The F word

Yes, I said the f word. Fifty. To some, this F word might offend them as much as that other F word, but it shouldn’t. Fifty can be fabulous. I should know, as I regularly refer to myself as the poster child of 50+ fabulous! Among many other reasons, it’s that age when you can do whatever you want because you now fall under the category of ‘respect your elders’. more » Read more

Why Female Marathoners Are Like a Fine Wine

This morning we talked about one of the youngest marathoners around, 14 year-old Winter Vinecki. While she’s doing some amazingly cool things, when we think of the best marathon performances, we think of a woman a little older, probably in her early to mid-thirties. Why do we think that? Deena Kastor. Kara Goucher. Shalane Flanagan. Paula Radcliffe. They have all hit that 30 year barrier and BOOM! Dropped crazy fast marathon times. more » Read more

What Is Your Running Age?

Today, I turn 30. This means that a lot of my friends are turning 30 this year too, and most of them are freaking out. It would seem that turning 30 is a huge, negative deal – signifying the end of our twenties and everything that goes along with them, like youth and beauty. But I’m not feeling the panic. Or the depression. Or even the fear that my best more » Read more

For My Birthday I’m Running My Own Race

In life, there are no mile markers. Nobody is timing you. Nobody is forcing you to run any pace. There are sprinters and there are long distance runners, and we all have different goals and different plans and different roads to travel. I have a very different life from most of the other SR writers:  I am chronically single and live in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York, with two more » Read more