Sassafras’s Training Log – 2.23.14 & 3.2.14

Why hello out there, Salty readers! I am sitting here watching the snow absolutely pour down on a rare snow day from work for me. Time to catch you up on what’s been going on with my training over the past two weeks.

Week of 2.17.14 – 2.23.14

When last I left you, I had a sprained ligament in my foot that I was babying. It was definitely on the mend, though, so my strategy for this week was to not only take it day by day, but to just take each run mile by mile. In other words, I’d plan enough time for the full run as written, but could bail at any time if I started experiencing issues with my foot.

Monday – 7 miles @ 9:45 pace. I ran with my iPod on this run, but with the volume cranked way down so I could really focus on what was going on with my foot. The verdict – I did it! 7 miles!

Tuesday – 8 miles @ 10:02 pace

Wednesday – Planned rest day. I sometimes go to yoga on Wednesdays, but the thought of doing a downward facing dog with top of my foot still so bruised was pretty off-putting.

Thursday – So now came the real test – could my foot handle speed? This interval workout was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but I flipped the days to give my bruised and battered ligament a few more days to heal up before trying out any kind of speedster moves. My schedule called for 4 mile repeats with an 800 meter rest; the 1600s should be at 7:26. We’ll call this run a gritty win… or keeping with the test theme, a B-. I knew the 7:26 was ambitious even on a good day, so I am okay with not hitting pace and even more okay with making it through this workout! Fastest mile was 7:52. 7 miles total for the day.

Friday – 8 miles at 9:42 pace. Friday runs are one of my favorites of the week. I typically have further to run than my friend A, so I will run from my house to hers, get in few miles with her (and sometimes her dog), then run home. It’s a great way to mix it up and I get a nice visit in as a bonus! Since I had 8 today, I was even able to grab my dog for the last stretch. Not the speediest, but it’s a fun, fulfilling way to head into the weekend.

Saturday – 20 miles on tap. I was a little – well, more than a little – nervous about this one. Plus my running buddy was battling hamstring issues,  so we were basically a mess! I managed 20 miles in 9:20 pace. The run had its ugly moments – around the mile 14 mark and again at the end – and I got a little testy, but ya know, I did it! And I thank the weather gods that despite a pretty miserable winter, both of my 20 milers so far have been on relatively nice days. I rewarded myself with some scrambled eggs and biscuits afterwards in good company.

Sunday – Rest. I knew I should cross train, but I was still feeling nervous about yoga and just couldn’t fit a trip to the gym in.

Total – 50 miles


Week of 2.24.14 – 3.2.14

If last week was about baby stepping and proving that I could handle the mileage, this week was about getting my paces (mostly) where they should be.

Dog Run
Someone would rather have belly rubs than take a #runnerselfie!

Monday – 9 miles at 9:13 pace. Last half mile with my dog – a recurring theme lately! It’s just enough to make her happy and keep her in running shape, but not enough to drive me batty with her need to stop and sniff everything.

Tuesday – Tempo Tuesday! My plan called for 8  miles with the middle 6 at 8:04 pace. I managed an 8:21 average for the mid-6, with my fastest at 8:15.

Wednesday – Planned rest day, which worked out well since we got quite a bit of snow Tuesday night!

Thursday – 10 miles at 9:38 pace. A little slower than I’d like, but a really good run overall. I felt like I honed my mental toughness on this one! The second half was faster than the first, and my pup joined me for the last half mile. My prize for getting this guy in before work and waking up at 4- something? A fancy coffee from Starbucks, baby.

Weekly #runnerselfie. I was happy it was done, but freezing!

Friday – Another typical Friday run to my friend’s house, a few miles with her and back. This was my only (human) company of the week so far, so it made this run extra fun… and took some of the sting out of the “feels like” 2 degree temps! 9 miles @ 9:16 pace.

Saturday – 16 miles @ 9:06 pace on a cool, overcast morning. I felt much stronger than last week’s long run.

Sunday – Yoga! I made it to the Healthy Backs class that I love so much. It’s not a super active yoga class, but focuses a lot on holding poses and strengthening the core.

Total – 52 miles, 1 hour 15 minutes yoga

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