Sassafras’s Training Log – 7.22.12

Even though I’m new to Salty-land, I actually just finished up week three of my marathon training plan. It was a cut-back week, but, not gonna lie, it was pretty rough. I seemed to just be having one misadventure after another! The week ended on a high note, though, so I’m calling the week a winner overall.

Not the ideal running forecast, that’s for sure!

Monday – After getting back from a trip late Sunday, I decided to ignore the alarm and run in the evening instead. As the day went on, I realized how stupid this plan was. I tried to delay my run as long as possible, but couldn’t go too late with the knowledge that I had a run the next morning as well. The result: 4 miserable miles at 7:15 p.m. in 10:22 pace, during which I vowed to chop off my hair – and to never hit my snooze button again!

Tuesday – 6 miles @ 9:41 pace, with a negative split. Lost my right contact around mile 1.5 so it made the run a bit more challenging!

Wednesday – On the calendar as a “rest or cross train” day, I’d looked forward to a bike ride with the Mr. Then I slammed my foot in a door and we got a monsoon-esque thunderstorm, so rest day it was!

Thursday – The calendar said “fun workout”.  I’d originally planned on Zumba, but hoped for a bike ride after Wednesday’s rain. It was another afternoon of thunderstorms and badly needed rain, so I took it indoors and did some yoga on my own.

Friday – 5 miles at 9:35 pace. Finally a mishap-free run!

Saturday – 15 miles at 9:25 pace, My pacing wasn’t great – I was supposed to hit race pace (i.e. 9:01) for the middle 5, and instead had a super-speedy first 6, then dropped off. I felt pretty good about it, though, since I did the last 9 miles solo and I left the food at home, per Salty’s advice.  (I did bring one lone gummy with me, like a security blanket, but did not eat it.) Sure, I felt a little tired, but what else would you expect on a 15’er?

Sunday– 16.2 mile bike ride with the Mr. and his brother. A beautiful morning for a ride and a great chance to give those muscles a workout before the fall bike trip I mentioned on Thursday!

Total – 30 miles running, 16.2 miles biking.

Spotted on the bike ride - ducks!
Some of the great scenery from our Sunday ride.


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