On Runners’ Bodies, Real Runners, and What It Means to Be Dedicated

This post has been floating around in my brain for quite some time, probably since I started running 5 years ago.  I’ve never put it out there though.  Talking about weight and body type is something that I feel is really important, but to actually do it feels so raw. At 37 years old, I have plenty of history to share when it comes to my relationship with my body.  I more » Read more

A Farewell to Boobs or The Boobless Wonder

I’ve never had a bosom to speak of. In elementary school, my friends and I read “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” and publicly I laughed along with my friends at Margaret’s attempts to increase her bust. Privately, I tried that same move in my bathroom. I looked forward to turning 16, that magical age where all Disney princesses and golden California twins end up with perfect size 2 bodies, waists more » Read more

Running on the Dark Side

It’s always sunny in Social Mediaville! Other than a few of those whiner friends who you keep forgetting to block, Facebook is a land where everyone is always smiling and looking fantastic. When it comes to our runner friends and (let’s be honest) ourselves, we’re always running fast and feeling fan-effing-tastic in Social Mediaville. We tweet about how that race we ran was actually just a tempo and we could more » Read more

My Daughter Says, “I’m Fat”

I am a runner. It defines me. Whether I’m kicking my training plan’s butt or in a running rut, I’m still a runner. So when it comes to my body, I am more into what it does than how it looks. Even so, from time to time when I step on the scale I still critically examine my muffin top in the mirror, and go to drastic measures (like skipping more » Read more

When Healthy Becomes Unhealthy: Orthorexia

Chances are you’ve heard of Anorexia nervosa. Bulimia nervosa. Binge Eating Disorder. Maybe even EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified). Long-distance runners have some tendencies to flirt with eating disordered behaviors; after all, we’re somewhat obsessed with health, nutrition and exercising.  That’s all fine and dandy, unless it’s taken too far. For some, our personalities and obsessive running habits enter into the dark side, leading toward full-fledged, diagnosable mental illnesses. more » Read more

Who Are You? The Importance of Self-Image to Running Success

Picture yourself running. What are you wearing? Where are you in relation to others? Are you happy? Are you struggling? Are you who you want to be? Recently, I started training with my elite development team again.  Because I’m just returning to fitness, I’m struggling to keep up with my teammates. Then the other day, I noticed I’ve labeled myself: the old slow one. When I picture myself in workouts, more » Read more

Through My Runner’s Eyes

Like most women, through the years I’ve obsessed over just about every part on my body. There was always something I was trying to improve on – more definition in my quads, a perkier butt, better shoulder cap…and the list goes on and on. You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure! But when we start to feel this way it’s important to take a second look in the mirror more » Read more

Ask A Salty: Poor Body Image

Welcome back to our Ask-A-Salty feature, where you ask us questions and we give you the answers. If you have a question for us you can send it to us by clicking on “Ask-A-Salty” above the banner or by clicking here. Today’s question comes from Katie: I am a 16 year old girl and I love to run. I’m on my school’s cross-country team and I’ve been in the sport since 7th grade. I usually more » Read more

On Loving Our Runner Bodies: A Salty Challenge Refresher

As runners, we should love our bodies. Strong. Able to carry us many miles. Incredible lungs. Powerful muscles. Legs that are capable of striding us through so many training runs. We are living miracles – each atom, cell, tissue and ligament is intricately crafted to allow us to do just what we love to do: run. Unfortunately, after being inundated by unrealistic-for-most-of-us images of washboard-abbed elites and stick thin supermodels on a daily basis, most of us more » Read more

When ED Comes Creeping

Yes, ED likes to creep around, especially in June, July and August. ED isn’t my husband, or my best friend, or my dog; ED is my eating disorder.  They say it takes 45 days to break a habit, right? Breaking up with ED completely has taken … well, longer. Though I’ve been in recovery for 2 years and 8 months (but who’s counting) the old habits of my ED still creep some days, especially more » Read more

What Body Part Would You Remove for Your Running?

I enjoy a good movie as much as anyone, but for me to sit still for two straight hours requires three things: bad weather, a long run finished, and the possibility that Russell Crowe might appear on the screen. Otherwise, count me out. But I snapped to attention last week upon hearing the news that Angelina Jolie had removed her breasts.   Or rather, surgeons did, at her request, to dramatically more » Read more

Is BMI just a bunch of BS?

I first learned about the Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation my junior year of college while munching a turkey and swiss wrap in the back row during my Health Psychology class. I must have heard of it before then, but I’d never taken the time to calculate my own. During class, we used a simple height/weight calculation and I remember falling within the “normal” range and thinking “well, crap, I more » Read more

Learning to Love Myself, the Runner

In almost three years of long distance running, I can’t remember how many times I’ve run 20-plus mile training runs. There’s one that has stuck in my mind. I headed to one of my favorite trails. When I reached the parking lot at the trailhead I turned off the car, took a deep breath and sighed. It was raining lightly out. Instead of bounding out of the car ready to more » Read more

The Rolling Thunder

The December air burns in my chest a little, but it feels good. It’s awakening my body and my brain, forcing my legs to propel forward this body that causes me so much stress and frustration. I am acutely aware that my thick thighs are bright red from the chill and quaking with every impact of a lightweight, neutral shoe on the crunching snow. I love them for it as more » Read more

On Being A Fat Happy Runner – A Guide to Plus Size Running

Hello, everyone!  I suppose I should open by introducing myself. I’m Joy, and I blog at My Year To Thrive.  I was really excited when Cinnamon contacted me about guest posting at Salty Running to talk about being a plus-size runner who runs for fun and health without the goal of weight loss. On my personal blog I write about running as a short, fat, Bipolar woman.  Yes, it is more » Read more