Spikenard’s Training – 9.18.16

unnamedOn the first day of spring, right after my fiancé proposed along the San Andreas Fault in Palm Springs, CA, I went on a run. Though on vacation and high on love, I was set to compete at the Vancouver Sun Run in Vancouver, BC (I’m a huge fan of BC Athletics and their support of emerging and sub-elite runners). As I ran, a pain grew to intolerable in my left foot. Post run I couldn’t walk, and for the rest of our vacation, steak and champagne aside, I was miserable. I’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to remaining healthy in the face of intense training, but the downside of this is that you grow cocky, you feel invincible. I mean, I was already floating from love’s elixir…

After we got home I went in for an MRI which showed a bone bruise of the cuboid. It took forever to heal. In July I just willed it to be better. I tested it at Ragnar NW Passage, which was uncomfortable, but a step towards understanding what was tolerable and what wasn’t. With small steps forward, and a few humbling races, I was back to the level of training I had left in the spring. Along the way a few friends from college and I started planning a trip to Germany and Switzerland.. I wanted to train with a final “A” race in mind, something of a last hurrah before traveling, so I signed up for the Eastside 10k in Vancouver, BC. After a few years focused solely on the marathon, it’s hard to tap into 10k speed, but I had an incredible time, shaved a few seconds off my PB, and am just so very thankful to be healthy.eastside-map-lg

9/12 – 9/18/16

Monday – 8 mi E

Tuesday – 9 mi – workout: 5 min LT, 5 min E, 2x 3 min @ 10k pace, 60 sec, 45 sec, 30 sec @ 5k pace down w/ 2 min E between

Wednesday – 8.6 mi listening to Rich Roll’s podcast with Shalane & Elyse (awesome) + strides

Thursday – 6 mi easy

Friday – 4 mi shakeout with strides

Saturday – 10.3 mi – w/u, Eastside 10k in Vancouver, BC, c/d. Results found HERE!

Sunday – 13.1 mi with BDP & Saucony Hurricane teammate, Amber Morrison

Total: 59.4 miles

9/19 – 9/20/16

Monday – 14 – 8 E midday, from work / 6 mi hilly post work. Then I ate a freakton of pasta, caprese, and probably a bottle of wine. And then the best Ben & Jerry’s – American Dream.

Tuesday – 4-6 mi E before travel to Vancouver Intl Airport for flight to Amsterdam!

Spikenard is a writer, film librarian, wine P.O.S. artist, Saucony Hurricane and co-founder of Bellingham Distance Project, a post-collegiate competitive women's running team in Bellingham, WA. Outside of drinking copious amounts of wine, she nourishes herself in literature and thrifting. Most of her writing centers on relationships, food and travel. She is training for an eventual Beer Mile and the 2020 Olympic Trials in the Marathon.

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  1. Congrats on the 10k PR (and belated engagement congrats!)! Glad to hear your foot is doing better, oddly I have experience with the cuboid bone troubles. I fractured mine in a car accident a few years ago and the doctor told me it was pretty rare (I guess typically when you have problems it requires surgery due to it’s location). I’m glad neither of us needed to go that far with recovery! Looking forward to following your training here on Salty!

    1. Oh Barley, that is a crazy location to injure from a car accident! It’s such a strange area and takes forever to heal! I too am thrilled neither you nor I have had to get surgery for it! Let’s stay healthy together!