Sesame’s Training Log – 06.03.18

Here is what my training looked like the week of 05.28.18 – 06.03.18:

Monday – Easy: 10.25 miles (8:18 pace)

I got in a longer than usual Monday morning run on Memorial Day. It was nice to sleep in a bit longer than normal and still be able to get in a morning run with friends.

Tuesday – Easy: 5 miles (8:38 pace)

For some reason, I am having a really hard time getting out of the bed in the mornings before work. I am almost exclusively a morning runner (or well, I have been in the past), but the last few weeks it has been a different story. I think I’ve only gotten up two out of the five weekday mornings the last few weeks. It’s crazy! Tuesday evening I did an easy loop with a couple of the guys from my running group.

Wednesday – OFF

Wednesday was an unscheduled rest day. I had a workout that needed to be done, but it was storming Wednesday morning and by the evening, I just wasn’t into it and decided to take a day off instead.

Thursday AM – Quality: 8.5 miles (7:25 pace) + PM – Easy: 7.5 miles (8:06 pace)

Thursday morning I actually got up and got my workout in. I did a two mile warm up, a 15 X 1:00 hard with 1:00 easy recovery and a two mile cool down. My fastest minute was 5:27 pace (the last repeat (#lastonefastone)) and my slowest was 5:57 pace. The 15 minutes hard averaged out to a 5:41 pace and I am thrilled with that. I pushed myself hard, but didn’t feel completely depleted at the end of the workout. Don’t get me wrong, I still seized the opportunity to lay down and collect myself after the workout before getting ready for work. This has become a new post-workout tradition …

Friday – Easy: 5 miles (8:16 pace)

I did an easy loop with the hubby Friday afternoon after work.

Saturday AM – RACE: 6.2 miles (7:44 pace) + PM – Easy: 5 miles (8:19 pace)

Saturday morning I ran the running portion of a local triathlon with a friend who has a hamstring injury, leaving her unable to run. She can swim and bike without problem, but she needed a runner and I was more than happy to fill in as part of a relay team with her. I got 3 warm up miles in before the race while my teammate was out on the bike portion of the race.

She came in, passed the timing chip off to me and I was off. You climb from 1 ft (we are talking literally at sea level here) to 80 ft in the first tenth of a mile into the run. I don’t know if that sounds hard or not, but it definitely was to me. I knew that the hill was going to be the biggest obstacle of the race and I told myself to be patient and not try to run up it too quickly. I wanted to take it easy up the hill and then start to push.

Theoretically this sounds wonderful, but it is incredibly difficult not to get caught up in the heat of the moment during a race (and especially in a relay when you know your teammate just busted her butt swimming and biking and is counting on you to do the same in the run). Once I got up the hill the course flattened out a little bit, but there were still some gentle rollers to deal with.

I came through the first mile in 6:22. I didn’t really have any specific pace goals in mind, so this seemed decent enough. I was steadily catching people and picking people off throughout the run, which is usually pretty fun (especially in a pure road race setting). I actually felt bad passing people though, knowing that they had to both swim and bike before they ran. I, on the other hand, was fresh as a daisy and just had to run. I tried to encourage everyone that I passed and I hoped that they all saw the big “T” on my left calf (indicating that I was part of a team). I cannot even imagine having to run that course after swimming and biking.

The first two miles of the course are an out and back, so even though I thought the hill was tough, it isn’t really all that bad because you do at least get to come back down. You definitely get a decent amount of momentum going downhill and I kind of had to reign it in (for fear of getting completely out of control and busting my face). I’m pretty sure that if you did fall, you would continue to roll down just as quickly as you could run down. I didn’t, however, plan to test that theory. I came through the second mile in 6:19.

The last mile is a pretty flat loop around a duck pond. When I did my warm up, there were tons of geese and ducks out on the course, but thankfully when I came through during the race, they were gone (those jokers can be mean). I knew that I just had to keep pushing for one more mile. It can be really tough to hold the pace during the last mile of a race, but somehow I did manage to keep it pretty consistent this time. My last mile split was 6:20. After the third mile split you have to do a little “off roading,” through some sand and grass before making your way onto the sidewalk and around to the finish line.

My 5K time was 19:48, but the course was 3.2 miles, so my official time was 20:15. Triathlon courses aren’t always exact distances, as in this isn’t even a certified 5K course, so I’m simply including my 5K time as a reference. An extra tenth of a mile can definitely add 30 seconds or more to your 5K time. I was a little bit faster last year, but I think it was hotter and more humid this year. Either way, I am happy with the time.

I decided to forgo a cool down. I don’t think people really cool down after triathlons … at least, it doesn’t seem like they do. At a running event, you typically see lots of people cooling down after the race, but at a triathlon, not so much. Perhaps the run is the cool down? My husband wanted to run later that afternoon, so I got in fairly delayed cool down later that afternoon.

Sunday – Easy: 12 miles (8:22 pace)

Sunday morning was a long (ish) group run. A few of my friends are training for an early September marathon (trying to get a BQ or lower their BQ times) and they were doing some marathon pace miles in the long run Sunday. I tried to tag along for some of that, but I was definitely feeling the effects of Saturday’s race.

Total – 59.4 miles

I am a running and racing enthusiast. I love racing everything from the 1 mile to the 50K! I work as a CPA in public accounting. I enjoy running (obviously) and spending time outdoors (especially near the water). I am also a big fan of coffee, naps, puppies and sunsets.

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