Sassafras’s Training Log – 2.3.13

This week was practically four seasons wrapped up in seven days! Still, I would rate it as a good training week. I had my first 20 miler of this cycle. As it got closer, it became more and more apparent that the weather would be, um, less than ideal. But I did it, wind and snow and all! (We’ll get to that in a little bit.) Getting this first 20 out of the way is always nice, and to have it be in these type of conditions will hopefully help my mental game on race day.

Monday – This was a “fun workout” day on my plan. I am always unsure on what to do on these days – I guess that speaks to my Type A runner tendencies, right? Since I was a little strapped for time, I ended up counting a long-ish dog walk and 15 minutes of the Ab Burner routine on the Nike Training Center app as my workout.

Tuesday – Morning 10 mile negative split run [9:55, 8:59] + an evening Hatha yoga class.Such great weather! With a high in the 60s, I wore a tank and shorts for the run, and sported flip flops to yoga. I’ll admit that I did have goosebumps for the first part of my run in the tiny strappy tank, but I wore it on principle… it was January and I could, dammit!

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – … And the cold weather came back. This run was bitter cold and windy, but with just spitting snow, off and on. I did 6 intervals of 4 minutes at 75-85%. These were kinda all over the place, but I did get half of them down in the 8:20s. Total mileage: 6.2

Friday – Brr! I ran in the afternoon today, since the morning was single digits. We got a pretty significant snowfall overnight ย – at least by Kentucky standards. I ran from my office because I thought the nearby sidewalks would be much clearer than those in my neighborhood. (I was right; I only encountered a few slippery spots.) It was just 18 degrees. Apparently this was a motivating factor, since I knocked out 3.2 miles in 8:50 pace!

Snowy 20
The “I survived” photo…. runners aren’t crazy, right?


Saturday – 20 epic miles. To borrow a friend’s catchphrase, this one was a memory maker! We started at 6 a.m., a fact which I was very grumpy about going into the run, but what I think ended up being our saving grace. That extra hour made all the difference in terms of getting it in while the weather was (relatively) good. It was 21 degrees at the start and 26 at the finish, and it snowed the whole time! Luckily, I had company – 4 other people had 20 on their agenda, too. Overall, we made the best of it and it wasn’t too bad. We even had some fun playing The Beach Boys and “I Can See Clearly Now” on one girl’s iPod. The last 4 miles or so were definitely the toughest – more snow coming down and more snow on the ground meant working extra hard. But we did it! Overall pace was 9:57.

Sunday – Rest

Total – 39.4 miles, 90 minutes yoga

Southern transplant who loves 90s boy bands, outdoor adventures and college basketball, although not necessarily in that order. Recovering running perfectionist.

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  1. Nice job this week! Which marathon are you training for? I just had to comment, as your photo reminds me so much of my winter ‘battle gear’ as I have affectionately dubbed it. I do have a winter Camelbak to top it all off! Running in the snow is a great workout, and even fun with snowflakes in your eyelashes ๐Ÿ™‚