Salty’s Training Log – 5.22.16

So. Yeah. God, the alignment of the stars, my body, luck, fate, whatever. None of these things seems to want me to marathon train. Week two of my training plan and BOOM! Nailed with some horrendous illness. I was sick on Monday with what I thought was a cold, but by Tuesday afternoon I was passed out in bed shivering in my parka under the blankets. I stayed in bed, feverish, through my birthday (sob) on Wednesday. I felt slightly better by Thursday afternoon and even ran 4 miles, albeit slowly. I thought I was on the up and up, but even though I ran 6 easy miles, I felt worse on Friday. When my husband and I compared notes we realized his lesser version of what I had, the kids’ sore throats, and what I had, had to be strep throat. So we piled the family in the mom-mobile and hit urgent care for a rockin’ Friday night. Sure enough:

Strep: 5

Salty Family: 0

The doc at the clinic said I had strep and a little extra-something going on in my lymph nodes so put me on some heavier duty antibiotics. I’m still not right, but slowly getting there. I ran easy again today and enjoyed it, but back to training this week? I’m not so sure about that. We shall see.

In the meantime, follow me on Snapchat: oneosalt. Like, Ginger, I’ll be snappin’ about my training (or antibiotics).

I snap about my training, I swear. But today I was killing time.
I snap about my training, I swear. But today I was killing time.

Mon: 6 easy back and forth in front of my house while my little sicky slept. Felt like I had a cold, but the weather was so nice and I’m on a plan, dammit, so got it done.



Thu: Hmmm. Maybe I’m gonna be ok. 4 easy miles.

Fri: Nope. 6 easy miles, but that was probably dumb. Head and body aches, monster throat, and BLERG the rest of the day.

Sat: WTF

Sun: 6 easy miles, but operating around 75%.

Missed 12 x 400 and my 8 mile long run and a couple miles of easy running. Not too bad all things considered, but …

Total: 22

Salty Running boss and mother of 3 little ones with PRs of 3:10:15 (26.2), 1:25:59 (13.1) and 18:15 (5k). I love to write about running culture, mental training, and fitting in a serious running habit with the rest of a busy life.

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  1. I missed it on today’s snap but what were you doing at a church again? P.S. Hope you have a better week and are not puking rainbows again.