Salty’s Weekly Training Log 2.26.12

It’s always kind of depressing to write up a training log without any running in it, but I am confident that will change soon enough. In the meantime I got in some good bike sessions and I flailed around in the pool swam once! I liked swimming so much I signed up for lessons (that I will probably never get to because my kids seem to constantly be sick this winter, but it’s the thought that counts right?)

Anyway, this has been a crazy week and I am pooped so here is an exciting week in the life of a cross training injured runner.

My quads don't feel like they are going to explode or anything. Nope. As you can see, totally comfortable.

Monday: 60 minute bike with 10 x (2:00 hard/2:00 easy)

Tuesday: Swam 1300 yards in about 45 minutes.

Wednesday: Sick kids.

Thursday: Wanted to swim, but son wasn’t feeling well. I took him to the pool and played with him which turned out to be really nice since he was walloped with a fever later in the day and was sick all weekend :(

Friday: 52 minute bike (no time for more). Did 4 x (2:00/1:00 easy) and then 5 x (1:00 really hard/1:00 easy)

Saturday: 60 minute bike with 12 x (2:00 hard/2:00 easy)

Sunday: 65 minute bike with 13 x (2:00 hard/2:00 easy)

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  1. Barb Broad says:

    Laura…you’re doing the best you can right now (sick kids, rehabbing your injury). You are maintaining your fitness and will reap the rewards before you know it! Stay positive!

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