s nothing more amazing than those first few sunshine filled runs after a long winter of treadmills and hibernation. I’ve always been a sun-lover, but my relationship with that bright yellow orb has become somewhat complicated over the past more » Read more

Readers’ Roundtable: What Does a Runner Look Like?

My track team at West Point had an unofficial motto, “If you can haul it, you can have it!” As Army girls, we were required to do pushups, pullups, march with heavy rucksacks, and perform other physical tasks that most civilians in running programs didn’t have to do. All this work made us very strong, but also made us look very big and muscular. Standing on the starting line at competitions we always more » Read more

Running and the Body Image Blues

Recently, I had a flare up of body image blues. Normally running helps me manage the menacing inner voice that tells me I am not enough. “The Voice” tells me to engage in destructive eating and exercise patterns for the sole purpose of making my body look better. I’m sure it has something to do with my recent struggles with injury and a move across the ocean leaving me less-equipped to more » Read more

Why Should the Average Runner Care About Elites?

So we went to Jacksonville and now you know our reasons, but perhaps you are left wondering why a back or middle of the pack runner would care about Jacksonville. About elite runners. How are these fast women connected to you? Why should you care? To dispel any myths here: my first race had a mile pace of 15 minutes and my last race had a pace of 7:45. I’ve been the slowest more » Read more

On the 7th Day of Christmas Running Gave To Me: a Healthy Pregnancy

Here at Salty Running, we know moms-to-be can keep running as long as their pregnancies are normal. But I knew I wasn’t exactly going to have a “normal” pregnancy, at least not mentally. When I first saw those two pink lines, I admit that negative thoughts of inevitable weight gain and reduced mileage flooded my mind, despite the blissful joy of realizing I’d been blessed with my little “nugget.” Running more » Read more

Quite the Lady! On Running and the Feminine Mystique

Recently at the end of a good, fast stroller-pushing run I finished up at the gravel pull-off where I’d parked, my daughter still fast asleep. I’d run my last mile in 7:39, quite a feat these days with her 35-pounds and our 10-pound dog riding together for seven miles. Not to mention I was still clearing out my cold and its residual phlegm. Feeling pretty badass, I snot-rocketed out each more » Read more

On Runners’ Bodies, Real Runners, and What It Means to Be Dedicated

This post has been floating around in my brain for quite some time, probably since I started running 5 years ago.  I’ve never put it out there though.  Talking about weight and body type is something that I feel is really important, but to actually do it feels so raw. At 37 years old, I have plenty of history to share when it comes to my relationship with my body.  I more » Read more

A Farewell to Boobs or The Boobless Wonder

I’ve never had a bosom to speak of. In elementary school, my friends and I read “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” and publicly I laughed along with my friends at Margaret’s attempts to increase her bust. Privately, I tried that same move in my bathroom. I looked forward to turning 16, that magical age where all Disney princesses and golden California twins end up with perfect size 2 bodies, waists more » Read more

Running on the Dark Side

It’s always sunny in Social Mediaville! Other than a few of those whiner friends who you keep forgetting to block, Facebook is a land where everyone is always smiling and looking fantastic. When it comes to our runner friends and (let’s be honest) ourselves, we’re always running fast and feeling fan-effing-tastic in Social Mediaville. We tweet about how that race we ran was actually just a tempo and we could more » Read more

My Daughter Says, “I’m Fat”

I am a runner. It defines me. Whether I’m kicking my training plan’s butt or in a running rut, I’m still a runner. So when it comes to my body, I am more into what it does than how it looks. Even so, from time to time when I step on the scale I still critically examine my muffin top in the mirror, and go to drastic measures (like skipping more » Read more

When Healthy Becomes Unhealthy: Orthorexia

Chances are you’ve heard of Anorexia nervosa. Bulimia nervosa. Binge Eating Disorder. Maybe even EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified). Long-distance runners have some tendencies to flirt with eating disordered behaviors; after all, we’re somewhat obsessed with health, nutrition and exercising.  That’s all fine and dandy, unless it’s taken too far. For some, our personalities and obsessive running habits enter into the dark side, leading toward full-fledged, diagnosable mental illnesses. more » Read more

Who Are You? The Importance of Self-Image to Running Success

Picture yourself running. What are you wearing? Where are you in relation to others? Are you happy? Are you struggling? Are you who you want to be? Recently, I started training with my elite development team again.  Because I’m just returning to fitness, I’m struggling to keep up with my teammates. Then the other day, I noticed I’ve labeled myself: the old slow one. When I picture myself in workouts, more » Read more